Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 63

I’m not sure how many can relate to this but I believe most readers can relate since it is a stereotype that those who like reading and gaming is what the society would call a NEET or an OTAKU, even if we don’t think so ourselves.

As a so-called NEET, we are mostly an anti-social creature (or at least I am) so it is near impossible for us to build a long-lasting relationship. Now you might be wondering, why am I saying all this. Well, there is only one reason, remember the “girl” I told you the last two weeks ago? Yeah, that didn’t quite work out.

Anyway enough about that, I just got word from my collaborator, I think we can expect good news next week. Let’s hope so…

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8 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 63”

  1. Being called antisocial feels wrong in this context. I would agree with the opinion that I am asocial, iow preferring solitude most of the time. Antisocial means being compulsively aggressive and destructive, and that does not sit well with me.

  2. No te preocupes no eres el unico que le dificulta entablar una relacion duradera, es mas yo nunca he tenido novia y eso que tengo tu edad, solo intento vivir el dia a dia y hacer lo mejor que puedo con las cosas que tengo que realizar. Por supuesto tengo metas u objetivos que quiero cumplir, pero a la vez intento no frustrarme si me tardo mucho en realizarlas. Lo importante para mi es tener una vida tranquila y que sea satisfactoria, inclusive si nunca llego a tener una pareja. (Do not worry, you are not the only one who makes it difficult for you to have a lasting relationship, it is more than ever that I have had a girlfriend and that you are your age, just try to live the day and make a better day that I can do the things I have to do. Of course I have goals or objectives that I want to accomplish, but at the same time I try not to get frustrated if I have much to do. The important thing for me to have a quiet life and an excellent sea, even if I have never had a partner.)

  3. I believe the termminology is introverted which is someone who is quiet, enjoys alone time as a way to recharge, likes activities such as gaming, reading and such individual actives. We introverts are also bad at socializing but great at non face to face interactions such as this. As you’ve guessed I’m introverted and the society I live in just straight up “murders” people like me, its hard sometimes. There’s a youtube channel called psych2go that covers these topics. And feel bad about the girlfriend thing but cheer up there’s 7 billion+ of us on the planet your bound to trip over the right person eventually.:)

  4. its true if some people call us OTAKU because lack of social activity, since some of us is otaku inside… even if we don’t want to admit it…

    but to calling it NEET… NEET is stands for “Not in Education, Employment, or Training”
    so there’s many people who like gaming and reading is actually quite success in life, or at least they have jobs to support their own needs…
    someone who call those people NEET because liking game and reading need a slap with a iron sandals, in the face, twice….

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