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Chapter 143 – Subjugation is Subjugation until We Finish Cleaning Up! Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2820 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1052 words


“Why don’t I ride Norn and rush back to town to report? Our party has a track record of getting rid of goblins, and I can bring the Lord and lots of other corpses, which should do as proof. I think that the guild can also help out…”

“Is that the only thing we can do … I don’t feel well making Ren go alone…”
“We can’t help it now.”
“Do you have any good ideas?”

“For now I’m going to get on my familiar and go back to the town first and ask for help in a hurry. While explaining the situation to the guild and calling for help from the surrounding area, I’ll have some people head here. If Lily and the others bring these children and come back to the town at a reasonable speed, we should be able to meet midway.”

“…I see, that would save time.”
“Rather, that’s the best option we have right now? The problem is that we don’t have our equipment.”
“As for your equipment, we will return your belongings that were stolen. We aren’t in trouble with our equipment anyway.”
“…Is it okay?”

“Yes. Instead, I’ll ask you to not talk about us.”
“Don’t you trust me yet… No, you don’t know us enough to trust us, so you can’t help it… So you’ll return our equipment and we’re in your favor, right?”
“How honest… but I understand. I’ll never talk about your abilities, so please return our equipment.”

Is this a deal? After that, we can only believe them. I return their equipment from the loot collected earlier. By the way, the swords, spears, magic bags that were rented have already been collected. The same goes for the barrier tower and magic lantern installed in the abandoned mine.

I thought I’d fix Rad’s burnt sword, but I left it as it was. There is no need to show any more abilities.

Then I jumped on Norn and took the bullet train back to town.

…I didn’t wet myself!

After that, when I returned to the town and reported, within an hour, the preceding team departed for the abandoned mine that had become the nest of the Legion. Other than that, I immediately used a magic tool for emergency contact to request help from a nearby guild, and I sold a large amount of goblin magic stones to use that magic tool. Guild staff are busy making requests to the Knights.

What about me? I went back to our rented house and waited. I also submitted the wooden board, and the guild knew the location of the abandoned mine, so I didn’t need to guide them.

Lily and the others came back after I waited in the rented house for about two days, but the guild seemed to be busy after that, so we decided to take a break from work for a while without receiving any particular request. In addition to Legion subjugation, we got paid for the Lord and General, so we have a lot of money now. It’s okay to rest for a while financially.

Three more days later, the town was full of adventurers. It seems that a special request was made to remove the goblin nest.

We were asked by a guild person to accept a special request, but we refrained from doing so. I have no intention of establishing the fame of Goblin Slayers anymore.

Yes, that’s our urgent issue. It’s the party name!

Eh? What are you guys saying when everyone is all struggling to get rid of goblins? No, it’s not a cleanup, it’s post-processing, right? It’s a guild job, right?

At first, I was thinking of helping a little. But I got tired after Legion subjugation, and I’m sick of looking at those nests… I don’t want to stand out anymore, and above all, Lily stopped me. In this situation, receiving other requests seems to stand out in a slightly different sense…

Yeah, so I didn’t have to do anything else, and we were talking about deciding on the party name. Oh, but to be exact, it’s not the party name but the clan name.

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That’s why, here’s the 1st Party Name Decision Meeting!

“So what about the clan name?”
“Hmm, any ideas?”
“I don’t mind anything.”

Yeah, Arisa doesn’t change. But let’s think about something.

“We are only girls, and I think it would be nice to have something like ‘Valkyrie’ in it.”

Lily, she’s more girly than I expected.

“Valkyrie, huh?”
“Oh, that’s good! It’s cool!”
“…But are you sure about this?”
“We are still young, but… This name is still good since we’re in our twenties, but what about when we reach our thirties?”
“It’s a little… isn’t it cringy?”
“Let’s stop Valkyrie! Think of something else! Is there anything else!? Ren!”


“…I don’t have a naming sense. Is that okay?”
“We won’t know if you don’t propose anything!”
“Then… ‘Azrael’?”
“……? What is that?”
“Angel who tells death… Grim Reaper.”
“No, we’ve slaughtered goblins and so on, and we killed many creatures on our way…”
“I like it! I think it’s cool!”

Oh, Arisa was good with everything! But understanding my cringy naming sense was not good!

“You can’t say that, Arisa! I definitely don’t want that name!”
“Eh, then what are we going to do?”
“Something, something else…”

After that, there were only bloody and strangely girly things, and I couldn’t come up with a good idea, and Lily was in tears.

“Something… something…”
“Anything is fine, right?”
“No! People are going to call us by this name, okay?”
“No compromise! Absolutely!”

Hmm… She’s stubborn…

Hmmm, I have to think about something seriously. Hmmm, hmm… Ren, Lily, Arisa… Ren, Renjuro, Lotus? Lily, Yuri… Arisa, Arisa … I think there was such a variety of tulips…?

“How about Garden?”
“No, all our names are derived from flowers…”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah. Lily is a lily and my name was another way to read lotus.”
“What am I?”
“I think there was an Arisa in the tulip variety.”
“…Garden. ……Sounds good, let’s go with Garden!

I just said it without thinking, but it’s really good!? However, before I could stop them, Lily jumped out and registered the clan name as it was.

Eh, for real!?1


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