Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 121

Normally I’d put some news or an announcement or some form of musing here.
But the past few nights my sleeping pattern has been collapsing, bordering on insomnia.

I have things to do next week so I’m trying to wrestle it back into regularity but as a result I feel like a walking zombie at random times during the day.
I apologise if this chapter is a little rough on the editing side, it wasn’t very eventful anyway so that probably didn’t help my motivation.
(Not even Silva had any comments this chapter!)

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4 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 121”

  1. Is it possible to squeeze back in Mysterious world beast god translations to give some veriety to the roster. Love the gender benders and stuff but I’ve been staring longingly at this novel wishing It would continue even with the nonexistent demand for xanxia types.

    1. Sorry, u most likely answered this in a past comment so nevermind. I won’t comment on such things again.
      Anyway loved the chapter.

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