My Loli Brother Chapter 22

2 more chapters until volume 1 of My Loli Dude ends. Time to prep for a new teaser novel! Take your pick from the selection below:

Potential New Teasers
That Beautiful Goddess of War Can't be My Uncle

Synopsis: -“Twenty years ago, I took down the care home with a kick, dominated the daycare with a fist, and with a knife…”
-“With a knife?”
-The passersby examined the dude with long, messy hair that hid half his face.
-“With a knife… I renounced my wiener to seal a God!”
-“And thus, you became a shut-in NEET…”

Online Game Reincarnation

Synopsis: Shortly after the young otaku called Hayashi passed away, his soul was transferred to the body of a girl who’s brain dead. In order to cure the girl, her parents developed a virtual game to keep her consciousness within the game. However, the otaku found that even after he reincarnated, he still wasn’t the protagonist!

I Became a Big Shot After Taking Over the Hero's Body

Synopsis: As an assassin with low IQ, I thought I would live a simple life, and yet… I somehow killed the hero in the newbie village. Due to one unexpected event after another, my body fused with the coprse of the hero. I was a man, she was a woman, these two contrasting factors caused our form and power to become unstable. However, everyone only judges your value by your face, so… as the new…

The Rise of the Strongest Female Reincarnator Player

Synopsis: Reincarnation with a System, these two ought to be a good thing. But he became a girl, and her original self had been bound by the System. If she wants to change her tragic past life, she had to find her old self and raise him up? Well fine, nobody understands me more than myself anyway. It should be a simple thing, but… gradually, she began to realize she had led him down the wrong path.

“How did I end up becoming the top rank.”

My Popular Phase Began After Escaping from the Crazy Queen?

Synopsis: I wanted to go search for my sister, but Her Majesty the Queen was too much of a control freak. What else can I do but run away? However… why are the ones gathering around me are only females?

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