Ragweed Princess Chapter 10 (part 2)

Happy Holidays!!! 2/10

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Original Short Story #2
At first, they saw light.

They hissed and shrieked, flailing their limbs around as they bounced into a barrier that would shimmer and flash for each hit they landed.

Then, they saw Him, arms raised up into the air, looking down upon them with… something. Familiarity? Hope? Trepidation? They couldn’t tell. They locked eyes with Him, unable to look away, yet still able to sense their surroundings. They lay on a brilliant drawing of geometric shapes, floating reagents acting as the core of each key area. Knowledge would jump into their mind for each object they observed, describing what it did, its effects, and possible uses. They absorbed the information, learning, as He spoke once more.

“D-Do you recognize me?” His face was tense, his eyes glued onto them.
“You are my creator,” they replied, “My master.”

His arms drooped, His face dimmed.

“Anything else? Please, search deep into yourself,” He said, reaching out to me as He knelt on the floor, “Can’t you remember who I am?”

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