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Song of Adolescence

Song of Adolescence Song of Adolescence (少年歌行) is a Chinese Web Novel written by Zhou Nan Wood (周木楠) and translated by CatatoPatch. It is completed with 471 Chapters.

Category: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance, Wuxia

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In a world where a bloody struggle for a wrongly succeeded throne unfolds, a group of young adventurers embarks on a grand journey, starting at an inn nestled amidst lush mountains and overlooking a scenic lake. The story heats up when a muscular leader of a dozen-strong group demands the inn’s finest wine and meat without intending to pay. Xiao Se, the inn’s owner, confronts them with a blend of courage and courtesy. Despite the group’s threats, Xiao Se proudly defends his possessions, particularly his valuable fur coat, handcrafted by the finest seamstresses. This confrontation sets the stage for the unfolding adventure.

Previous Chapters can be found at Creative Novel.

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