Demon Sword Maiden Fanart Commission

I’ve been thinking of commissioning a fanart for Demon Sword Maiden for some time now and here’s a few scenes I’ve been thinking of:

Option A: A half-naked Lily pressing the katana (with red runes) against her breasts with flirtatious expression. (The scene in the middle of the Mountain Imps raid)

Option B: Uesugi forced a kiss on a struggling Lily on horseback (The scenes on the rainy street of Takeshita)

Option C: ………

Actually, I haven’t thought of Option C, if you have some scenes you want to see illustrated in mind, let me know in the comment and I’ll add it to the next voting session. I expect the commission to cost me around a few hundred, though I’m not sure of the exact amount since I haven’t got a quotation from the artist and we’re still in the midst of deciding which scene to commission for.

In case you guys are curious, I will be asking this guy to commission for the art, if he will accept:

He said he will be available some time around mid-August, so that’s when I’ll ask him to start doing the commission. Before that, however, we need to decide on which scene we want to commission.

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P.S. Please take note: The Patrons have priority vote so even if the vote here leans towards one of the Options, it’s not the final result. If you are a Patron, make sure to cast your vote here:

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