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Chapter 93 – Unrest within Heian

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3115 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1798 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Facing the incoming meteor, Yoritomo raised a hand and threw out a black talisman with ancient red runes. The cursed talisman instantly released endless black mud forming a depraved black beast with tentacles. The beast opened its mouth revealing crimson runes and swallowed the comet whole!

The comet exploded with terrifying energy and turned the beast into ash. The shockwaves uprooted many buildings, walls and sent the army flying several thousand miles leaving chaos and flying debris everywhere!

A top level battle at the realm of humanity’s peak was like an armageddon.

Thankfully this was the chief advisor’s mansion, in the area there was only the great chief advisor’s mansion and other huge buildings of Fujiwara dignitaries which all had a certain amount of defensive measures. Those people had fled when they saw the two peak powers of the Heian-dynasty confront each other.

As for the chief advisor’s mansion, there were a few important buildings protected by ancient formations, they would be protected from the shockwaves.

Fujiwara no Ayaka stood in the skies up high looking down at the huge demon-faced samurai with suspicion, “This Minamoto no Yoritomo really used his full power to strike. It looks like he truly plans on fighting it out, he’s powerful but against me there’s no guarantee of victory. If we both suffer injuries then the monsters will have an opportunity! What is he thinking? Minamoto no Yoritomo, what are you planning?”

But Yoritomo did not give Ayaka any space to think, he instantly attacked! The huge long sword in his hand condensed the power of darkness so much that even the surrounding light seemed to have been absorbed!

“Ha!!!” A full powered slash and a jet back blade of darkness turned into several huge dark dragons flying towards Ayaka!

Ayaka brought her five white lotuses to the front and blocked the dragon, as the two forces clashed the lotus flower petals shattered, spiritual light scattering, but the black dragons were also weakened.

Finally all five lotuses were torn apart and the remaining two black dragons flew towards Ayaka, but the bodies of the two dragons were unstable and continuously leaked black energy.

Ayaka held her lower belly, the five white lotuses were connected to her heart and soul, their destruction also caused some damage to her spirit palace. Clenching her teeth, she waved Izumomaru in a pattern and the starlight within the night sky slashed down and exterminated the two dragons.

She continued her pattern weaving high in the sky, her figure proud and ethereal, and the trajectory of Izumomaru’s weaving seemed to form a star studded milky way!

The stars flowed within the night sky, just like a true galaxy flowing through the skies!

At this moment, the entire world seemed to have come under Ayaka’s control, an area with a radius of several ten thousand miles, her breaths could be heard, and the ethereal and thoughtless killing intent could be felt from her soul!

“This…this is…” Even Shenzu, injured as she was, was dazed, “It’s a realm! Fujiwara no Ayaka’s legendary skill, Illusionary Realm!”

Although Ayaka was her enemy, Shenzu couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss. Even her teacher’s domain had not reached this level, this was a brand new level after mastering the domain to limit!

When Ayaka had fought Tamamo-no-Mae, though fierce, neither had gone all out. Today’s fight wasn’t a competition for a prize, but a real battle! The ability to use realm was one of the signs of a peak powerhouse, in truth, Shenzu knew that her teacher could not be compared to the two combatants in front of her.

The only way for her teacher to barely compete against one of them was to personally lead a Great Anti-Demon Formation formed with tens of thousands of Rokuhara elites. As for the Anti-Demon Formation she had commanded, it was far lacking in comparison to her teachers and was easily destroyed by Fujiwara no Ayaka.

“Although she is an enemy, Fujiwara no Ayaka is much younger than Minamoto no Yoritomo, I must admit that she is an amazing genius! Damn, why can’t I reach that level?” Shenzu cursed.

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Within the billowing black clouds that covered half the skies behind Yoritomo, pitch black armors and withered hands could be seen deep within the muddy clouds. The undead black armored warriors howled within the depths of the black clouds, and the countless broken black flags held by the undead radiated endless black aura!

That was Yoritomo’s realm, the Martial Phantasm Realm!

The two great realms enveloped the world, clashing over the control of the world. At this moment, the two were like gods, clashing over the right to control the world! Evenly matched!

In terms of power and comprehension over the realm, they were evenly matched!

Yoritomo summoned the souls of the ghost samurais who had sunk into the endless purgatory and sent them to attack Ayaka.

Although Ayaka’s Illusionary Realm could easily counter, she couldn’t help but feel that the pain and misery of the samurai souls were real. She could feel their ordinary and heroic lifes as well as their tragic and unwilling deaths. After death, they still couldn’t be saved and could only become tools for Yoritomo’s practice, they would be forever trapped within Yoritomo’s Martial Phantasm Realm!

If she had Lily’s memory, then perhaps at this moment she would find a few blurry yet familiar faces within the sea of howling undead.

Hojo Dijon, Daidouji Akira, Takeda Tsunenobu……

For Fujiwara no Ayaka who did not have much understanding of the eight provinces of Kanto, she would not understand at this time the real reason why Yoritomo, the Lord of Kamakura would restrict the practice of eastern warriors and prevent the spread of high level spirit energy practice methods throughout the Kanto region…

The samurai of Kanto have always been brave and good at fighting, they could be said to have the very essence of virtues! But then why were the Kanto kingdoms so weak? This required careful thought.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ayaka’s blade aura was like a thread, sliding through the skies and colliding with Yoritomo’s dark twisted howling undead power!

Earth shattering, soul-stirring!

It was like a duel between purity and filth, each side representing the extremes of the paths a human could walk upon! Both sides were of matching power!

Below, neither the battle mikos or the black armored troops had the time to fight, both sides had no choice but to form formations on the spot to resist the shockwaves of the battle above, any random shattered energy remnant could easily exterminate them all!

The entirety of Heian-kyo rumbled from the constant rolling thunder, countless streets and houses trembled and some collapsed as cracks in the earth opened up below. The disaster created from the battle spread throughout the civilian area as countless refugees fled in all directions.

From far away, in a desolate building, the ten meter tall vengeful spirit Sugawara no Michizane watched the battle.

“Humans… this is nothing more than destroying themselves1…”

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Ayaka and Yoritomo fought high up in the skies, neither side could gain a decisive advantage and it became a war of attrition!

Yoritomo’s long sword held down Ayaka’s Izumomaru as he struck with a palm. The palm pressure carried with it several mud-like phantoms and blurry screaming figures could be seen within.

Bam! This palm landed on Ayaka’s midriff, sending her tumbling through the air. She landed on a trickling stream, sending water flying before she gracefully swung her blade out horizontally, sending out a line of spirit light that sliced through the horizon.

Yoritomo’s body merged into the clouds formed from endless undead spirits, the blade energy dissipated within the cloud but caused endless tortured screaming.

Suddenly, a giant black hand of an undead soul stretched out from the clouds above and grabbed at Ayaka. She looked up and a crystalline tear fell from the corner of her eye, she caught the teardrop with the gohei and flung it up creating a wave of holy rain purifying the undead hand.

Boom! Yoritomo emerged from the black mud below and his large hand caught Ayaka’s feet and brutally flung her out.

Ayaka used the Illusionary Realm to halt herself midair, her entire body was coated with sweat, facing Yoritomo, she found herself gradually falling into a disadvantage.

“Ayaka, you are still too inexperienced!” Big black hand stretched at her from all directions. Ayaka continuously dodged, but one black hand was hard to deal with already and there were big black hands everywhere! She was unable to defend and took hit after hit!

Ayaka’s tall black hat was blown away and her white clothes were shredded. Gradually the Martial Phantasm Realm suppressed the Illusionary Realm and the world turned plunged into darkness.

“Ahahahahahaha!” Gloomy laughter echoed throughout the heavens and earth.

Ayaka was on one knee in mid air, panting uncontrollably, her hairdo in disarray and clothes torn.

“Submit! The imperial authority is absolute!”

The deep gloomy voice echoed as thick black tentacles flowing with the screams of the undead shot at Ayaka attempting to capture and restrain her!

“Minamoto no Yoritomo, even if I’m looked down upon by the entire world, I will still never admit defeat to you!” Her eyes suddenly became black, seductive and her starry pupils flickered.

Fujiwara no Ayaka was an arrogant woman, she was absolutely unwilling to allow others to see this side of her, but she knew it would be foolish to be captured for the sake of her image. Ayaka knew that now was not the time to consider how others viewed her, if she was captured then the humiliation she would suffer would be a thousand times, ten thousand times more humiliating!

In this pinnacle battle, there was only winners and losers! Victory was glory!

Ayaka was forced to go all out!

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Rip! Her conservative white dress tore itself apart revealing her slender arms and with a wave at the sky her fragrant sweat2 flew into the air turning into stars. Those stars contained the deep profound double understandings of the path of seduction and the path of galaxy, Ayaka’s power had been raised to a new height.

The stars drifted out, touched the numerous black tentacles and easily pierced through destroying the tentacles!

Ayaka stood barefooted on top of a blooming crystalline lotus, her beautiful body covered in a translucent Celestial Maiden Divine Raiment and had multiple crystal clear ribbons floating around her. The gohei in her hand had turned into a branch that looked ordinary, yet radiated star light.

She was dripping with fragrant sweat and releasing enough charm to seduce the world, the moonlight shone on her though the muddy clouds, and her silver moonlight clad form was like a dream!



  1. Robinxen: At least someone can recognise it, even if they’re an outsider of sorts.
  2. Yuki: Wow.. the author’s obsession with sweat is back.
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