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Chapter 4 – Iron Farming Tools

At last, the self introduction was over.

Although all were abandoned in different ways, what each one has in common is that they were abandoned by their parents.

The birthplace of all of them is varied.
And it seems that it was only a few days ago that they started to get along. So I still have the opportunity to become familiar with them. It’s a relief, a relief.

The gender ratio is about fifty-fifty.
It seems that it is normal to prioritize abandoning women, but even so, they somehow ended up half and half.
Well, it doesn’t make sense to worry about something like that for the moment.

First let me introduce the five most important people of the place.

Ron-kun. 12 years old. The eldest. Taller than my current self. He’s a little aggressive but still has a sense of responsibility.

Soyon-chan. 12 years old. She came from the same village as Ron. Considerably cute. Surely Ron’s wife. Although she speaks politely to me, there is a big difference in her behavior compared to the other children and even Ron-kun. I felt lonely feeling this plain sense of distance.

Roswald-kun. 11 years old. Before I arrived, he was the number two. He is more oppressive than Ron-kun. It seems that he is not happy about me.

Tetra-chan. Ten years old. Taciturn. Basically she does not speak.

Gram-kun. Ten years old. Has a small build and is a coward.

These five people are the central figures of this group.

「I think we have no choice but to start farming」
I told the five people in front of me about my plan.
To be frank, there is no point in listening to the opinions of children, so it would be better if I start on my own.
Since I am someone who joined on the spur of the moment.
And of course, it was out of the question to let children under ten years old to join the conversation.

「But you know, isn’t making a field something absurdly difficult? What will we do?」
This was Ron’s opinion.
It’s just like he says.
In addition, an uncultivated land is terribly hard. Plus, certainly there will be vegetation growing, so cleaning that land will be a heavy labour.
The fatal point of this plan is that everyone here are children.
Moreover, those who would be able to help are no more than six children over the age of ten including me.
This plan is reckless.

But it is much better than doing nothing.

「It’s imposible I tell you. Let’s stop」
Roswald-kun stretched his legs while giving a half-hearted opinion.
He started to glare at me.
「Nothing good will come out of this even if we listen to what this guy says. Hey, you think the same, right? Tetra?」
「…On the other hand, we have no choice but to start cultivating if we want a stable source of food」
It seems that Tetra-chan agrees with what I have said.

「And you, Gram-kun?」
「Ah! No, I… don’t understand」
Gram-kun was the one with a hesitating appearance.
It’s natural to not understand. All children are like that.

「But how are we going to cultivate?」
「Let’s buy iron farming tools. I think it will be easier if we have tools」
「Buy? What it’s buy?」
Ah… Could it be that they don’t have a currency system? I used the wrong word.

「It means that we will use bartering」
「Whatever we had to trade by tools went to our bellies a long time ago. I’m not an idiot」
Roswald-kun said. A harsh comment. Oi, perhaps you don’t know that those who say idiot are the real idiots.

「We have something to exchange. But unfortunately you can’t eat it」
Reacting to my words, the five tilt their heads in confusion. How cute.

「Oi, I have brought it」
Griffon’s voice enters my ears. Seems to have brought what I asked for.

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「Thank you. If we have this we can manage ourselves in some way or another」
I receive a large amount of swords and spears from the Griffon. 70 percent of them are made from iron, and the other 30 percent is made of bronze.

All these weapons belonged to the brave warriors who came to defeat the Griffon. Since all these weapons belonged to experts and although they have become rusty, they are still quality metals.

「It’s not something you should worry about. Since these tusks and nails are not necessary for this one. They don’t return to earth so easily, and they stink. They were already starting to bother me. Dispose of them quickly. Then, there is still a huge amount to bring so I will be going」
The Griffon flew away as it said so.
The sense of value of a human differs greatly from a beast.

「We-we are going to start a war?」
I deny the remark of Gram-kun. Or should I say that Gran-kun’s way of thinking is very extreme?
And yet he was shrinking from fear.

「It’s correct that weapons are powerful, but it’s impossible for a child to beat an adult. Don’t think that a child could beat an unarmed adult even if this one has a weapon」
It is obvious who would win between a child and an adult. I would never do something so reckless. Even if I’m about to starve.

「Will we exchange that by farming tools?」
「That’s right. Tetra-chan!」
When I was about to pat Tetra’s head, she evade me. This onii-san is very sad.

「Wouldn’t it be better to change them for food?」
Tetra-chan answers the question of Ron-kun.
「If we buy food, everything ends there. We wouldn’t be able to secure food」
「Ah, you’re right」
Ron-kun backed away quickly. One of Ron-kun’s good points is being honest.

「Still, even if we have the tools, digging the soil it’s really something that is easy? It looks terribly hard」
Tetra-chan said.
「We will have to find a soft spot. At worst we will have to hire adults. Depending on the conditions besides telling them that we will give them a pair of iron swords, they surely will help us」
The key factor is the influence of the Griffon.
But making use of that would be the our last resort.

We also have the option to ask the Griffon itself for help.
It is also possible to use swords and food to extend our time limit.

For the moment, the plan to exchange weapons for farming tools has been settled.

No one objected.
They would only embarrass themselves if they objected without having thought of an alternative plan.

「The problem now is where we can exchange them… Is not there anyone who knows the geography of this place?」
I say as I stare at Ron-kun. Ron-kun shakes his head with a frightening speed.
「Imposible, imposible. I don’t know any towns in the surroundings. And you Soyon?」
「I’m sorry… I’m not aware either」

「Eh!? I… Um… I can’t say I don’t know but neither I can say that I know…」
「In other words you don’t know. Gram-kun?」
「I-I-I-I’m sorry…」

Well, it’s understandable. It is a culture where they do not even have a currency system. It is impossible for farmer’s children to know the outskirts of a village…

「And Tetra-chan?」
「I know」
As I supposed… Eh!?

「You know?」
「A little」
And so, Tetra began to talk about the surroundings of the forest.

It seems that this forest is called Romano.
To the east side of the forest is a country which is ruled by a king called Rosyth. To the northwest there is a large country which is ruled by a king called Gilbed. To the northwest there is large country ruled by a king called Dommergar. And still further to the east passing the countries governed by Gilbed and Dommergar there is a kingdom ruled by a king called Farlam.

「King Rosyth’s country it’s not so big. They don’t even have decent iron farming tools and have even fewer weapons made of iron. But I believe the countries governed by the kings Dommergar and Gilbed have iron farming tools since their countries are very large. Besides, they are in the midst of a war against Farlam’s country since they are experiencing food shortages」
「I understand. It means that now is our best opportunity. But it also means that if we don’t go right now, they will grind their farming tools to make them weapons. We are against time」

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But why is that you know so much? That’s what I wanted to ask but now is not the time. Besides, it is also rude to ask when we are not so intimate. It is better to wait until we get along.

「If I was an adult…」
Tetra-chan said as she looked at me.
「If they steal our weapons, what are we going to do?」

Well, they are right. No adult would talk seriously to a child. Let’s not talk about peaceful times, but now that they are at war. Still less. Besides, for them to win the war is also very important but at the same time it is equally important to them to worry about the crop next year. They will not give us the tools so easily.

「Don’t be worried. I’ve seriously thought about it. We’ll use this fellow」
I show them the big feathers. The beautiful and bright golden feathers.
「T-Those are from Griffon-sama?」
Gram’s voice was shaking.
「Y-You stole them!」
Roswald gave a great shout.
To say I resorted to stealing them, how rude. I just picked up what fell and nothing more.

「What do you plan to do with those?」
While tilting her head a little, Soyon asked. Soyon is the most obedient and cute.
「If we show them this as we speak to them, then there would be no problem in telling them “We are the Griffon’s messengers!!”. Right? 」
「But will not a divine punishment descend upon us?」
Ron asked with a worried face.
Certainly it is imposing but Griffon is not a God. So there is no way a divine punishment would fall upon us. Or at least that’s what I think.
But it seems that children are all different. Excluding Tetra-chan everyone has a worried face.
It was my fault to assume that our sense of values were the same.

「I asked for permission」
By saying this, the four children show a expression of relief.
It is true that the Griffon is scary, but it is not an existence to fear to such an extent.
After all, he took charge of this and that.

「Now that it’s all settled, let’s go. For now we will exchange the ten iron swords and the six bronze swords that are in this place. Since if we exchange all, we’ll not be able to solve any problem when the time comes」
For now this is enough to exchange.
What we need most at the moment are farming tools, but still there are other necessary things.

「It’s dangerous that we all go. Someone who wants to join me!」
On saying that, Gram and Roswald, both raised their hands.

「Good, let’s go! Tetra-chan」
I grabbed the Tetra-chan’s hand. Tetra-chan looks at me confused.
「I didn’t raise my hand」
「What are you saying? There is no one who knows the geography of this place apart from you. So you’re bound to join!」
After I said so, Tetra gave a big sigh.


「And for this reason we want to exchange」
Upon hearing my words, the village’s chief looked at us with suspicion.
It is normal, if suddenly someone appeared naming themselves being the Griffon’s messengers and wishing to exchange swords of iron and bronze for farming tools, anybody would distrust.
I understand your feelings.

The village chief alternated his gaze between our weapons and Griffon’s feathers.
He seems to be troubled.

「Chief! I brought the blacksmith!」
A pair came running.
And one of the two began to carefully investigate the weapons we have brought.
Surely the person called blacksmith has the color of the surprise on his face.
These swords are from people who thought they could defeat the Griffon. All these swords remain famous despite rusting.
You are trading these by farming tools you know? A cheap exchange you know?

「What do you want?」
「Let me think. Ten hoes. Three axes. And I think I will take eight sickles」
Although we call them iron farming tools, it is only at the tip where the steel is used. In addition, all steel swords excluding bronze swords were are all made of steel.
The truth is that if I wanted I could have demanded more, but in this side we are all children.
For now it is better to ask less.

Despite having been suspicious, the village chief finally decided to let us exchange.

Surely it is a good exchange for them since if the war gets worse, they would have to melt all their farming tools for weapons. This is, especially good for them.

We insinuate that we may come again in the future and then we left.


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