Not Sure, Another World Chapter 40

I’ve been making crazy progress on the outline for my Certain Magical Index fanfic.
Originally I was just exploring the premise of “what if you tried to change the outcome of an story only to accidentally make things worse” but it’s grown into a full what-if now.
I finally got to add in a couple of original arcs too, one even features the original main protagonist!
It’s a strange feeling to include multiple main characters because you don’t want to steal the spotlight from the other.

The problem is coming up with original esper abilities is really difficult. There’s a certain charm to the way they work, and it’s really hard to replicate.
I was quite pleased with myself today because I came up with an original villain who had an esper ability to manipulate density. By increasing somethings density he could decrease its size and vice versa.
Anyway if there are any To Aru fans in the readers for this, throw some original esper ability ideas at me!
(I’ve reached the Daihasei Fetsival and it’s really hard to write compelling sports competitions between espers when you’re super vague on what abilities the rivals have)

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