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Chapter 33 – Four Fiendish Kings

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3081 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1663 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

At the rear of Mount Ooe, there was a vast abyss where the winds howled year round. It was said that if you jumped into this hole you would reach Yomi.

Shuten Doji stood at the entrance of the abyss, flame red hair flapping in the wind yet his sturdy and robust body stood motionless like a heavy mountain.

“Your Highness, do you really believe the words of that human sword miko?” Ibaraki asked from behind him.

At this moment:

Whoosh! Whooshh! Whooshh!

From the abyss appeared three figures.

“Yes, we are also confused. Why did your highness uncharacteristically spare that human woman?” A male figure commented, his voice sounded weird, as if it was out of control.

“Your highness, could it be that you’re feeling affection for that Uesugi Rei?” A longhaired graceful female figure asked.

The third figure was tall and sturdy, yet remained silent and hidden in the shadows.

Shuten stared deep into the abyss, smiling wickedly, “Heh, Momiji, aren’t you a woman too? Can it be that I cannot have another female subordinate?”

“Ehehehe, your highness’ words makes Momiji worry for herself.” The female figure walked out of the shadows to Shuten’s side. Her hair was delicately decorated and she was wearing a beautiful red white kimono. She was slender and enchanting, radiating the allure of a mature woman. This was Momiji, the woman who had once fought Lily in Mino.

“Momiji…” Ibaraki looked at her and sensed her immense presence, “Did you also reunite your soul?”

“Naturally, how could I ignore what’s happening? Of course I would return, reunite with the part of my soul that was training in the mountains and help his highness defend Tanba.”

“Your highness, that woman, Uesugi Rei, you haven’t answered my question.” Momiji questioned again.

The current Shuten was only 1.9 meters tall, to him, body size could be manipulated at will.

“Ehehe… since I have you four fiendish kings here, why would I care about a mere blade maiden? I’m merely playing the long game… that woman is merely one of my important pawns.”

“Your highness’ words make Momiji emotional, but did your highness think I would not know that Uesugi Rei is not an ordinary woman?”

Shuten just continued to view the abyss, the surrounding endless mountains and the rolling clouds and mists with a bewitching smile.


Tens of thousands of miles southwest of Tanba, within the endless jungle.

At the end of May, the jungle was sweltering hot.

Minamoto no Shimizu1 wore only a thin white vest with flowing sleeves exposing her upper arms and shoulders. The vest was attached to a short white skirt and her legs were covered in black tights.

Shimizu felt around her neck, seeking the broken ancient jade hidden within her vest.

Though she had found some intact ancient jades, she felt that they were all lesser than the mysterious broken ancient jade.

This ancient broken jade aided her greatly in her practice, it had led her to learning so many previously unimaginable things.

Only, the secrets hidden within the jade seemed to be shattered, just like the jade itself.

“Why is this ancient jade shattered? Could it be that there are other fragments? If I find those, could the jade be fixed? What incredible power would the whole jade have?”

“Croak!” A huge initial-stage permanence realm frog pounced at her, its thick long red tongue extended at tremendous speeds.

Slash! Though Shimizu was in deep thought, her reaction was fast, she drew her straight blade and slashed out, a cold golden blade light sliced straight through frog tongue!

Swish! Shimizu turned into a phantom, followed by a black line carving through the air.

“Moon Cross!” Shimizu whispered.

Splurt!!! The line traced through the body of the giant frog that was considered the overlord of the swamp, and blood came spurting out of the wound.

Though the blade light wasn’t big, it was extremely sharp. It passed right through the frog monster and destroyed its spirit jade.

Spinning her blade into a backhand, she stabbed her blade into the frog, absorbing the emerald green permanence anima.

“Mm…” Shimizu’s face flushed pink as she unsteadily sheathed her blade. She staggered to a large palm tree and leaned against the trunk as she gasped for breath, white puffs of air came out of her pink lips.

“It really is… pleasant… killing these jungle monsters and absorbing their anima. This feeling of practice, really makes it hard for me to control myself… I really want more, I want to get stronger, I want to return to sister Lily’s side… ah……” Shimizu’s knuckles whitened as she involuntarily grabbed her own placket.

For some reason, several months ago at the start of the month-long extended night, the legend that one could return to Heian-kyo once an ancient jade was discovered became false.

Today, though Shimizu’s condition was great and her powers had greatly improved, she was trapped here with all the other jade maidens. They only knew that this was some place several thousands of miles away from Heian-kyo with no path of return.

Deep within the forests was a monster that Shimizu dared not provoke even now. They had all lost the method to return home in an instant.

After Shimizu finished her hunting, she returned to the frogman village, this place was no longer prosperous even though the frogmen were still doing business with the surrounding tribes. Shimizu and the others still obtained money and daily necessities from them by selling their hunting spoils. Shimizu had acquired her blade by having the frogmen commission a jade cat artisan several hundred miles away; it had cost her many precious materials.

Eighth grade katana!

Shimizu had wanted to go visit the jade cat artisan village near the mines but the jade maidens had all been in low spirits.

Many no longer bothered to go out to hunt or look for ancient jades. Since this place had no men, many jade maiden sisters married each other, build a house to live together. Falling in love was one of the ways for them to ignore the pain of being unable to return home, the loss of their luxurious life in Heian-kyo.

There were also women who married rich frogmen in the village.

“Sister Shimizu.” Miss Shimadzu2 approached Shimizu carefreely, her hand resting on Shimizu’s waist naturally as her rosy lips exhaled into her ear. “Did you come to look at the portal again? Don’t look, there are sisters who go silly staring at that portal, why don’t you… just marry me. I’ve asked the frogmen to fix up that hut you so loved. Why so cold? You’re lonely too aren’t you, don’t you need some comfort…”

That hand resting on her hip, traced down to her rear.

Wham! Grabbing that offending hand, Shimizu threw Shimadzu over her shoulder.

“Aaahh, that hurts! Sister Shimizu is so merciless! Everyone’s a woman here, does it matter if I rub it? Owe owe owe…”

Shimizu shook her head helplessly, “Miss Shimadzu, please don’t do that, we can only be friends.”

Shimizu walked off, even though Shimadzu warned her, she would still go see if the portal had been restored every time she returned to the village.

The ancient stone gate was unchanged, and only the ancient rainforest on the other side could be seen.

“Sister Lily, what happened to this world? Did…did something happen to Heian-kyo? When can I return to your side…”


Heavy rain!

It was dusk, Lily and her group planned on resting here, but the group was too big and Lily was unwilling to be the only one with an umbrella, so the entire group was soaked.

Lily was not only drenched wet, she was also wearing white clothes. Her wet clothes hugged her graceful figure and showed hints of her skin.

Within the Tsunaga Sisters at least half preferred women, so Lily’s appearance attracted many of their eyes. These women expressed their desire without restraint, in their minds, they were all women, so there was no need to be shy or ashamed. Manytimes, they were even more explicit than men.

As Lily walked, there were two female samurai staring at her rear, with her clothes hugging her form under the rain, and the natural twisting and squeezing of the walking, it was pretty revealing.

Blushing, Lily could only pretend to not know and walk as conservatively as possible. She complained in her heart, ‘Haven’t I already worn Aiiri’s armor in the past? Ignore it.’

She still felt that set of armor had hidden secrets, though she was unwilling, she would still wear it again. Either way, there were only women here, if they had to look, then so be it.

Wouldn’t it be stranger if she cared?

“Kagami Lily.”

Within the rain, Igarashi Kaede stood behind Lily calling her.

Looking at her vigilantly, “You? What’s the matter?”

“Follow me.” Igarashi ordered.

“Sorry, this is an army march, don’t you understand military law? I really don’t want to fight with you.” Lily coldly replied.

“I am not one who doesn’t understand the stakes. Today, let us not compete martially, let us compete through the scholarly arts. Regardless of victory or defeat, I promise you that I will put my grudge on hold until after the war. I simply don’t want to leave any regrets.”

“Relax, I won’t do anything as silly as ambushing you, just take care of your subordinates.”

“Enough nonsense, Kagami Lily, dare you compete?”

“You should at least tell me what we’re competing in?”

“Follow me and I’ll naturally tell you. I, Igarashi Kaede, am a person of my word, this will be a fair competition. Are you one who lacks the courage to follow me?”

“What are we competing in? Can’t we do it here?”

“Hmph, in case you lose, I think you won’t be willing to compete in this place.”

Lily looked into Igarashi’s eyes before nodding, “Very well, I will follow.”



  1. Robinxen: Oh right yeah she exists too.
  2. Robinxen: This name.
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