Chapter 35 – My Fear and Dryas’ Anger (Part 1)

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Liomad

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I must’ve provoked Edim more than I should with how big the fuss I made. I should have known saying such a thing to a group of chuunibyous would cause a commotion. I was too careless.

After the panic settles down and I regain my cool, I look around and see…

Wh-, what?!

These chuunibyous have made Edim sit on her knees with stone weights on her lap. This is Ishidaki torture, one of the torture methods used in the Edo period.

You people went too far! Right then, Orty says “Let’s put another one,” and places yet another stone weight on her lap.

Oi oi oi oi, you people are lucky that Edim is gentle! We’re one step away from Edim reducing us to a pool of blood.

I swear, these people can be so stupid and ignorant…

I only told y’all about Ishidaki torture once in a passing moment. Don’t actually put it into practice. I really can’t take my eyes off of you, can I?

Anyway, I calmed everyone down and changed locations.

This time I’m taking a break in the general counselor room with Dryas.

“Here you are.”
“Thank you.”

I drink the tea that Dryas brews. It really relaxes my stress. I take a long sip and its mild flavor pervades my entire mouth.

“Yum! Dryas, you’re good.”
“Much obliged.”

Yeah, that’s a hunk alright, he does everything to perfection. He quickly led me to another room and made me a cup of tea at the perfect time. And most importantly, he smiles without asking me any questions despite the ugly mess I had made.

Yeah, he’s so picturesque it makes me jealous. Anyway, I have to explain what I said and did earlier, or he’ll think I’m an idiot.

“Um, you see, Dryas…”
“I-, I’m sorry I showed you an unsightly part of me.”
“You are always beautiful and noble, Lady Tilea.”
“You’re overvaluing me, Dryas. I, you know, I have this horrible thought.”
“Lady Tilea. Would you please confide in this Dryas for any worries you have?”
“W-, well…”
“Am I not trustworthy?”
“N-, no, that’s not it.”
“If so, then please make use of me.”

Being faced by the sincerity in Dryas’ eyes, I can’t help but let loose. I can’t carry this worry alone anymore.

“I’ll tell you then. You know that Edim is a vampire, right?”
“Yes. To be precise, a human who was turned into a vampire by a demon, a half-demon.”

That’s Dryas for you, he’s up to date with this whole demon setting too. There isn’t the slightest of fear even though there’s a vampire amongst us. Well, he’s an elf, so I guess he just has some tolerance for it.

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“Yes, a demon. She sucks blood and manipulates people. Moreover, she has an army of kins who are connected with her by an iron-clad trust.”
“Fufu, they are nothing in the face of the Evil God Army under your wings, Lady Tilea.”

Right. It’s nice to have a friend who trusts me that much. But, trust is one thing, strength is another. In the end, Dryas is just another chuuni patient. Edim has the military strength that rivals a single division, or perhaps even a small country. We have nothing to fight against her.

This is useless. Dryas is just like Timu and others. Trying to talk to him with euphemism surely won’t convey this fear I have. Thank god Dryas listens to me in a gentlemanly manner. I can be shameless and direct with him.

I don’t care if he gets angry. I don’t care if he scorns me. After all, just trying to think about it myself will only make me all the more confused.

I decided to talk to Dryas about my suspicion for Edim.

I told him that I had killed Alcyune, Edim’s master. I suspected that Edim might be harboring a grudge against me, and that she might be vigilantly seeking to take her revenge.

Dryas listens to me quietly, without surprise or disdain.

“I’m such a jerk, aren’t I? I said I trusted Edim, but in my gut there’s a nagging suspicion for her.”
“Lady Tilea’s worries are inevitable, as you are the one who sits above us all. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, it is Edim who’s at fault for arousing such suspicions.”
“Eh?! But, that’s a bit… Edim did nothing wrong.”
“No. I, Dryas, am filled with anger. For causing Lady Tilea so much distress, Edim must be executed as soon as possible!”
“No, no, no, no, not executed…”

You have a good head on your shoulders, Dyas, but just like Timu, you can be pretty impassioned. I mean, while it is only in this Demon Lord Army1 play, he does call Timu as his parent.

“Well then. I will go through the procedure of execution.”
“Wai-, hol-… The-, the execution, who’s going to… Don’t tell me! You’re going to have Myuu do it?”
“Indeed. Mühen should suffice.”

Dryas stands up and heads toward the exit. He doesn’t look the least bit hesitant.

…Is-, is he really going to ask Myuu to do that?

I mean, sure, Edim is a demon, but Myuu is also a swordsman who’s fought many battles. He won’t fall behind her. If the two of them fought, they would start a blood feud in this underground empire.

“Ah, wait, wait! Don’t do it, you’re waking up a sleeping dog!”
“There is no need for you to worry, Lady Tilea. Please, allow me to ask for your permission.”
“Dryas, really, stop it. I could be mistaken in my suspicions. I don’t want to ruin the trust I have.”
“Understood. I will cancel the execution effective immediately. However, please leave the rest to me.”
“What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to teach Edim the meaning of loyalty.”
“Th-, that phrasing makes me uneasy…”
“Please, leave the rest to yours truly.”

Still with the same agitation, Dryas exits the room.

Hmm~ Will my strategist really be okay?

Dryas who’s usually so zen looks pretty wired up this time. I mean, the face that he makes when he runs. It’s identical to Timu’s and that pervert (Nielsen)’s.


  1. Syl: I believe it’s evil god army no? Or am I wrong?
    Mab: I don’t think Tilea knows the difference.

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