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Chapter 33 – Let’s run a background check on Edim!

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

On a certain day of a certain month, in the Underground Empire, I shall now carry out a personal background check on Edim. Well, the grim look milady had on her face the other day, when Edim’s secret got out, finally got me really worried you see.

But after getting a good night of sleep, hmm, something felt really wrong you know. Acting like a human only to defeat one’s enemies? Give me a break ~ What kind of joke is that, gosh!

Well, I trust her, you know.

But as the big sister, I have to keep my little sister safe from any kind of harm. So, I think I’ll just run a little check on her. Just to be sure, as insurance.

Of course, I’ll do it alone. At first, I thought about asking Dryas before realizing that no one would want to dig up some dirt on his friend, right?

And all in all, it looks like milady won’t tell anyone about me and Edim.

It seems that we actually breached more than ten decree-laws the other day and that if that were to be known to the big shots in the capital we would have become first grade criminals.

And all our relatives as well, so that’s no joke. We really can’t let that get out can we.

It appears that milady is keeping silent less for Edim than for me, but she is an independent young lady, so she could very well act on her own if left alone.

“Miss Tilea, please do not try to do anything funny, and behave as you always do if you may,” she admonished me moderately the other day. Still, we can’t have that! I’ll prove her innocence myself before milady can even plan anything.

07:00 – Edim arrives at the Underground Empire.

Pushing open the shop’s door, Edim gets inside. Exchanging looks, she greets me with a fresh smile full of life. How could someone even think that there’s a catch to that?

It hurts me so much to monitor her – but I succeed in safely returning her greeting.

07:30 – Edim holds a vampire rally.

Gathering all her household, she started some kind of assembly. Well it is useful to exchange information periodically to avoid being found out by the government, nothing suspicious going on here.

Hmm, if I really had to say, the fact that they keep beating Jayjay up concerns me a little bit. But his personality is good to the extent that it is a (bad) joke in itself. I can understand why Edim can’t help but want to hit him.

08:30 – Edim’s workout begins

Edim gets in the gravity room D – The twenty times (pfft) gravity room was it? She ran through a training routine, performing a few push ups and abdominal exercises without a word.

The whole thing is a complete joke – I’d like to retort, but I don’t even know where to begin. In the end, I still feel dubious.

However, to Edim that wishes to live like a human, it must look totally normal. These days, training is the new trend among the Evil God Army. She probably just doesn’t want to be the odd one out.

Now that I think of it, Edim has got her very own iron dumbbell. It was Timu that made them for her if I recall correctly?

A vampire’s dedicated dumbbells. Shouldn’t it be around 200 kilos? Well that looks dangerous so let’s never touch it.

09:00 – Edim’s workout ends

Putting aside the dumbbells, she gets her breath back. You worked well Edim. I got tired just by watching you. Let’s release some tension with deep breaths. Ahhh~

Oh-oh that won’t do.

I almost let myself get too relaxed. That was a close one. Well I actually already got caught just a while ago when I was monitoring her training. I succeeded in cooking something up on the spur of the moment but that was a close call really. I’ve got to put myself together. Let’s resume Edim’s monitoring.

What!? Hey, she’s not out yet! It looks like even after finishing her training routine, instead of leaving the room she is now getting fired up for another round?

What motivation… It looks like she is going all out.

A vampire’s special moves – I always wanted to see that. I’m getting all excited; let’s see how it goes.

A moment later, blood splurged out Edim’s blade, scattering in all directions.

Wh-What the hell is that mooooove! Self-Destruct?! Screw that! What am I doing? Now’s not the time to be enraptured- Edim is going to die from exsanguination!

Putting on hold Operation Monitoring, I ran up to her.

“Edim, a-are you okay? Ahh, ahh, wh-what should I do? There’s bl-blood everywhere, let’s call an – no let’s cast heali―”
“Lady Tilea, please calm down. There is nothing to worry about,” she replied coolly.

Asserting this, Edim quickly gets back on her feet. It looks like my fears proved groundless, and that the Unidentified Flying Blood just now was not an accident but Edim’s ultimate attack.

She tried using it during the Fiend Liquidation episode but had difficulties controlling its power and failed, she says. That’s why she was practicing to not repeat the same blunder once again.

Ha-ha, what a fierce ultimate attack. Edim said “it is still imperfect” but can’t she easily annihilate an entire troop of the kingdom’s regular army with that, I wonder.

That being said, I cautioned Edim not to throw that at people without thinking twice about it and sternly reminded her to never use that in front of Timu.

Well she assured me that she ‘Will never do such rude a thing’ so I guess it should be fine.

10:00 – Edim attends the Evil God Army’s war council.

Today’s topic for discussion is war. They are talking about something like sending troops to the Manafint Confederation- They really like that kind of thing don’t they.

Everyone is busting about but the one who holds the meeting’s initiative is Dryas. Harmonizing everyone’s ideas, he keeps talking about things like military logistics and troop disposition. That’s some authentic, high level content.

As I’m really focused on my mission of monitoring Edim right now, what they are saying doesn’t reach my ears. Well, even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have understood a bit of it anyways. Too high level. I mean I feel like we could write a new military classic just by copying down what Dryas is saying.

In contrast to Dryas’ great speech, Orty does nothing but complain about everything. Like usual. He will probably get reprimanded by Timu in a bit, and the meeting will end.

And like I thought, he just got scolded by Timu, and the meeting ended, leaving Orty once again with teary eyes. Let’s talk to him later, the poor thing. I mean if I don’t take care of his little heart he’ll be pushed into depression in no time.

Anyways, let’s consider how Edim behaved during today’s meeting.

As quiet as a lamb, she did not express herself even once, just answering questions when asked. Hmm, how should I interpret this… Is she putting on an air of lamby innocence? Or is she just excluded because she doesn’t fit in yet?

If it’s the latter I can help her. But what if it is the former?…


Oh? Is someone calling for me?

“Elder sister!”

Crap. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize Timu was talking to me.

“The war council is over, but is there anything you wish to say?”
“I told you before the meeting started, right? That you should proceed as if I wasn’t there.”

Ah, wait a second. That’s a good opportunity. I suppose I should ask everyone now after a fashion. I want to know how Edim acts during meetings when I’m not there. I mean Mühen is here too, Edim won’t do anything weird, probably.

Well, it’s just, just in case you know, she won’t do anything weird right?

“Can I ask you something?”
“Yes, whatever it may be,” Timu answered respectfully.
“Well, it’s just out of curiosity so no need to think too much about it but…”
“What is it?”
“Is Edim always like that during meetings?”
“Eeeeek! D-Did I do so-something wrong!? …”

What? Hey, she is really shaken right now isn’t she. Don’t tell me, is she hiding something? Ah, calming her down comes first guess.

“No, really, don’t think too much about it, okay? Just, you looked really meek, you know? I just wondered why.”
“I-I am terribly sorry! I only thought that it would be unbecoming of me to…”
“What are you saying, I’m not blaming you. It’s not that important, since you’re participating in the meeting, might as well, you know, it’s not interesting if you don’t say anything, no?”

Edim shrank in fear all the more.

Aah, what does that mean? Is it because her secret got out? No, no way, it doesn’t feel like that. I mean I just asked her a question.

“Edim, your lack of motivation is being blamed by our lady!”
“I-I am deeply sorry!”

And now everyone starts censuring her, calling her names and abusing her…

What are you doing you guys… Taking a bullish attitude towards a vampire… I mean even if you gang up on her she could win easily you know. And here you are treating her like, oh a little girl~. Well that being said I didn’t take her seriously either up until now.

“How do you dare embarrass elder sister like that, you useless kin!” bellowed Timu, making her prostate while stepping violently on her face.

Waaah-! Timu, what are you doing! What do we do if she snaps!

Timu has always been looking down on her, but if you really think about it, isn’t that like playing with a time bomb! What if Edim was seething inwardly the whole time? What if she was doing her best and enduring everything in order to live peacefully with humans? Or what if she bears the unbearable to not compromise her mission as a spy?

I suddenly got really worried about that attitude of Timu that I had been tolerating the whole time.

“Timu, stop right now!” I shouted, running up to her before she committed an act from which there is no going back.

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