Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 781

Apparently I chose the best time in the world to return to Blue Archive (well aside form never leaving of course) as they’re giving away 100 free gacha pulls after the next update.
Man that’s crazy, can you imagine if FGO or something did that?
I mean FGO’s idea for an anniversary event is to make you pay for a character haha.

What a difference in philosophy.
Though what I find interesting is the new story chapter in the asian server is called Final Chapter, but as far as I know they still have more planned unreleased chapters so it’s not very Final is it?
At first I thought “Isn’t two years a bit fast to finish off a gacha games main story?” but then I remember FGO’s first run was two years too, then they did that year semi-sequel before entering the current arc.

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» Vol. 7: Chapter 44 «

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