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Chapter 44 – The Seal Is Broken!

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3028 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1930 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

This ancient tree was about 8 meters wide at its base. Lily laid a mat on its back and sat on her knees.

She untied her belt and kimono…

She lowered her body and laid down on top of the mat and kimono. Of course, her corset and purple suspender underpants weren’t removed.

“Come… Give me a massage.” Lily closed her eyes and said.

This kind of thing shouldn’t ever be done under usual circumstances. But since this was an emergency, she had to resort to this.

Sakura Parasol retracted itself and levitated in the air. It used its round wooden handle to gently press onto Lily’s smooth back and started massaging.

“Mmm…” For starters, she had been fatigued after battling all the way here. Such a massage was a great relief to her. However, this alone was obviously not enough. If she wanted to restore her Purple Lunar Force.

Lily subconsciously realized that using this way to restore Purple Lunar Force shouldn’t be used occasionally. Another reason was that if she kept using the same method and process for a second time, it would drastically lower the potency and efficiency when compared to the first time.

She would have had to find new “patterns” or procedures.

Therefore, no matter what, this method should only be used sparingly.

“Um, Sakura, a little further down…” Lily frowned slightly with a blushed face, and spoke unwillingly.

Sakura’s umbrella handle made its way down her back, all the way to her plump and soft butt…

Her Purple Lunar Force was restored, but Lily was now deeply ashamed. She instantly put Sakura Parasol away and started checking out what those raccoons had seen.

At this moment, they were still working hard to break the seal.

The raccoon noticed that the final talisman on that rope was now vibrating continuously. It seemed like that strong Master from Honganji Temple was right, the seal was about to be broken.

At this moment, a well-built Demon Monk with grayish-blue skin came from the campsite. He wore a massive necklace made of skulls. Lily recognized him, he was the Lord of Mount Hiei!

The Lord of Mount Hiei was on the middle-late Throned Sovereign Stage. Lily was no longer afraid of it. However, there were lots of demons here. Nobody knew if there were other Archdemons around. Hence, she resolved to avoid battling at this place.

Lily’s Purple Lunar Force was fully replenished by now. She was confident, and had a healthy expression.

She sat cross-legged and continued to stare at the moon, trying to comprehend Lunar Moon Intent while diverting some of her attention to controlling the raccoon.

Those Dharma Masters seemed to be trying their hardest. All of them looked like they were pushing themselves and painstakingly continued the ritual.

Just by looking at it, Lily already felt tired. It was definitely difficult to break this ancient seal. Yet, Lily didn’t know that these Dharma Masters had been working here for just about half a year already.

At last, the seal was about to be broken1.

To Lily, it looked like they were wasting no time. The Demon Hound was running through the woods. It was slightly faster when compared to Lily traveling while she was suppressing her presence.

By then, even if the seal took longer than expected and weren’t broken when the Army arrived, it wouldn’t affect the Army’s plans anyway.

However, Lily was worried about that. If the seal hadn’t been broken after the Army’s arrival, these Dharma Masters would most likely be interrupted or scared away. Then, the seal would never be broken.

However, it would take at least 2 weeks for the Army to be here. Lily was sure that these Dharma Masters wouldn’t be that incompetent.

“Please work hard.” Lily felt strange as she cheered these Dharma Masters on.

Soon, two nights had passed. Things weren’t as smooth sailing as they expected. During the critical moment, their progress would regress greatly every time they stopped to take a break. Hence, those Dharma Masters still persisted despite being fatigued.

Meanwhile, Lily continued to stare at the skies and examined the moon. Coincidentally, these few days had long continuous nights.


On the night of the third day, a day later than what the Masters had predicted, that talisman let out a puff of green smoke.

At this moment, a raccoon ‘coincidentally’ came over and watched in a bush not far away.

A Martial Monk on duty discovered the raccoon and asked the Martial Monk beside him, “why is this raccoon always here these days?”

“Who knows. Maybe it’s looking for something to eat.” Another Martial Monk said.

At this moment, the monk beside him shouted, “Look! The final talisman’s about to be broken!”

The smoke grew thicker and thicker, until the talisman started burning from one corner. When it was halfway burnt, Lily stood up and moved.

The talisman was finally burnt away. The rope that had existed for many unknown years lost all arcane support and instantly dissipated into dust. The cave was finally opened!

“We did it!” The leader Master screamed while being drenched in sweat, “we finally did it!”

At this moment, several Dharma Masters behind him toppled over without the noise.

“Go and notify the Lord of Mount Hiei!” The Lord of Honganji Temple, the monk in golden robes, was a Throned General. At this moment, he actually struggled to stand up. In the past 6 months, he had barely stood up. He had expended all his strength, arcane energy, and even his vitality.

But upon reminding himself that he could take 10% of the minerals inside this cave, a smile still appeared on his plump face.

This was a mining site left behind by a Celestial Maiden. Even if it was already depleted, even the smallest amount of scrap or waste was worth an earth-shattering amount of money in the Heian Dynasty!

He ordered, “let’s get up, everyone. The seal has been broken. We’ll help guard this place as well.”

At this moment, a skinny Dharma Master that was almost squeezed dry stood up under the monk’s assistance. “Master, this is Shuten Doji’s turf. Would anyone dare to come? Aren’t we too paranoid? Ouch, my poor waist…”

“We must be vigilant! Because of this seal, we’ve lost half our lives here. We mustn’t relax at the final moment!” The Lord of Honganji Temple stood in place and looked around with a solemn expression.

Soon, he finally heaved a sigh after seeing the Lord of Mount Hiei approaching, along with several demons like the gold-horned demon.

The Lord of Mount Hiei said, “Lord Shuten is already informed. He appreciates you greatly, Master. Lord Shuten will send Lord Ibaraki and his retinue to retrieve the item inside the cave. We will guard here for now. Lord Ibaraki is already on his way and will arrive very soon. Master, your people can rest for now. The beauties inside your tent are ready and waiting to serve you.”

Yet, the Lord of Honganji Temple said, “In such moments, we aren’t in the mood to enjoy a woman. Why don’t we wait for Lord Ibaraki to retrieve the treasure and revel in pleasure together after we’ve split the prize?”

Since it was treasure left behind by the Celestial Maiden, he’d definitely stay and wait. He wasn’t in the mood to play with women. Moreover, he was deeply fatigued after working for half a year straight. By now, he wouldn’t have the stamina even if he wanted to.

At this moment, Lily heard their conversation. “Ibaraki Doji and his demons will come to retrieve the treasure? Based on the call for aid from the demon that I killed back then, it looks like Ibaraki is much stronger than him. Although I don’t understand the actual reason, Ibaraki will probably come along with other Archdemons. If I want to enter the cave, I must do it before Ibaraki arrives2.”

“What to do?”

“By now, the demons and Dharma Masters are all guarding the entrance. If they enter, I might have a chance to sneak in as well. But now they’re all guarding the entrance, how can I enter?”

Lily made both raccoons walk past those demons and Dharma Masters repeatedly to evaluate their strength.

The strongest was the Lord of Mount Hiei, on the middle-late Throned Sovereign Stage! In second place was the Lord of Honganji Temple, a Throned General. Yet, he was probably exhausted of all power at this moment.

Among the other demons, Dharma Masters, Martial Monks, there were six on the pinnacle Permanence Stage and more than twenty on the Permanence Stage.

Based on the situation, all the powerhouses on site were probably gathered in front of the cave.

Lily silently pondered for a while. “Break in3!”

At this moment, she had already sneakily ascended the mountain. Soon, she stealthily approached that steep incline. The flat area under this incline was completely exposed, there were no places to hide.


Lily suddenly summoned the Four-tailed Cat Demon, Wanyūdō the Firewheel, Huan the Bird Demon, and Carp Spirit. Without a word, she charged the demons and Dharma Masters.

“Huh?” The Lord of Mount Hiei was stunned as he saw these unusual demons that shouldn’t exist in these places charge over in full spirits.

“Who are you working for?” He asked.

However, that Cat Demon pounced into a camp, ripping a demon apart and tossing it into the air. Meanwhile, Wanyūdō rolled around and bellowed, spewing flames that burned the campsite.

That Carp directly rammed into a few Dharma Masters.

“What?” The Lord of Mount Hiei was shocked. He never expected that these demons would attack all of the sudden. “They’re here to cause trouble. Kill them!”

The gold-horned demon and the rest charged these rampaging demons. Because it happened unexpectedly, the cave entrance was in chaos.

Huan grabbed a Dharma Master and flew into the air. The Master’s screams attracted lots of attention.

The Lord of Mount Hiei manifested a stone ball. It was ejected with a bang.

Despite being as heavy as a small mountain, it was very fast. It crushed Huan and it dissipated into black smoke.

That Dharma Master fell down while screaming and slammed onto the ground. Nobody knew if he died.

“Are these… Demons Shikigami? Whose Shikigami is it?” The Lord of Mount Hiei was shocked.

At this moment, a girl in red came out of the darkness. Without a word, she instantly rushed into the cave entrance behind the Lord of Mount Hiei.

“Freeze—” A Martial Monk on the Permanence Stage noticed the girl that was as fast as a phantom, he raised his golden bludgeon in an attempt to stop her.

Swish! Lily unsheathed her sword. A flash of red light sliced that Martial Monk and sent him flying. She didn’t stop and rushed straight into the cave.

“What?” The Lord of Mount Hiei, The Lord of Honganji Temple, and the rest couldn’t help but turn around and stare at the dark cave.


“Someone just barged into the cave!”

“Looks like a woman in red!” The Lord of Mount Hiei was distracted by a demon in front of him and only saw her in the corner of his vision. He couldn’t identify the person either.

However, the person’s identity didn’t matter at all.

“Someone broke into the Celestial Maiden cave4!” The Lord of Mount Hiei roared furiously. Eldritch Energy exploded all over his body!

“Get her!!!”

A heavy bronze-colored quarterstaff appeared in his hands as he rushed into the cave first.



  1. Robinxen: What could it be…
  2. Robinxen: Lily they want something, maybe it’s a shiny.
  3. Robinxen: Of course she does.
  4. Robinxen: Lily’s power of plot is unmatched.
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