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Chapter 94 – Takamagahara’s Celestial Maiden

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3491 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1852 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The ten thousand black armored troops looked up at the sky in disbelief. To think that the court dressed Lord Chief Advisor was actually wearing such a revealing and sexy Celestial Maiden’s Divine Raiment underneath.

Fujiwara no Ayaka stepped lightly on the white lotus and swayed lightly, the sweat on her body forming stardust. She was surrounded by darkness, but at this moment her Illusionary Realm was overwhelming, deeply piercing the darkness.

Her misty moonlit skin mesmerized everyone, even Shenzu could not help but desire her, an enemy.

“What, what is this? She has the demeanor of a noble goddess, but her clothes are so obscene… but she’s really beautiful…”

Only Minamoto no Yoritomo seemed unmoved, the dark eyes beneath the mask seemed to have long seen through everything. The tentacles couldn’t harm Ayaka so he merged with the dark clouds again and instantly attacked.

Ayaka had condensed multiple ancient silver guardian spirits in her realm and their power had increased significantly! Each silver guardian was comparable to the lowest ranked big dipper expert! But Yoritomo far surpassed the early stage big dipper realm, he charged and fiercely slashed through the guardians beheading them all!

Standing on a white lotus with Izumomaru in her hand, Ayaka met Yoritomo’s charge! In the skies, eye-watering flashes appeared as Izumomaru gathered the power of the galaxy and slashed out. Each blade aura carried with it the power of the unfathomable union between the way of seduction and the way of the galaxy!

For the moment, the mighty Yoritomo was suppressed and beaten by Ayaka!

Ayaka’s blade aura looked both ethereal and beautiful, but were in fact unpredictable and extremely sharp. Yoritomo used his dark tachi to defend but was getting constantly injured by the soft and elegant silver blade aura. A series of blade marks was left upon his armor and the shockwaves blasted black blood out of his huge body!

But he had the demon god physique, these blows could not harm his foundation!

Humankind’s top powerhouse actually ended up evenly matched against Ayaka! Her hidden way of seduction was in no way weaker than her way of galaxy. When the two paths combined, the power exceeded all expectations!

Only after fully comprehending the seductive intent could one reach the true intent of seduction, and fully comprehending the true intent of seduction is the path of seduction! A heavenly path!

The path of seduction required one to condense and radiate the power of charm to the limit, but Ayaka felt this was too shameful, so her mastery over the path of seduction was unknown. In truth, the only person who had seen this would be Lily in that black dream.

The battle became a truly evenly matched fight! Neither could gain an advantage as they matched their spirit powers and treasures!

Ayaka was a genius of the Fujiwara clan, though she had been abandoned by the clan now, the number of treasures she had accumulated were not a small number, to use them in a battle against Yoritomo was worth it! For Ayaka, defeat would be worse than death so she did not hesitate to use the treasures, however Yoritomo did not want to use all the treasures he had accumulated and was hesitant, and therefore passive!

In such a high level battle, no matter which side was the victor, both would have to pay a tremendous price. As he was reluctant to use treasures, Yoritomo suddenly gave an order!

“Rokuhara army, Genji army! Formation! Attack Fujiwara no Ayaka!”

As soon as this order came out, some ordinary Genji troops in the Imperial guard were taken aback. In a one-on-one battle, to suddenly use a formation formed from ten thousand troops? Where was the chivalry in this?

However the Rokuhara army commanded by Shenzu and the Genji elite troops did not hesitate. They lined up one after another and formed one hundred men formations and began to unleash an overwhelming crowd attack against Ayaka while Yoritomo occupied her attention.

“B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲! Minamoto no Yoritomo, you consider yourself the leader of samurai?”
“Though I am the head of a samurai family, I must first consider the world. To take down a rebel like you with the least cost is the right path! If I’m seriously injured how can I defend the imperial court? Defend the common people of the world?”
“Do you not know shame? Someone like you dares to utter such words?”

She had to dodge and resist the overwhelming combination attacks of hundreds of formations while being wary of the danger that Yoritomo presented. No matter how strong she was, she was overwhelmed.

As she fought against Yoritomo, many formation attacks landed on her, exploding out with thunderous spirit power. Though her defenses were powerful, it still consumed a great amount of her spirit power and the repeated blows left injuries upon her.

Yoritomo saw an opportunity, blocking her blade, he launched a heavy kick at her. A white lotus appeared in front of Ayaka and barely blocked the kick, but it still launched her far away.

The countless formations continued to target her, however, causing multiple explosions!

“Lady Ayaka!”

Murasaki and the black clad old man led the mikos into battle but were blocked by Shenzu and several hundred troops and fell into battle. The mesmerizing aura around Ayaka defended against the constant barrage but she was left panting.

If this continued, she would be exhausted before Yoritomo1!

She looked down at the thousands of troops in silence. Jumping high into the skies, she stepped onto a lotus and started to perform the dance of the celestial maiden. Ribbons waved around her form and several wind chimes appeared on the branch she was holding, the chimes charming the world.

Both the Rokuhara army and Genji army ceased attacking, staring blankly at the celestial maiden in the sky.

Ayaka was drenched with sweat, but she continued to dance solemnly in the skies. The branch swayed with her movement, releasing droplets of liquid that turned into a light drizzle, raining down on the Genji army.

The black armored troops were drenched in the drizzle that emitted a scent that charmed the soul. In a disarray, they proceed to break ranks and rush towards Ayaka, but she was in the sky. Denied what they desired, they trampled over each other and started killing each other!

Shenzu stared in shock and tried to stop them, regardless of what she did, it was ineffective!

“Fujiwara no Ayaka! You claim to be a loyal minister, however, you’re nothing but a seductive witch!” Yoritomo coated by monstrous black clouds of souls rushed at her, trying to stop her from dancing, but she was like a mirage, ethereal and untouchable, dancing without emotion while the slaughter on the ground continued!

Yoritomo was extremely fast and only missed Ayaka by a hair, but was evaded while she continued to dance this bewitching celestial dance! And suddenly a black tentacle caught Ayaka’s foot, and as her figure flickered, Yoritomo’s long sword had already slashed down!

Clang!!! She blocked with Izumomaru, yet the powerful impact made her hand bleed! Suddenly, the branch in her hand turned into a long crystalline long sword with snow lotus like patterns, within the patterns flowed translucent charming intent.

Slash! The long sword slashed into Yoritomo’s shoulder and endless black blood gushed out! Though this wound was serious, Yoritomo’s body was gigantic so it did not injure his foundations! The problem was that while his blow was powerful and pressured Ayaka, his opponent had directly blocked his blow, and down below the army was still under the influence of the drizzle and in chaos. It was impossible for them to reform ranks and aid in the battle.


The lotus under Ayaka’s feet bloomed in full! The black clouds surrounding Yoritomo formed of fallen souls and black mud spread over the skies and covered the sun! The two combatants utilized their full powers and clashed head on! The world trembled, the winds raged! Neither could afford to take a step back! Whoever hesitated would completely lose!

Unexpectedly… a shadow streaking through the skies smashed directly into Ayaka.


The blow was beyond powerful! Just in terms of strength, it was above Yoritomo’s long sword!!! This incomparably heavy golden rod smashed directly into the back of the unsuspecting Ayaka.

“Ah—!!!” She let out a tragic cry before falling down powerlessly in the sky.

Behind her, below the rolling black clouds a bulky ghost-like figure wearing an ancient taoist robe flew, on his back was two great black crow wings flapping and his face was covered by a scary red tengu mask.

The heavy gold rod in his hand emanated a powerful aura, just a glance was enough to tell just how heavy it was!

“Arch-Demon2!!!” Seeing this existence, a shocking idea appeared in Shenzu’s mind! She couldn’t help but become worried!

Powerless, Ayaka landed in the Chief Advisor’s mansion.

“Lady Ayaka!” Murasaki rushed desperately into the mansion.

Black clouds completely enveloped the skies.

“You have finally arrived, Daitengu.”
“Ahahahahaha, Minamoto no Yoritomo, this old monk has arrived late, you’ve worked hard! Kehehehehehe—”

The ancient laughter was creepy and high pitched.

“That’s not so, you arrived just on time, wahahaha.” Yoritomo’s shoulder bubbled with black clouds before healing.

Daitengu looked down on the fallen form of his enemy and lamented, “Miss Fujiwara no Ayaka is indeed the foremost genius of the Heian dynasty. So difficult to deal with at her young age, if she had another hundred years, I think neither of us would be her opponent.”

“She rebelled against the heavens, no matter her talent, this fate is fitting.”

“Let us not talk here, she is not dead yet but she should be powerless to resist arrest, should we not capture her first?”

“Ah, that’s right.” Yoritomo watched while Daitengu kept his eyes locked on Ayaka’s fallen form before sneering, “How about you handle this?”

“Ah? Ahahahaha! Since the shogun has offered, then this old monk shall work hard…” Daitengu stretched out his hand. Ring shaped ripples shot out at Ayaka, this was a technique to capture enemies. However, when the ripples had traveled halfway to Ayaka, a force came from somewhere and destroyed his technique before forming into ripples within the air and scattering. It seemed to be an invisible protective field covering the huge chief advisor’s mansion.

“What!?” Daitengu and Yoritomo were both shocked.

A misty moonlight suddenly scattered from Ayaka’s body. The moonlight melted into the ground to form a series of runes, spreading throughout the entire mansion, forming an ancient complex formation.

In the back mountains of the mansion, a torii gate suddenly burned into charcoal and collapsed as an ancient ethereal power emanated from the mountains. Above the mansion, stars flickered and flashed before flowing and gathering into the phantom of a giant crystalline sacred relic.

This sacred relic that floated above the chief advisor’s mansion seemed to contain some law originating from the beginning of ancient times.

“Twelve Moon Phase Instrument???”

Daitengu and Yoritomo, peak entities among the humans and monsters, were both shocked!



  1. Huh…… I wonder. Earlier chapters say the armies had to form formations just to resist the shockwaves between Ayaka and Yoritomo… Now that she’s powered up any simple blow she throws down at them should murder them all. She should just start throwing everything at those formations, unless Yoritomo decides to become a living shield, the armies would be wiped out…
  2. Robinxen: They’re colluding this openly and nobody in the army is concerned?!?!
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