Not Sure, Another World Chapter 41

All my new things got delivered, but my anime shelf has reached critical mass. It’s a bit of a problem.
You see the donation of the Fullmetal Alchemist mangas from my stepdad, in addition to the Invaders DVD and Railgun S collection, has meant my anime and manga shelf has no more room. On top of that my two figure shelves are starting to get cramped and I have more on the way.

The worst part for me though is that the collection editions of Railgun and Railgun S are distributed by different companies and as a result have different designs.
Railgun is by Animatsu and is a single bluray case with multiple discs inside for the full season.
Railgun S is by Manga Entertainment and is a combo pack of two DVD cases containing the full season in bluray and DVD format.

This means the Railgun S box is not only twice as thick as the Railgun box, but also an inch taller!

But my real crisis is working out where the hell I’m gonna fit my new figures and incoming books. Looks like I will have to do an overhaul of my random storage shelves.

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