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Chapter 108 – Beastians and Gigantians

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1005 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Meanwhile, on Seletina’s end, she was blasting through the Empire’s sky.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

The Fortified City of Ulbdor.

The Gildam Empire was located in close proximity to a polluted area where Demons were found. One would notice greater defenses the closer they got to the Empire’s borders.

Ulbdor, which was situated relatively far from the Empire’s center, was no exception and was encompassed by a double wall made out of huge stones. The walls were covered with a special magic circle developed by the Empire, which made it so that they could easily repair themselves if slightly cracked or damaged.

The thick, sturdy walls were unlikely to be shaken by any amount of Middle Rank Demons. However, on that day, the ironclad Ulbdor was screaming. On the outside of the two-layer protection, the Demons had broken through the southern gate of the outer wall, and they began their march into the interior of Ulbdor.

“Defend to the death! Do not let them through! If they pass here, Ulbdor is finished!”

A voice cried out amid the battlefield that was being engulfed by darkness. No one paid attention to the shout, and the sound seemed unheard amidst the chaos. Nevertheless, every warrior on that battlefield understood the urgency behind those words.

Fortunately, the southern gate of the outer wall was the only route for the invaders to breach the inner wall, and it could be crossed only via a narrow bridge. The bridge was wide enough to accommodate human traffic, but it was somewhat lacking to be turned into a battlefield.

This limited access was the reason why the Demons had not yet overwhelmed the inner walls of Ulbdor, despite breaking through the outer walls. But, it also meant that if the demons managed to break through this narrow passage, everything would be lost.

Everyone was well aware of the critical importance of defending this point. The conflict between the silvery waves of the armored Empire’s soldiers and the jet-black waves of Demons had just begun.

Imitia Belbed clicked her tongue in frustration. She had grown weary of the incessant stream of spider-shaped Demons attacking her relentlessly. No matter how she slashed or burned them, they just kept coming.

With a sigh, she sheathed her beloved sword in its scabbard at her waist.

“Buy me time. I’ll give them a huge one!”

As Imitia retreated, a massive figure passed by her. Woodback, a member of the Gigantians1, kicked away the small spiders swarming around his feet and used his huge battle-axe to blow them away with ease.

The sight of the colossal man, who stood taller than a two-story house, filled the soldiers with excitement, dispelling their hesitation.

“Amazing! Just who is that beast of a man?!”
“He’s the Belbed Caravan’s bodyguard. Woodback the Crag!”
“I can’t thank him enough…! To think that we’d be fighting alongside a Gigantian…!”

Woodback’s onslaught was relentless. With his muscular arms, even thicker than tree trunks, he swung his huge battle-axe effortlessly, sending the small spiders flying in an amusing manner.

The impact of his overwhelming blows cleared the invasion line of the small spiders.

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“Woodback!” a girlish voice echoed from the backlines.
“Get down!”

Woodback acknowledged the order, and obediently moved away from the front lines.

Stepping forward, Imitia appeared carrying a wand. Her short gray hair bounced with each movement, and the sound of her long leather boots tapping on the stone bridge added a lively rhythm to the scene.

The wand in her hand began to flicker faintly, indicating the power it had accumulated within. Raising the wand as if in prayer, Imitia’s presence emanated strength. Woodback couldn’t help but shout out,

“Death Delivering Flame! (Edu Leo Bariul2)”

Light filled the world. The massive fireball, which burst forth from Imitia’s wand, surged into the sea of small spiders with a powerful flash before detonating. The heat wave was so intense that it felt like standing next to the sun.

The radiant light appeared almost divine, resembling a halo from the heavens. Her magic erupted in an explosion, devouring the small spiders and scorching everything before her eyes.

The flames of judgment surged through the outer gate, engulfing the Demons outside. Even the enchanted stone walls melted turning black. The small spider monsters approaching the bridge were obliterated, leaving not a single speck of dust behind.

In that fleeting moment, the Empire’s soldiers were left awestruck by the display of power, and silence hung in the air. However, it was Imitia who broke the silence with a proclamation,

“Don’t just stand there! How many demons do you think are waiting outside? Mages! Quickly! Seal the outer gate!”

The men finally came to their senses and rushed toward the gate, spurred by the urgency in the woman’s proclamation, filled with sharp determination. This was the breaking point.

The Mages of the Empire worked their magic to hastily construct a bank, creating an improvised gate. It was nothing major, but even this much was enough to buy them the time they desperately needed.

The outer gate and outer wall, enchanted with an automatic repair spell, could regain their original strength as long as they had time.

Imitia grunted and fell to her knees, her wand slipping from her hand as the Empire’s soldiers passed by her.

“Imitia, are you okay?!”

Woodback, carrying his battle-axe on his shoulder, hurriedly approached her, raising a cloud of dust. Imitia smiled provocatively and reassured him with a wave of her hand.

“I’m fine. I simply slacked off on this thing called war for a bit too long.”
“You used way too much Mana.”
“I’m also surprised that I’m in this state after only one High Magic spell.”

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Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Imitia tightened her grip on the locket around her neck.

“It’s only a matter of time before I head there as well given the pitiful state that I’m in. Isn’t that right, Orthus?”

Imitia said, gazing up at the sky.



  1. TL/N: Gigantians is the word the author decided to use for this term, however, the literal translation for the term is Giant Tribe.
  2. TL/N: The literal translation of the spell Imitia uses is Death Delivering Flame. However, the author has opted to use yet another naming for the spell which is: Edu Leo Bariul. For clarity and ease of reading I decided to keep the literal translation.
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