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Chapter 95 – Ayaka’s Will

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3350 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1668 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“It’s the Twelve Moon Phase Instrument?” Yoritomo’s voice turned serious, no matter how tenacious Ayaka was, if he cooperated with Daitengu, then she was bound to lose.

But that Twelve Moon Phase Instrument was something he had once studied to broaden his horizon. Though he had gained nothing, he acknowledged that this sacred relic was extraordinary, perhaps not as much as the Izumo’s goddess statue, but it was comparable to the Eight-sided Bodhisattva Statue or Four God Temple.

It was just that not only was this thing unbreakable and had endless power, it could also be used as a protective formation. If the real relic had come out, Yoritomo would immediately flee, they had no ability to destroy a sacred relic, but this thing was only a phantom, how much power could it possess?

Daitengu directly tested the barrier with a smash of his weapon! Cracks seemed to run throughout the transparent barrier.

“This is nothing! Let us destroy it!” The two utilized all their spirit power and eldritch aura and began to attack the barrier.

As the barrier was on the verge of being destroyed, streams of starlight suddenly converged on Ayaka, her eyes were closed but her body was supported by the starlight. The pooled starlight spread in all four directions forming antennas with shining crystals at the tip. The antennas connected with the phantom sacred relic and the stars gradually started to move in accordance to some ancient law, forming a whole.

Bzzt!!! A powerful invisible force repelled both Yoritomo and Daitengu and formed an invisible silver moonlight barrier over the mansion. The core of the shield was the phantom of the Twelve Moon Phase Instrument floating above the mansion.

Ayaka laid there supported by the starlight, her eyes closed, hair swaying and arms spread like a goddess guarding the world.

Ayaka might have been abandoned by the Fujiwara clan, but back when she was the rising star of the clan, they had entrusted her with the greatest treasures of the clan, the Twelve Moon Phase Instrument included. Ayaka’s talent in the lunar intent was mediocre, but after having access to the Sacred Relic, in terms of absolute perception, she still surpassed Lily. As for this formation, it was a secret passed through the generations of the Fujiwara clan. Ayaka had relied upon her superior talent in arcane artes and formations to set up this Twelve Phase Lunar Guard Formation.

In terms of formation talent, the only entity who surpassed her was probably Racoon Mita, add in the fact that this formation was an ancient formation contained within the Sacred Relic and the result was a formation far stronger than the one Shuten Doji had used to ambush Tamamo-no-Mae! Only this was a defensive formation and not an offensive one, an extremely overwhelmingly powerful defensive formation!

But the mystery was how Ayaka had activated the formation, she had taken a powerful attack in the back and was currently seriously injured and unconscious. Perhaps it was her indomitable will, that even unconscious, she would protect this place, guard the mansion and also guard her sacred and inviolable body…

“Fujiwara no Ayaka is awake? She still has power?” Daitengu was surprised, under the dim light, his crimson mask, that long nose, and wide eyes looked particularly terrifying.

“No, she hasn’t awoken… this woman is seriously injured and unconscious, but it seems that her spirit is still guarding this place, it really is… remarkable.” Yoritomo regarded Ayaka as someone he had to eradicate, but he couldn’t help but regard her with respect.

Yoritomo had worked together with Daitengu to attack this formation. The result was that even unguided, this extraordinary formation could defend against two top superpowers, if the top onmyoji was consciously controlling it then the defensive power would be multiple times higher!

Even unconscious, Ayaka was still able to activate and manipulate such an extraordinary formation! It was as though she had entered a state of reverie.

“She’s seriously injured, how long can she last? Yoritomo, let us combine powers and break this formation!”

The two cooperated and bombarded the formation continuously, the formation trembled but could not be breached. If there were cracks, then the starlight intertwined with Ayaka would absorb energy and operate the formation to fix the cracks.

Yoritomo and Daitengu wielded their weapons and attacked ferociously. For the moment, thunderous roars and quakes spread all over Heian-kyo. Large cracks appeared as the formation became more and more unstable, but the starlight accelerated the absorption of energy and other things, perhaps it was her life force or unyielding will, in short the formation operation accelerated to fill up any gaps.

Though the formation could resist the two supreme powerhouses, it could neither heal nor awaken Ayaka. Daitengu’s attack had been too ruthless and crippled her foundations!

Ayaka had never thought that another enemy comparable to Yoritomo would appear in Heian-kyo! At that moment, all her attention was focused on her life and death match with Yoritomo, the blow had injured her too seriously! As a result, her body had fallen into a coma, perhaps as a self protective measure…

Yoritomo and Daitengu continued to attack, their consumption was enormous too! If this continued, even if they broke through the great formation, they would have to pay a great price, and the result wasn’t certain. This wasn’t something these two supreme powerhouses were willing to see.

Although Ayaka was having her spirit power absorbed, she was in the middle of the great defensive formation. The main power of the formation was being generated by the phantom, so the spirit power consumption was far lower.

“Daitengu, continuing to attack isn’t going to work.”
“That’s right, Yoritomo, you and I still have great things to do!”
Minamoto gave an order, “Rokuhara army, heed my order!”

“Regroup the army, deploy the Anti-Demon Formation, take turns and continue to attack the great formation. There is no need to rush, this formation will not be easy to break, but blockade the mansion. No one is allowed to enter or exit!”

“Yes!” Shenzu answered and proceeded to reorganize the black armored army.

“Lord Shogun!” In the black armored army, a stern-faced young samurai stepped forward.
“Command the troops to blockade all nearby intersections, strictly inspect all who enter and exit Heian-kyo. You must not allow any news to leak!”
“Yes, Lord Shogun!”

“Juzaburo, go and invite the lords of the Fujiwara clan to the shogun’s palace.”

“……” Yoritomo looked down at the mansion and the surrounding wreckage and flames, “The situation here makes me feel that there isn’t enough manpower… Hopefully, they should arrive soon…”

The huge sedan flew over and Yoritomo walked on black clouds before sitting down on the chair.

“Daitengu, let us talk another day.” Yoritomo said before the great sedan flew away.

Daitengu looked within the array, though Ayaka looked asleep, she floated there within the starlight, it was an irresistible and picturesque scene. Unwillingly, he smashed down on the formation a few more times, but it was all useless!

“Fujiwara no Ayaka, no matter what you are already mine! I had thought Yoritomo would fight me for possession! But since he hasn’t, you will end up in my hands! Kehehehehehe—”

His black crow wings flapped and he departed into the great clouds surrounding the area.

Such a huge commotion and Heian-kyo had almost been destroyed, everyone knew something had happened, but not what. The racoons Yuuta and Rika had not dared get close to the area but they still peeked from distant rooftops.

With Tamamo-no-Mae absent, Yuuta was tasked with sending information of major events. Racoons weren’t powerful, but their observation and detection abilities were far superior.

“That, isn’t that Lady Ayaka?” Yuuta asked worriedly.

Although Yuuta hadn’t been watching since the beginning, he had still seen thousands of troops surrounding the mansion and the great battle between Ayaka and Yoritomo, along with the ambush by Daitengu. He had seen through the facts all too clearly!

“Rika! We must immediately return to Kiyoszawa! There are communication methods there!”
“Nn!” Rika usually liked to argue with Yuuta, but now was not the time for that and nodded.
“Also, we don’t know where sister Lily is, but we must try to notify her about Lady Ayaka’s emergency! She must not come back to Heian-kyo! That terrifying guy had injured Lady Ayaka to this point, if sister Lily comes back, she’ll die!”


Shogun’s Palace

The Fujiwara clan arrived quickly, among their numbers were some of the elders from the Izumo shrine. They arrived and acted as if they were Yoritomo’s subordinates.

“Lord Shogun.” An elder spoke up, “The Twelve Phase Lunar Guard Formation is recorded within the secret scrolls, but that Ayaka might have modified the formation. Though we can attempt to break the formation with some ancient methods, we do not know if we can succeed or how much time it will require.”

“So it’s like that.” Yoritomo had already changed back to a high hat and hunting clothes and looked like a serious general. He nodded, “Then I shall have to request that you investigate a bit. However much onmyoji or treasures are required, I shall provide.”

“Ahahaha!” The fat chancellor laughed, “My Fujiwara clan has plenty of treasures, there is no need for Lord Shogun to spend. We only need some powerful onmyoji, dharma masters and priests to help.”

“Mm.” Yoritomo nodded, “They shall be provided.”


At this moment within the Chief Advisor’s mansion, several hundred clans members had gathered, most injured. Murasaki had applied panacea1 on herself and looked at the floating Ayaka in worry.

Outside the mansion, the barrier continued to fluctuate from the continuous attacks, rippling in the air while the ground shook. Ayaka’s beautiful face was peaceful, her eyes shut, but she did not regain consciousness. No one knew what sort of will she was harboring to protect this world with.

Deep within the depths of Ayaka’s soul, in the darkness, a faint weak voice whispered, “Lily…”



  1. Robinxen: I was disappointed in both the translator and Silva for this. Translator had it as pancreas, close but not quite, Silva saw than and changed it to magic potion after concluding the translation was wrong. Alas, both of you were incorrect.
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