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Chapter 22 – The Stormy Library

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1360 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 888 words
Editor(s): Fire

Without further ado, I grabbed the floating book.

Obtained item “Forbidden Magic Book – Vivian’s Scripture”.
Type: Tome

Legendary rank… another legendary item. How strange, how come I don’t feel anything upon receiving such a rare item.

Who cares about the rank anyway, it’s better to have it than not.

As those thoughts crossed my mind, I opened the lock and started flipping through the pages.

It happened in an instant.

The thick book lifted off from my hands and a gale, which surrounded the entire library, whirled up with the tome at its core!

A great number of books flew towards the eye of the storm like a river flowing into the sea, including the few that I stuffed into my inventory. The books were sucked into the swiftly flipping pages of the tome and broke down into rows upon rows of strange characters and symbols.



————A while later————



The storm of books lasted for 5 minutes until the very last book was sucked into the last page of the tome. Only then did the tome slowly descend and stop in front of me.

“Achoo… (Sniff, sniff…)”

I let out a cute sneeze and rubbed my nose for a bit before receiving the tome.

After that, I took a look around and noticed that all the magic books in this library were gone. All of them, without exception, had turned into the densely packed symbols and characters in this thick encyclopedia.

Oh my god, which planet did this compression technique come from? Teach me plox.

Registration complete. Now you can memorize magic just by reading the tome.

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Learned Magic Rune knowledge, Alchemy characters, Mysterious script, Shadow World language, Star Realm language, Spiritual World language, Fairy language, Alchemy symbols, and Beastman language.

Compressed Magic Book: 103,000

Oi, do I look like some kind of forbidden magic book directory to you?!

Obtained Title: Forbidden Magic Directory
Have a certain probability of learning new spells by flipping through a book.


The god in charge of me, have you been reading my mind all along?!

“Fuah~ it sure is comfortable within the book~”

A voice suddenly came out from the thick book. That was obviously the voice of the Fairy Queen, or should I say, God of the Holy Star, the god sealed in this tome.

But I didn’t have time to care about her livelihood within the book.

“This tome is so big… Will Lil’ Mushuo be able to carry it?”

I only realized upon hearing that question; the tome was about the width of a school desk when it was fully spread open. It was quite strenuous to carry it in my arms while reading.

The designer had clearly thought this over and attached a strap to the tome, but…

On the title page, the words “Su Mushuo’s Book” was written clearly in my handwriting.

There’s no way I would write something as stupid as that! I slammed the book shut.

“My oh my, since Lil’ Mushuo has cleared out all the books in the library, it will collapse on itself real soon.”
“I’m saying this library will collapse.”

What did she say? Collapse?

Quest Updated:
Side Quest – Holy Sword
Escape from the crumbling library.

Curses! Why didn’t you let me know about the escape mission in advance!!!

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————Muqing’s Perspective————

This place… is so cool——!!

If big bro is here, I bet he’ll have the same expression as me and remain speechless.

Behind the three doors was a supeeeer big cave filled to the brim with dazzling gold coins.

That’s right, gold coins!

You didn’t hear that wrong, gold coins! A full cavern of gold coins!

I feel as though I am the King of the Cavern1, although not at the same level as the Count of Monte Cristo, the treasures here are absolutely world-class!

What makes me even happier is the fact that keeping gold coins in our inventory wouldn’t take up any space.

In other words… I can theoretically take the whole cavern of gold coins with me.

Bling, bling, the number of gold coins in the inventory continued to rise and it soon broke through two commas and will be entering the eight digits soon.

And that wasn’t even one-tenth of the whole. Ehehehe, I’ll be set for life with these…

After some time, I found a monocle below a pile of gold coins and stuffed it into my inventory while I’m at it. Soon after, I noticed an unusual-looking dagger, so I unsheathed it to inspect it carefully.

Obtained item “Magic Dagger – Thief God’s Dagger”.
Type: Dagger

Eh? A legendary weapon?

Well, I already have one so I doubt I’ll be using it much. But let’s just keep it anyway, there’s no harm to have spares.


Just when I put the dagger into my inventory, the gold coins and cave were suddenly replaced by an empty library.


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I was at a complete loss for a little while.

Not a moment later, I finally reacted and shouted with my hands holding my head.

“Arrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!!! My gold coins!! I only managed to take one-tenth of it!! Which scoundrel sent me to this run-down library!”

Quest Updated:
Side Quest – Holy Sword
Escape from the crumbling library.

Hmph! Who cares about the quest! Gimme back my gold coins! Now!!


  1. Raw says Dantes, but this makes more sense anyway. King of the Cavern is one of Dantes’ title.

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