Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 108

New Chapter!
I beat Talos II.
55/59 achievements at just over 27 hours of playtime.
But the remaining ones would require more playthroughs and I don’t really have the energy to commit another 20 hours to get them, even if I can save myself time by not being a completionist on a second go through and just focus on beelining what I need for the achievements.

Amazing game, I think the philosophy of the first one was much more interesting to me personally, but that’s because I had never thought about those topics before.
Talos II is much more about society rather than individuals, and they used the framework of one of my favourite myths to explore that…
Which is to say, I had long before made up my mind on this topic, and the game less about my thoughts being challenged but rather about me impressing it upon the narrative.

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