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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 143 Part 2

This is the final post I will be making for Not Sure, Another World.
With this we are caught up and there’s no more for us to go.

Translators are moving on, so it’s unknown if and when any future chapters will get translated if the author decides to release another at random.
There’s obviously no way to move into the light novel either.

At this point you best start seeking something to fill the void in your heart.
If you’ve fallen in love with my pre-chapter rambles then you can continue to get your weekly doses of me by reading Blue Sky and Demon Sword Maiden.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading on ReLibrary!

As an added bonus for this release and totally not because I forgot my original plan and threw together an emergency replacement, I’ve decided to upload an abandoned early draft from a novel concept I had based on several characters from a roleplaying game. A lot of it is references and a heavy dose of self insert wish fulfilment given its point of origin.
I initially wrote three chapters for this original novel, though only two reached anything close to presentable.
The chapter I’ve uploaded is actually my second attempt at writing my third draft for how this novel would have started, after going through different iterations. Most notably, switching from first person to third person in the second draft. And then switching the starting point of the story from the “start” to somewhere closer to the middle of my original plot. I also planned another draft (technically timeline wise that would have been the third) but ended up scrapping it before starting on it because I couldn’t work out how to introduce the characters needed for that starting point.
The chapter is extremely rough and a lot of the details are glossed over because I never intended for anyone but me to read it, however I hope it provides some amusement and entertainment.

Who knows, maybe I’ll release the second chapter I partially wrote too if I ever need a filler bonus.

One last time, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading on ReLibrary!

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» Robinxen’s Unrelated Original Novel Chapter Draft «

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