Not Sure, Another World Chapter 34

It’s now time for your weekly dose of Illegal Oneesan!

I’ve been multi-gacha drifting this week.
Both Honkai and FGO have events going on currently. I was originally focusing on Honkai but I basically cleared those events and have redirected focus to FGO.
I have a lot of grinding to make up so I’ve been burning gapples to make the difference.

But seeing all my waifus give me chocolates is totally worth it!
Valentines events banzai! Banzai!

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2 thoughts on “Not Sure, Another World Chapter 34”

  1. I cannot resist giggling at “Illegal Oneesan”. It doesn’t get old. That should be officially added as a tag, even if only this series has that tag.

    1. you made me wonder what other similar tags could be added to other things, and then my brain malfunctioned when I thought “illegal milf”

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