Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles

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No Image Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles (異世界建国記) is a Japanese Web Novel written by Passing Villagers (通りすがりの村人) and translated by traveller2694. It is ongoing with 187 Chapters.

Category: Action, Fantasy, Harem, Romance

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A protagonist reborn in another world.
Apparently, he had been reincarnated as an abandoned child.
Before his eyes were abandoned children like him.
In order to survive, he led them into farming.
Little by little, orphans gathered, and upon hearing rumors of a village, others began to migrate.
The group that had been nothing but children had become a village before anyone realized.
And then various countries in the surroundings started to have an eye on it…
This is the epic tale of the man who would later be known as the Divine Emperor.
The story of a dude reincarnated in another world.
Orphan Leader ⇒ Village Chief ⇒ Head of a Great Clan ⇒ King of a Nation ⇒ Emperor
A management-type fantasy story set in a world in its early days.

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