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Chapter 7 – Encounter

 「And that’s what happened」
 「It must have been difficult. But there is no reason to worry about. Since it’s not only humans who kill their own species. Moreover, the life of an ant and a human are the same. You will not have to worry too much if you think it’s the same as eating a meal, isn’t that right?」
 「I understand what you mean, but… Humans can’t be classified so easily」

Of course, it’s not like I feel sorry for that man, I do not think about that at all. I do not regret having killed him.
If the same thing happened, the result would be the same.

However, I feel an indescribable discomfort.
It must be the gift of having received a moral education.

 「Umu. You’re fine like this. If after having killed you would not have had any kind of discomfort, you’d be a abnormal. A child raised by an abnormal would become an abnormal. However, don’t waver. Because it would be pointless」
The Griffon snorted as he said that.

 「By the way, you only came to report such a thing?」
 「No, there is something…. Something I want you to see」
I showed him the branch of the tree that I brought.
It is a branch of tree as fat as the arm of an adult.

I broke it in front of the Griffon’s eyes.

 「And what about that?」
 「No, no, this is obviously strange. In what world is there a ten-year-old boy with such strength!!」
 「Is that so? But this one has seen a clan composed of only humans capables of knocking down trees with only one arm」
 「Absolutely it can’t be a human, that」
Are not you confusing them with orcs or trolls?
Not that I know if there are such races in this world.

 「Hmm, be relieved. Those fellows have already left this land for more than three hundred years ago. It seems that some of them went north, and others to the east」
 「Now I can be relieved」
If these fellows appear, then no matter how much I think, I do not feel like I could beat them even if I muster all my courage.

 「So, you came to show off your marvelous strength?」
 「No, it’s not like that. I have come to ask why I have obtained this superhuman strength」
Just a moment ago, I was a normal ten year old child.
But recently I have obtained this superhuman strength.
Now that I think about it, I have this uncomfortable feeling that was growing little by little since when we went to trade iron swords for iron farming tools… or so I felt.

But I feel like it suddenly changed after I woke up.

And that is the reason why I came to visit this Griffon who has lived for more than thousands of years, since it may know something about this strange ocurrence.

 「It’s your body, isn’t it? If you don’t understand, how do you expect me to? But if I have to guess the answer, I’d say it’s a blessing. Since ancient times, any strange incident that happened were attributed to blessings」
Any strange incident… That’s a suitable definition of a blessing.

 「You’re a lost person, right? So it’s only natural that you at least have one blessing. All the lost people I’ve known so far, they all had a blessing. However, this is unexpected. I had thought that your power was going to be related to your soul since you were a reincarnated person… But it’s a physical strenght type, huh? So it should not be related to a blessing」
 「It’s not possible that I have more than one?」

Even though I still do not understand how rare they can be, the Griffon in front of me has a few. So it would not be unusual for me to have few too.

 「Holders of blessings are divided into two types. Either they have one, or they have several blessings. It’s very rare to see people with more than two or three. Excluding your superhuman strength, you are not aware of having another, isn’t that right? So your assumption is impossible」
My idea has been rejected.
I would hate to be grouped with those cheat-type ******** race, so everything is okay. Besides, the importance of making effort would be lost.
It’s not like I’m disappointed at all!

 「Did you finish saying everything you wanted?」
 「Yeah. Now I have to digest it. I will reflect about it alone」
I left behind the Griffon’s nest.


 「What I will say now is『Good morning』. You’ll say it without the 『Blessing of Language』」
Tetra frowns when I tried imitating what she said.

 「Your pronunciation is wrong. In the middle and at the end. Listen more attentively」
Tetra says good morning again in the language of this diferent world.
I say it once more as I pay more attention to the accent of the middle part and the end.

 「That tone. Repeat it one more time」 
 「『Good morning』『Good morning』」

Right now I’m learning the language of this other world.
Sometimes I forget that it is possible for me to have a conversation with Tetra using the 『Blessing of Language』.
In other words, I can not do anything if I do not have the blessing.
However, this blessing was only borrowed. This mean that it would be nothing strange to lose the ability to communicate.

Of course, it would be problematic to lose the ability at any time.
And this is why Tetra is teaching me.

And the reason for which Tetra was chosen was because she was the only one who has dominated the honorific, humble, and polite language.
Why is she able to use them? It’s a mystery.
But for now it is a mystery that is not worth worrying about.

This is quite difficult.
Since the pronunciation is not similar to Japanese or English, it is very difficult to progress.
Will I be able to speak the language after practicing it for a few years?
But even so, using that path did not work for me in English.

 「Hey leader, what are you doing?」
 「We are practicing the language」
I answered Ron’s question. Ron tilted his head in confusion.
It can’t be helped, so I explained about the 『Blessing of Language』 to Ron, and he nodded. Usually, you forget about such a setting. I understand those feelings.

 「Hey, Tetra. Can you teach me too?」
 「But you can talk normally, don’t you?」 
 「I’m bad with honorifics」
Ron scratched his head in shame.

 「To think that you are worried about such things. It will rain tomorrow…? It will be a good time for the newly planted turnips」
 「After all, I’m the subleader, right? So, I want to know how to use the words」
At the same time that Ron said that, an angry voice echoed.
 「Oi, the subleader is me!!」
It was Roswald.

 「What did you say!? You are the one who exposed the leader to a dangerous situation, isn’t it right?」
 「Shut up! If we talk about sword training, I’m stronger than you!」
 「You’re making a mistake. You can’t even defeat the leader」
 「Even so, I’m more capable than you. Right, nii-san?」
 「I’m the subleader, isn’t it right, leader?」

What’s up with them.
Is not it obvious that I can not decide who will be the subleader with just taking into account their swormanship skills? Rather, it would be too dangerous to appoint them as a sub leader.

 「Learn how to speak. The first one to learn will be the subleader」
After saying so, the two approached Tetra.
 「Teach us fast!!」
 「Wait a second. Right now, I’m in the middle of teaching how to speak to Almus」
As they saw them arguing, one by one, the children began to approach.

 「U-Um… I also want to be the subleader!」
 「Me too, me too!!」
Gram and Soyon insisted in a loud voice.

At the end, knowing that no one did anything all day long, it was decided to form a study group.

 「No, nothing」
In fact, this girl was the subleader…


It was that night.
I woke up feeling a discomfort in my face.

When I opened my eyes, several butterfly (Perhaps moths) were fluttering.
Moreover, one of them was emitting a green light. It was strange.

Seeing me waking up, the butterfly went fluttering towards the entrance of the pit house.
Feeling relieved, I closed my eyes.

Then, I began to feel a discomfort in my nose. When I opened my eyes, the butterfly’s eyes and mine met. And again, the butterfly went fluttering towards the house’s entrance.

At last, after the butterfly repeated it five times the same action I noticed.

 「Are you calling me?」

As if asserting it, the butterfly went out.

…It seems that it will not let me sleep if I do not follow it.
I attached the iron sword to my waist and then I followed the butterfly.


 「Until where on the earth will you make me follow you?」
An hour has passed since I started to follow the butterfly.
It was only the moonlight and the green light that butterfly’s scales emmited that showed me the way.

 「Wait a moment, I will mark the way」
Each time I advanced ten steps, I left a mark on a three with my sword. I do not think this butterfly is planning to make me a lost child, but… But there is a possibility that I will lose my way back.

After following it for a while, the trees stopped appearing.
In front of me in an open field, was a small lake.

The water of the lake was shining thanks to the light of the moon, and while it was surrounded by mystery, it also induced fear.

Suddenly, something on the opposite shore of the lake caught my eyes.
In that place was a little girl with puple-red hair.
She looked like she were asleep with her back on a three.

The butterfly that emitted green light approached her, stopping in the hair of the little girl.
At the same time the green light dissapeared, the little girl got up.

Her purple-red hair was illuminated by the moonlight.

His appearance was beautiful and mysterious.
It would not be a joke to say that she could be the goddess of the moon and the lake.

 「I am glad to meet you… I wonder if my greeting was okay. Griffon’s emmisary-sama」
The girl laughed in a mischievous way.


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