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Chapter 34 – Women’s Sumo

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3115 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1575 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily followed Igarashi to a cave in a concealed mountain wall a hundred meters away from the army.

“Do you dare follow me in?” Igarashi asked.

“Hmph, why would I not dare?” It wasn’t that Lily had to compete against Igarashi, but she wanted to end the troubles. Since Igarashi proposed a contest instead of silently sabotaging her, she wasn’t that bad of a person.

Therefore, Lily wanted to resolve the hostility.

As the two entered the cave, Igarashi waved a hand, lighting up the torches lined up on the walls, illuminating the cave.

“So, how shall we compete?” The cave was relatively shallow, but big. The interior was a semi-circular shape, ten meters wide.

“At our level, if we fight, our losses will be too serious, no matter who wins, the other side will be greatly injured. When I said let us compete in the scholarly arts, naturally I didn’t mean poetry, chess or calligraphy. I, Igarashi Kaede, am unwilling to take such an advantage.”

Lily didn’t protest, there was no meaning to arguing about this, “Then, how shall we compete?”

“It’s simple, let us compete in sumo.”

“Sumo!??” Lily couldn’t understand as the image of two fat men pushing each other appeared in her mind. She and Igarashi were both slender females, how did sumo come into this?

“Don’t make that weird expression, I’m talking about women’s sumo.”

“Women’s sumo?” Lily really couldn’t imagine what that was.

“Get out of the way.” Igarashi ordered as she pulled out her naginata, drawing a circle on the ground, several meters in diameter.

“You and I will be in this circle. Only pulling, pushing, grabbing and throwing allowed1. Punches and kicks are forbidden, spirit power and secret arts are not allowed either, only our bodies are allowed. The one knocked out of the circle, completely down, or unable to move after being wrestled loses, best out of three, how about it?”

Lily now understood the general idea, “Ok.”
“Hmph, to think you agreed so easily.”
“The faster we finish the better, I still have things to do.”
“I think you won’t be that relaxed in a bit, let us change clothes then.”
“Change clothes?”
“That’s right, there is a uniform for women’s sumo, if you don’t have any I can lend it to you.”
“What sort of uniform?”

Igarashi activated her domain and a large maple leaf appeared in front before burning into a female figure.

“So, do you have this sort of clothes? If not, I’ll lend you one.”
Lily’s cheeks flamed up, “There’s no need, I have some.”
“As you please.”

Igarashi turned around, waved her hand and materialized a screen in front of her.

Lily thought, since you’ve used a screen, then I don’t need to, and directly started changing.

Lily put on a short white linen yukata top, the type specifically used for sacrifices. As for the bottom…she put on a white loincloth.

On the other side, Igarashi had changed into a light purple kimono and white loincloth.

In fact, both sides were embarrassed to be dressed like this, but this was a competition, inattention was not allowed.

Comparing the two, Lily was perfectly proportioned and had a youthful air, Igarashi was mature and radiated the allure of a woman.

“Right, you haven’t said the loss penalty.”
“The loser…has to let the winner punish them.”
“What sort of punishment?”
“Just like what happened to me that day!” Igarashi still trembled in fury at the memory of that day.
“Very well.”

The two walked into the circle, though it was called women’s sumo, there was no clear rule except no punching or kicking.

Igarashi and Lily were both powerful experts, naturally gifted in combat. The two circled each other, looking for openings.

Igarashi moved! Even without spirit power, her actions were fast, despite being a talented adept, Igarashi was also talented at physique training.

Whoosh! Igarashi grabbed at Lily’s clothes, but Lily dodged sideways while taking small steps back. However, the ring was not big and very quickly Igarashi had pushed Lily to the edge.

Exiting the ring meant losing.

Igarashi’s hand grasped Lily’s collar while her other grabbed Lily’s loincloth and just as she was about to fling Lily out, Lily also grabbed Igarashi’s clothes, they were at a standstill.

Although Lily had refined her physique with seductive intent, the time she had spent training was far shorter than Igarashi. In physical power they were closely matched, but Igarashi had a small advantage.

“Little girl, I’ll show you what power is!”

Igarashi fiercely pushed while Lily resisted, however Igarashi’s move was only a feint, borrowing Lily’s power, she pulled Lily in while one foot extended to destroy Lily’s footing.

Whack! Caught off guard, Lily was thrown out, but Lily kept her grip on Igarashi’s clothes, the force wrenching them open and revealing most of the curves beneath.

Just like that, Lily was thrown to the ground, but she had dragged Igarashi down with her.

Experienced in this, Igarashi followed up and continued to put pressure on her.

Spreading her legs, Igarashi straddled Lily’s waist, one hand pressing Lily’s shoulder, the other pressing down in between Lily’s chest.

“Ahahaha, how about that? Lost already haven’t you?” Igarashi panted proudly.

“Stop, where are you pressing?” Though Igarashi was a woman, Lily was very uncomfortable with having her chest pressed down. With a sudden flex of her waist, she attempted to throw Igarashi off but for some reason she didn’t want Igarashi to lose balance2, so her movement was unexpectedly soft. Taking advantage, Igarashi flipped around, captured one of Lily’s legs and pulled up.

“Ah——!” Lily let out a cry of pain.

“Give up! You b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!” Igarashi lifted one hand and spanked Lily’s snowy white rear.

“You, didn’t you say hitting wasn’t allowed?” Lily shouted, her cheeks aflame as she attempted to push off the ground.

However, Igarashi was experienced, keeping a hold on Lily’s leg, she shifted back and sat down on Lily’s head.

Keeping Lily firmly pressed onto the ground, she grabbed Lily’s loincloth and yanked hard.

“Nnhmm…” Completely unprepared, Lily’s protest came out coquettishly.

“Admit your loss! If not then I’ll tear off this cloth! Ahahahaha!”

“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲…this, this round, I lose.” The humiliation could be heard in her voice.

Hearing the surrender, Igarashi stood up and let go of Lily.

Standing up, Lily fixed her clothes and hair, her face flushed, looking humiliated.

She had underestimated women’s sumo, with the way Igarashi moved, she must have practiced many times before.

“So? You recovered yet?”

This round, Lily knew she must not lose. Best out of three, if she lost this one, then she would have to accept Igarashi’s punishment. With Igarashi’s temperament, she would be humiliated unscrupulously.

Learning from the last match, Lily prevented herself from being forced into the corner and then suddenly struck. Facing Igarashi, Lily suddenly pushed.

Unexpectedly, Igarashi also pushed, their hands clashing and grasped in midair.

Igarashi’s posture was aggressive and easy to exert force while Lily retained a more ladylike posture.

Lily seemed to be at a disadvantage when she suddenly turned her waist, pivoted one foot and pulled, flinging Igarashi out.

Not willing to be thrown, Igarashi grabbed onto Lily’s kimono.

Rip—! Lily’s top was torn wide open. Under the rules of women’s sumo, underwear wasn’t allowed. The resulting scene could be imagined.

However, this time Lily was the aggressor, despite having sent Igarashi to the ground, she was also pulled down.

After managing to pull Lily down, Igarashi cunningly attempted to roll onto Lily as they fell, but Lily was on guard. Lily would not allow Igarashi to use grappling techniques again. Spreading her legs to stabilize herself, Lily was able to resist Igarashi’s tug and control the fall, landing on top of Igarashi.

Feeling her sight go black, Igarashi could only smell a fragrance and felt a powerful force press her down.

Lily was straddling Igarashi’s neck, her snow white loincloth pressing down onto Igarashi’s nose.

Both Lily and Igarashi were red with embarrassment3.

Though embarrassed, if she let go now then she would be at a severe disadvantage. In the end, Lily cared more about the outcome. Forcing herself to ignore the strange breath, Lily pressed down, grabbed one of Igarashi’s arms and pressed her knees onto the other. Pulling hard on that one arm, Lily leaned back and twisted hard.

“Uughhh—” Igarashi groaned, distressed as sweat beaded her forehead.

“You, do you admit defeat!?” Lily panted from the exertion, her voice elated with pride.

Igarashi continued to resist, but the more she resisted the more embarrassed Lily felt. As a young maiden, this posture was really embarrassing. Speaking positively about it, it had suppressed the opponent, but from another point of view, wasn’t she being taken advantage of? But, she couldn’t think like that, this was a competition.

Finally, Igarashi couldn’t endure anymore, she nodded, admitting her defeat.

Lily let out a breath, releasing her.

After two rounds, both of them were dripping with sweat, but neither was willing to show any weakness.

The third round started.

Igarashi started by taunting, “What a young maiden, you taste pretty good! It makes me look forward to punishing you, I’ll take a closer look then. Didn’t you feel that I lost to you on purpose?”

Igarashi had clearly lost, but the way she made it sound like she had taken advantage of her made Lily upset.

“Hmph, say that after you win!”



  1. Robinxen: I thought the sumo title was a joke.
  2. Yuki: Seriously? Why? You’re in a competition…
    Silva: Oh, you know, Lily is a ***** girl and she likes being pressed down by Igarashi like so ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Yuki: Did they ever stop blushing?
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