The Vampire’s Templar

The Vampire's Templar The Vampire’s Templar is an Original Web Novel written by TypeAxiom. It is ongoing with 145 Chapters.

Category: Action, Adult, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Shoujo Ai, Harem, Romance, Yuri

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The holy knight Carmen never questioned his beliefs, even while he laid dying at the hands of a vampire. But death would not be the end for him. When Carmen next woke up, he found himself “alive” once again in the body of an animated corpse—a zombie—that was forced to slave away in the mines of a human kingdom.

As a proud, former knight, Carmen could not allow this wretched practice to continue. He must find a way to escape, regain his body and status, and uncover the truth. But there was something strange about this body…it was that of a little girl.

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