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Chapter 2 – Griffon

A phenomenon in fiction that has a high probability of occurring when hit by a truck.
Fiction, in other words, a made-up story. If I must be frank these are stories that can not happen in reality.

Therefore, being a lie, something like reincarnation cannot happen in the reality.
That’s right, it should be something impossible.

「This is a dream. Right. This is just a dream. Surely when I wake up I will be in bed in a hospital, or, on the contrary, the mere act of being run over a truck must the dream itself. That must be. It’s not possible for a human to die so easily」
I lay on the ground while thinking about it.
The night sky is covered with countless stars and a huge moon.
It’s so beautiful~for a dream!

I close my eyes.
Believing that everything will be a dream when I wake up.

As expected, this was the reality!

Seeing my face reflected on the shining surface of the water under the morning sun, I despair.
What is this?
What do you say I did to deserve this!

「Although I must say that my face is not bad at all」
I look at the boy reflected in front of meーI look at my face.

Although the body is skinny and dirty like a stray dog, every part of the body is pretty good.
The skin color of this body is the so called olive color.

「Well, what happened happened…」
I have no other choice but to start gathering the basic needs.
Afterwards I need to gather information, and return to Japan if it is possible to. If it is impossible then I will settle down in this world.

For now let’s go with that plan in mind.

Then what I have to do now is…

「Is start by filling my stomach」

So I stood up.

I started looking for something in the forest.
Yesterday I thought that it was only a forest full of giants trees but now I have noticed.
I only saw them big because I had shrunk. In reality, it was exaggerated to call them big.

「At any rate, there is nothing. In this forest」
There was not any kind of nuts or fruits at all.
Although there were several kinds of edible herbs growing, I restrained myself since I did not want to die.

Judging by the temperature of my body, the season should be summer?
There must be something to eat and more if it is summer. Surely the way I’m searching must be wrong.
In first place, I have no shred of knowledge about wild grasses. And what’s more, assuming it’s another world, less.
First of all, it is a mystery if the vegetation is the same as that of the earth or not.

「In the end I have no choice but to eat insects…?」
I observe the line of ants in front of me.

I was able to regain a little of my strength last night thanks to the centipede, so I do not need to eat something right away.
However, this is a body that already lacked nutrients from before.
So if I over effort my body, there is a possibility that tomorrow I would not be able to move.

If only I knew how to lit a fire.
So whether it’s a spider, ant or a scorpion, I could roast and eat them without worry.
But hey, yesterday I ate it raw while it was moving.

I wonder how one can start a fire?
I only know that if you rub wood with wood the friction will cause a fire, but…
But that itself is a mystery to me, besides I can not find a suitable wood.
I feel like it would not be good plan to spend time and effort on things I can not do.

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It would be much better to look for a human habitat.

「Oi, that child of man. This is my territory. Leave at once」

I was called by someone from behind.
The voice sounded arrogant but without a doubt it has to come from a person.
Heaven has not abandoned me!!

「Truthfully, I’m lost…」

When I turned around, there was a monster in front of me.

With a face and upper half of the body of a falcon, and huge wings.
And the lower half of the body of a four footed animalーーOf a lion.

It was a Griffon.

It seems that heaven has abandoned me.

「Um, I have a bad taste! I’m just skin and bones. I even ate a centipede yesterday. I-It would be better if you didn’t eat me」
I began to recede.
After going through all the trouble of reincarnation, why I should be eaten!

「This one is picky with the food. Who in their right mind could eat something like you? Perhaps you’re ridiculing me?」
「N-Never in the least I thought about doing something absurd like that. Ahahahaha. In fact, I’m about to leave. Good bye~」

I started running at full speed. It seems that he does not want to eat me, just drive me out. Then, I only have to run away. Whether this is the territory of this person(?) or not, I do not have the slightest intention of invading it.


The sound of wings fluttering enters my ears.
The dust flutters, I instinctively close my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, the Griffon was in front of me.
Moreover, with hair bristling as if he were angry.

「Didn’t I say that from here and forwards it’s this one’s territory? The interior of the forest is also part of my territory, people cannot enter and leave as they please. That was the pact if I’m not mistaken. Or it’s as I supposed, you wanted to steal food from this one’s territory?」
「I’m sorry. I went in the wrong direction. To think that your territory expands also by this direction…」
「Don’t spit lies! It’s not the pact that I made with you passed generation after generation!? Even little children know about it!」

Even if you tell me that, what I don’t know I don’t know.
Despite having a magnificent appearance, for this beast to be hot-tempered, surely it’s regrettable.

「Tell me a more believable excuse. And I may let you live」
The Griffon stared at me after saying that. Chills run all over my body.
This fellow intends to kill me. For the sole reason of me being an eyesore.

I have no choice but to explain.

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「Um… To tell the truth, I have reincarnated」
「Huh? I don’t understand what are you…」
Griffon’s face changes. Its eyes began to shine. Surely I will die.

「You know, what I’m saying is… When I wake up I found myself in a forest, and I became an unknown child. It’s the true, please believe me」
I prostrated myself and started begging. Forgive me for not wanting to die a second time after having reincarnated.

It may be that my desperate begging was effective since I felt like the Griffon’s thirst for blood weakened a little.
The Griffon’s eyes glowed red.
「You… are a lost one? Indeed. Then it’s impossible for you to know. I’m sorry」

The Griffon’s thirst for blood faded completely.
Although I don’t understand what happened, it seems that it understood me.

「You are pitiful too. To be sent from your hometown to this kind of place. Hmmm, it can’t be helped. It will be your responsibility to be liked by the children. If you want to curse someone curse yourself」

I don’t understand very well but it seems that it knows something about reincarnation.

「Um… What is a lost person?」
「It means that someone has come from a different world」
「Not that they were reborn again?」
The Griffon tils its head as if it did not understand what I said.

At present, I explain what is happening to my body. The Griffon groans.
「U-mu, I don’t know. I never heard a phenomenon like that. None of the lost people I’ve met hundred of years ago have said they were reincarnated… Hmm, maybe something like that can happen too?」
「To begin with, the phenomenon called lost people exists. There is nothing strange that something like reincarnation could exist if you think about the lost people」
Although I still don’t understand, it seems that the Griffon convinced himself.
Even so, I can not accept it at all.

But well, now it’s no use worrying about such a thing. I’ll have to find out step by step.
「By the way, in your explanation of before you said something like you have the mind of an adult, it is that right?」
「Yes, that’s right. But now I have this body. What about that?」
The Griffon smiled at my question… Or so it looked.

「In exchange for turning a blind eye, I want you to take care of a job」


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