Chapter 1 – The Beginning

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2250 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 358 words
Editor(s): Fire

(Mmmm, today’s dinner is my first meat after half a year. I can’t wait.)

I, the lowlife freeter Kondou Natsuki, bought some meat on a special bargain sale from the supermarket after receiving a small bonus. I was just on my way home while imagining how to prepare it; should I keep it simple and just cook it with salt and pepper? Or be a bit luxurious with the vegetables and make some stew with it?  

(This is a rare luxury after all… what should I do…)

Thinking so, I arrived at my sweet home, YeShabby Apartment1 and as I touched the doorknob——

My vision turned to black.

(Ngh… Huh…? Did I faint from anemia…? Or malnutrition from barely eating anything healthy lately…?)

Lightly shaking my still vaguely dizzy head, I tried standing up but the current situation is really weird.

「… Huh?」

Even though I should have been in front of the house door, the door is gone. On the contrary, after scanning my surroundings, all there is are dense overgrown trees.

「That’s weird… Even though I’m near the countryside, this forest shouldn’t be here… Rather, I should have already reached home… Hmm?」

While muttering to myself I suddenly realized something was wrong with my voice. And as I touch my throat, I can’t feel my Adam’s apple.
Same with my surroundings, I feel something weird with myself and shifted my gaze to my body. What entered my sights then are smooth white skin and two modest mounds.


It can’t be; I touched the mounds thinking so but after feeling the sensation, I’m sure that it’s undoubtedly my body.

「Eh! Wait! Don’t tell me!? 」

Having a bad feeling, I looked towards my crotch. And surely, something that should have been there is gone.

「Ehhh!? No way!? I became a girl!?」

I fell into a panic and was shaking here and there when I noticed that my waist is somewhat heavy.
Now what!? Enough already! Teary-eyed, I twist my body and looked behind when――


The moment I saw the shining silver tail growing from me, I fainted.

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  1. PunishedLyly: Actually Onboro Apartment, a pun on Worn out apartment. I’m not even sure if it’s a real name or he’s just messing around.

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