Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 62

With all due respect, since this week’s chapter has been pushed ahead of schedule, there will only be one chapter for this week and the next week. Believe me, I’d love to provide you guys with two chapters (or more) per week if I can help it, but due to some circumstances which I cannot reveal just yet, I currently do not have enough chapters in stock to do just that.

However, if my plan shifts toward a favorable outcome, then we will be hearing some good news in a week or two. If the plan falls apart, there will be no good news, but no bad news either. We will just keep up the chapter release at the same pace as always.

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3 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 62”

  1. Your gonna make us cry u know but we understand although some of us may or may not die from withdrawal symptoms in the interum(or is it interim) we endeavor to be patient and may ur plan be executed swiftly and those it involved will never see it coming.(one evil genius to another lol)

    1. You have me wondering though, are you crying tears of appreciation out of my thoughtful consideration or tears of blood due to slow updates? Or both?

      1. It starts out as tears of appreciation at first but then shifts to tears of blood as we beg for mercy from your update schedule. HaHa (things will be back to normal soon we know or hope)

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