Not Sure, Another World Chapter 35

So I don’t remember if I said here or not, but a short while ago I made some bids on a 22/7 keychain on ebay and it arrived today!
I have my very own chibi Sakura to accompany me when I leave the house now!

I got it for like one 10th of the price of the other sellers too!
(Seriously, the people who resell anime goods online are crazy money grubbers! They basically triple the price of even the most mundane things!)

The 22/7 anime is weird though.
On the subject of buying things I was going to get the SCP light novel, Looking Glass, but apparently it’s not that well written?
The prices are really strange too! It’s almost the exact same price to buy it in physical as it is in ebook!
You might as well pay that tiny bit extra for the physical so you can loan it out to friends!

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