Patreon Goal Surprise!

I planned to announce this after we reach the 3rd patreon goal, but I managed to hire a translator much earlier than scheduled so I have no choice but to push forward my schedule.

First of all, give the patrons a hand of applause, this option has only become possible thanks to all the awesome patrons who have supported me thus far. When I first opened my Patreon account, I was honestly not expecting much, maybe 1 to 3 Patrons at most. However, over the past few months, the number of patrons continued to grow until we reached this turning point today.

I’m sure all of you have been wondering what I’ve been going on about for a while now so without further ado, let’s move on to the main topic!

I have realized that if I continue at this pace, it’d take me tens of years to finish translating this whole series, so I’ve come up with a plan to use the money you’ve given me to good use. And my first idea is to hire a translator to provide us with a fixed amount of chapters per month.

For now, I’ve commissioned from the hired translators to provide 10 chapters per month at a fixed price, but price is likely to increase by October depending on the quality of his translations.

And since I’ve hired a translator to work on Demon Sword Maiden, that means the chapter release is now heavily dependent on the total amount of money we receive on Patreon. I can afford up to 10 chapters monthly with the current amount donated, but that may change depending on the flow of patrons. If the popularity of Demon Sword Maiden increases and we get more patrons, that means I will be able to commission for more chapters. And conversely, if the popularity and patrons decreases, it means fewer chapters for Demon Sword Maiden.

And of course, while the hired translator works on Demon Sword Maiden, it’s not like I haven’t done anything either. I need to run a Translation Check to make sure everything is translated properly by the hired translator, and I’ve also been secretly working on Dragon Princess on the side, which I released a teaser of several months ago. The chapter 1 of Dragon Princess series should be released shortly after this announcement, so I hope you all look forward to the new series I will be working on and to the continuation of Demon Sword Maiden!

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