[New Series] PunishedLyly Brings You Two New Gender Bender Novels!

Punished who? Yep, It’s PunishedLyly, I’m sure some of you may already be familiar with him, but that’s none other than the main translator of Sucubbus’s Life in Another World! Those of you who joined us on Discord should already know him pretty well, after all, he is one of the most active ones in our Discord server. PunishedLyly has joined us since November 2019 and fully intending to revive the Sucubbus in Another World series, while bringing you Two as One Princesses and Life with a Tail!

While PunishedLyly will be publishing Sucubbus and Princesses himself, the publishing rights of the Life with a Tail will be left in the jurisdiction of Re:Library since that is what the translator himself has chosen. With that being the case, there will be no fixed schedule on Sucubbus and Princesses series, but we can promise you this, Life with a Tail will have a fixed schedule on Saturday and Sunday (GMT +8), at the usual time we publish The Female Knight & Dark Elf.

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3 thoughts on “[New Series] PunishedLyly Brings You Two New Gender Bender Novels!”

  1. Wow~!! Nice one.!! Again..! XD
    Happy New Year~!!!
    Well, I’m still busy as always though, Didn’t get to have a vacation. lol

    1. Oof… no vacation on holiday season? That sucks… but I guess that’s what being a corporate slave is all about… it sucks being a working adult~

      And yes, a very Happy New Year to you!

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