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Chapter 34 – Troubling Matters Have Followed Me

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1090 words

 About two weeks have passed since the children started eating potatoes. During that period, I gave Lily potato salad to eat, had to stay in bed due to menstruation, went to buy rice from Nicole, and got on first-name standards with Shin and Yui.

 The restriction to the southern forest area still hasn’t been lifted yet. But I think it might be better to continue gathering herbs in the forest located towards the upstream of the river.

 However, recently other adventurers have begun to follow us…….most likely because the children were earning a lot more and looked a lot healthier. The guild staff were also beginning to believe that I was leading the children, so I was feeling a bit troubled.

 If the children were to cause any trouble, I might end up having to take responsibility for them…….I might have to come up with something at this rate.

 With that in mind, I was currently waiting at the guild receptionist window. The children were next to me and guarding me from all sides. Eh? Why were we lining up today? Well, we came back a little late today so……I knew I should have rounded everyone up earlier. It was difficult to refrain from catching too many fish. Yep.

 Hah…..I want to head home already. While I was thinking, I’m also listening in on the conversations of those around me, I was able to find a lot of useful information by doing this.

 As expected, if I wanted information, staying behind at the guild and listening around would be best. But when I have to weigh it against avoiding trouble, as expected, I couldn’t do that. Even now, there were numerous people glancing this way. And it wasn’t just me being over-conscious. The gazes were quite intense.

“Oh, hey! It’s been a while! What have you been up to lately?”
“Gilliam, it’s been a while. Well, I have been out for a bit doing escort work.”
“Escort? Weren’t you gone for quite a while though?”
“Oh, we went to the capital, and after that, we went to a village near the southern sea to buy salt before coming back here.”
“Haha, I see. That does take a long time.”

 ……..A village near the southern sea. I would like to get my hands on some sea fish. And I could get salt too…….I heard something good.

“Yeah, the pay was pretty good, but sitting in carriage for that long was still exhausting.”
“Hey now, what are you talking about! You accepted this job because you said you wanted to do it! Even though, Tess, Beck, and I all said we didn’t want to!”
“Well, no, that’s certainly true.”
“Why are you complaining about it now! Not manly at all! Even before you…..”
“I get it, I get it.”
“You’re all the same as usual, I see.”

 Hmm, looks like they’re getting an earful. Seems rough.

“Ah, you still haven’t heard, right?”
“Hm? What happened?”
“Ah, a newcomer appeared.”
“A really amazing one?”

“Yeah. She earns a lot of gold coins every day just by gathering herbs.”
“What!? Just from herbs? And every day too!?”
“Yeah. And she’s a hot one too.”
“Wow~……so is everyone trying to recruit her?”

“No, no one has spoken to her yet.”
“Huh? Why?”

“That person, the newcomer, she’s a tamer. She has two wolves, but it seems they might actually be greater wolves. And they’re huge too. Thanks to those wolves always being around her, everyone has only been watching her from afar.”
“Big wolves…….?”

“Yeah. Also, have you heard about how access to the southern forest area is restricted right now?”
“Ah, yes. Because an ogre appeared, right?”
“Right, that ogre was apparently taken down by that newcomer’s wolves.”

 Seriously? Does the guild not have information regulation? I demand privacy protection!

“The ogre w-…….huh? But didn’t you just said that she earns money through gathering herbs only?”
“Yeah, that newcomer, she doesn’t take on subjugation requests. Or rather, she can’t do them.”
“Huh? Why?”
“Because she’s only eleven year old.”


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“Apparently, she also usually avoids the busy hours. Such as during this hour she-…….huh? Oh? Would you look at that, that’s a rare sight. Look, she’s actually over there right now.”
“……That one? The tiny one?”

 Stop talking about me. And I’m not tiny!
 Thus, that was how my sales went. Since I was tired I decided to head back early……but when I walked forth, a person was standing in front of me. And we ended up looking at each other. This person is? The face looks……huh? Somehow, it’s familiar……..

“Ah, you’re…….the forest witc- no I mean.”

 ……Hmm, if I recall….Neil? Wait, Niel! Neil!? Why Neil!?
 I was stunned. And I was at a loss for words. Eh? What is he doing here? Huh? Is he an adventurer? Eh? Eh? Just what is going on?

“You…….after that, I heard that you suddenly disappeared in spring…..I was worried. But what are you doing here?”
“That is…….”
“What? Is she an acquaintance of yours?”
“Ah, yes. Before-”


“No. I’m not his acquaintance.”
“What are you talking about!? You and I-”

“We only talked a little bit before and nothing more, we’re also not friends either. In the first place, I didn’t even live in the same village as you. I only happened to get a little involved with you at that time. As such, I am not your acquaintance. If I were to be a bit more lenient, I guess I recognize your face a tiny bit? So I know your face only, that’s about more closer to what our relationship is.”


 As expected, he didn’t forget what I look like. All my thoughts stopped for a moment in that situation. It was fairly easy to stop all my divided thoughts at the same time.

 Anyways, overcoming the current situation would be my top priority. There were a lot of people around us. If he started shouting that we were acquainted with each other in such a place, strange misconceptions might be born.
 Therefore, I have to deny what he says. I have to firmly deny what he says.

“Anyways, I’m in a hurry, so excuse me.”
“Hey, wait! I’m not done talking to you yet.”

 Norn intimidate him! As expected, she’s my goddess.

“……I don’t have anything I want to talk to you about. Excuse me.”

 Escape! Hurry up and run! Seriously! Why is this happening!?


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