Chapter 40 – Everything in Moderation

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1236 words

 Several days have passed since I’ve started collecting various things.

 As I was making salt in the rocky area during the afternoon, the village became somewhat nosier. What happened?

 When I returned to the village, I heard that a large ox-type monster appeared on the road leading to the fief capital. Several people have already been injured.
 Most of the adventurers in the village were acting as escorts for merchants. The remaining few were just people from the village, and at best they were at a level where they would barely be able to defeat a goblin.
 Thus, among those adventurers, the skilled adventurers who could fight monsters were just ones from the group that were escorting the merchants.
 As for me? I couldn’t accept subjugation requests, so I couldn’t do anything. But beef……I want to eat it.

 As I was thinking these unsuited thoughts, several carriages came back. They had all been attacked by the rumored ox monster.
 According to what everyone was saying, the identity of the ox monster was a Mad Bull. Essentially it was just an ox that was a monster and very large, so it was easy to recognize. But it was considered a very high level monster.
 However, it seems that a very large one had appeared this time, one that was twice the size of a regular one. But regardless it was still just one.
 The case was quite unusual, as cattle-based monsters often traveled in herds.

 ……Wonder if I could beat it? I haven’t tried using the throwing knives in battle yet, so I feel like testing them out.

 After a while, I noticed that Roberto was among the merchants who had returned. He noticed me and walked over.

“Hah, I’m exhausted. My carriage was almost destroyed just now.”
“Are you alright?”
“Well, another merchant had to abandon his carriage in order to escape, so all his luggage was destroyed.”
“That’s kind of……pitiful.”
“Agreed. No, it isn’t really a laughing matter.”

 He gave a wry smile in response.

“Speaking of which, aren’t you going to the subjugation? It seems several others have already gone.”
“I’m only 11 years old, so I can’t accept subjugation requests.”
“……Is that right.”

 He looked a bit surprised, but it seems he didn’t want to say anything extra. However, his gaze was around my chest armor, so he lost some points.

“But what would happen then.”
“Something wrong?”
“Well, I mean aren’t all the people going just people from this village then?
They won’t be able to defeat an opponent like that. I was thinking that you would be able to defeat it by using that strange attack of yours.”

 Well, that’s probably true. But I would be punished if I defeat it for the purpose of subjugation. Should I do it secretly? But with all the fuss, it would be impossible. I would be found out instantly.

“Unless I was fighting in self-defense, it would be bad if I were to go defeat it. It would have been an emergency like when I helped you.”
“……You said you had business in the village, right? Are you finished? If so, what do you plan on doing now? If you’re heading towards the fief capital, you could get attacked on the way.”
“I’m sorry, but I still have some business left. And then I plan on returning to Harula…….”
“Then it would be quite difficult……”
“Sorry, but may I interrupt for a bit?”

 As the two of us were discussing, we heard a voice from behind.

 And as such, I was on a carriage right now. Naturally, I was also with Norn and Bell.

 The person who had called out to us was a staff member of the Adventurer’s Guild.
 The guild staff overheard us discussing various things on the premise that I could beat the ox monster. And apparently, the guild staff had thought of a loophole so that I could join the fight. Which was unfortunate…..

 But here was the proposed plan.
 First, I would receive an escort request from Roberto. Escort requests were recommended for D rank or higher. However, it was a recommendation and not a restriction.
 Next, Roberto would leave the village and head towards the fief capital. On the way, we would defeat the ox monster, then notice that we left something behind at the village and return.

 Upon returning to the village, Roberto would then notice an error in the contract and cancel the escort request.
 Rather than a loophole, the guild staff member said it was more like twisting the rules. Which made me wonder if it really was alright.

 Although I had already come this far, I was still debating whether or not I should just leave the subjugation to someone else. I had the feeling that a lot of my mistakes came about in this sort of fashion. I didn’t want to stand out……
 I rode along inside the carriage feeling a bit anxious, and before long I saw the ox monster in the distance. Isn’t that kind of large from this distance, or was it just me?

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 But since I was already involved in this troublesome matter I should finish the job quickly, let’s hurry up and defeat it. I focused my sight on it and tried sniping it from where I was, I saw the adventurers who had left the village earlier scattered about.

 Hmm, they’re in the way. I might hit them instead.

 While I was thinking over what to do, the scattered adventurers suddenly started running over here. A strategic retreat?

“Hey, you all retreating?”
“Roberto!? Yeah, it’s impossible! We can’t beat it! We’re thinking that we could at least lead it away from the roads……”
“Well, I guess it would be too much for people who can barely even fight goblins.”
“Don’t say that! Rather, what are you doing here? Your carriage will get destroyed, you know?”
“Ah, I think she might be able to do something about this, so I brought her over.”
“Wait, her!? You mean that tiny thing!? Impossible!”

 I’m not little. Ah, Norn became angry. Calm down~Calm down~

 Roberto and the adventurers were busy talking with each other while I was calming Norn down, but I want to go back already so let’s just end this. I got out of the carriage and started walking forth.

“Norn, can you guide it over here so I can snipe it easily?”

 Norn ran forth at a tremendous speed, and dashed between the ox monster’s feet causing it to slow down. Nice one. I watched on for a bit and then it started coming towards me.
 Aim knife. 400 speed. And fire.

 *Zip *Thud

 ……Hm? I think it stopped for a moment, but it looks like it’s still heading over here? Maybe the skull’s too thick and the knife didn’t go through? But it should’ve had the same penetration strength as a handgun……ah, maybe because it’s a knife? Wish it would’ve been an orc instead. I suppose it can’t be helped.
 Aim knife. 800 speed. And fire.

 *Zip *Thud *Splat

 I heard some terrible noises, and the ox monster’s head blew in half and it collapsed.
 Huh? Did I overdo it a bit? Well, whatever. Hmm, maybe I should try it at 600 speed?

“It’s over.”

 I glanced back, and everyone was frozen solid.
 ……I knew I overdid it.


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