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Chapter 34 – Edim’s Day of Suffering (Part 2)

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

This chapter is sponsored by Edmund.

——Edim’s Perspective

Lady Tilea is so blatantly staring at me as if she were a village girl stalking her lover because she suspected him cheating on her. But when I turn my head to Lady Tilea, she turns her face away from me, whistles terribly, and acts as if she’s innocent.

…should I just go and ask her straight?

“Lady Tilea, is there something—”
“A-ah, I forgot! I left the lid on the pot open!”

Lady Tilea then hastily turns on her heel.

…I understand. I should just assume that Lady Tilea isn’t here and act accordingly, is it?

11:30, Evil God Army Meeting.

The 25th regular meeting of the Evil God Army. Lady Tilea, who’s always absent from the meetings, is attending this time. Moreover, she even said, “Please act as if I’m not here.” Nevertheless, it’s really been a while since Lady Tilea is attending. Everyone is tensing up.

Even the executives are eager to show off their opinions. Especially that Ortidiot, he’s so obviously bloated about his own credits. How’s a project that he said couldn’t be done not three days ago, is already completed now? That’s insane!

Ortidiot glances at Lady Tilea every time he speaks, obviously trying to appeal to her. It’s useless, though. Even Sir Dryas doesn’t get through to her.

And sure enough, Ortidiot just contradicted himself. Ku ku, how idiot can you be?

“Ortissio. B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, you can’t fool a kid with this nonsense. This is forgery.”
“N-, no, it’s true… I really did get the funding!”
“Then make a detailed report of how you got it!”
“It’s, uh, it’s… right! My unit has successfully completed 200 expeditions since then, I procured it on those occasions.”

Th-, this guy is hopeless…

By that logic, he’d have to do more than ten expeditions a day. That just doesn’t add up, no matter how you slice it!

In the end, even Lady Camilla rebuked Ortidiot with “Enough of you!” and gave up on him dejectedly. This blunder must have drawn the ire of Lady Tilea. I take a casual glance at Lady Tilea, and yet, for some reason, she’s staring at me instead.

W-, why…?

And, to make matters worse… Everyone is denouncing me for my passivity at the meeting. Uu, the opinion of someone as lowly as me shouldn’t…

I thought since sir Dryas’ directives are so flawlessly perfect, all I had to do was report the part I was in charge of.

A storm of scorn from the executives, the cold look in Lady Camilla’s eyes, it’s all too painful.

“Edim, it’s your attitude that’s the problem!”
“Look at you, keeping silent. You not daring to speak out is infringing Lady Tilea’s will!”
“I’m of the same opinion. I won’t be the only one chewed— ahem. Edim, a waste of resources like you is nothing but a blight on this Evil God Army!”

F̲u̲c̲k̲ you, Ortidiot! You’re just using this as an opportunity to throw the hot potato to me! This is bad. Being the punching bag is Ortidiot’s role. It’s definitely not my role.

I desperately try to defend myself, but Lady Tilea torments me further by saying “It’s not like I’m blaming you or anything.”

For the love of Evil God, Lady Tilea, I beg you, please understand. What you say greatly irritates the executives further. The executives hound me further, and Lady Tilea trying to cover for me only corners me…

Driven to the corner, I fall to my knees, begging to be spared.

“You have humiliated my dear sister, Edim. You garbage of a kin!” Lastly, Lady Camilla even scolds me.

Aaahhh, she’s trampling me under her foot…

Being graced by Lady Camilla’s feet brings me to a state of ecstasy. There is a part of me that is miserable for being scolded, but there is also part of me that is happy to receive the foot treatment by Lady Camilla.

“Stop it, Timu!”

As I was writhing under Lady Camilla’s reproach, for some reason Lady Tilea ran up to her and stopped Lady Camilla.

“But, elder sister. I must punish this fool of a kin.”
“Just stop!”
“Y-, yes.”
“Timu, you have to apologize to Edim next.”
“B-, but, elder sister, why must I…?”
“No whys no buts. Come on, say you’re sorry for stepping on her.”

Awawawa, how terrifying.

Lady Camilla’s bitter bearings, resentful eyes …….

Uu, I didn’t do anything. Aah, she absolutely misunderstood it. She must’ve thought I said something to Lady Tilea.

“Come on, Timu. Don’t make it hard for me.”
“I-, I understand. I’m sorry for kicking you, Edim.”
“N-, no, no, no no no. P-, please, don’t be sorry. If anything, I was really happy to be your foot rest.”

I desperately come out with an excuse, but I can understand Lady Camilla’s emotions. Right now, Lady Camilla is humiliated. I mean, why wouldn’t she? What kind of Lord bows to their own servant…?

What in the world is going on with Lady Tilea today? I glance at Lady Tilea a little bit reproachfully.

“Eeeek. Edim just glared at me. She’s letting out her true nature! No, no. Sh-, she’s going to attack me~ And make me her kin~”
“Eh? Eh? Eh? I-, I’m not!”
“YOU! How dare you direct a killing intent at my dear sister!”
“Edim, I never took you for such an utter fool.”
“Worry not, Lady Tilea. I, Ortissio, will see to it that the traitor Edim is put to death.”

Ortidiot clenches his fists, elated. His face was full of amusement.

I-, I’ll kill you! I swear it, I will kill you even if it’s the last thing I do.

But now is not the time to worry about the idiot. I have to get over this absolutely fatal crisis first.

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