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Chapter 34 – Punishment Within The Cave

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3202 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1561 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The third round!

Lily launched the first attack, charging at Igarashi but Igarashi lowered her stance and caught Lily’s waist and attempted to throw Lily over.

Quickly steadying her stance, Lily twisted her waist and flipped over completely countering Igarashi’s throw.

“Pant! Pant! Pant!” The two women took rapid breaths, their sweat dripping down their thighs onto the ground.

Without using spirit power, the two were rapidly exhausting themselves.

Suddenly, with a roll, Igarashi took hold of one of Lily’s legs, sending her sprawling forward. As Lily landed on her hands and knees, Igarashi flipped to the back and grabbed Lily’s waist from behind and exerted force for a suplex.

Lily however lowered her center of gravity, pressing herself tightly to the ground to prevent Igarashi from picking her up.

Igarashi pulled heavily, forcibly lifting Lily’s hips up, but was unable to do more. Rapidly running out of energy, Igarashi panicked and spanked Lily.

“You! Didn’t you say hitting wasn’t allowed!?” Lily was both angry and embarrassed, twisting her hips, she brought her legs up and pressed down on Igarashi’s shoulders but Igarashi pressed forward, grasping her legs and forcing Lily’s bottom half forward.

“Ug…” This was really too humiliating, gritting her teeth, she swung her legs and kicked Igarashi to the side.

“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! You kicked me!”

Without hesitation, Lily jumped at Igarashi grabbing ahold of her shirt. The force sent the two rolling around in the cave.

But Lily still didn’t like the indecent posture. In such a scuffle, whoever wanted to remain ladylike would definitely suffer.

Lily ended up pressed down beneath Igarashi, her head held tightly within her bosom and Igarashi attempting to force a surrender by suffocation.

“Ugh…” Lily felt her head completely wrapped in feminine softness and was extremely hard to breathe, “Despicable…”

‘No, I don’t want to lose, this woman bullied Haihime, I don’t want to lose!’

Lily’s hands groped in the dark and grabbed onto a thick strip of cloth and yanked hard, and for some reason, Igarashi screamed out, her hands loosening.

Lily’s grasp on that cloth tightened as she jerked up as hard as she could while bucking hard, throwing Igarashi off her.

Snap—! Suddenly Lily’s hand felt lighter, as if whatever she was grasping had snapped when Igarashi had been thrown over her head.

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Bang! Igarashi ended up thrown on her back at a distance.

The power behind this throw wasn’t small, and Igarashi could only take the impact without spirit power.

Acting quickly, Lily flipped around wanting to continue her attack, but discovered that her throw had flung Igarashi clear out of the circle.

Also…there seemed to be nothing under Igarashi’s purple kimono.


Confused, Lily looked down at her hands, seeing that white cloth…before realizing exactly what that was1.

“Madam Igarashi…I, I…”

“……” Igarashi just laid there, as if she had no willpower to cover up, her two eyes blank.

Even after the unusual coolness under her kimono allowed her to grasp her situation, it took her a while to react. Standing up, Igarashi saw that she was out of the circle. She couldn’t help but move back to the cave wall and crouch down, covering herself with one hand.

“I…I lost…”
“Sorry…I didn’t mean to. I had trouble breathing and couldn’t see anything…”
“Enough, give it back.”

Lily could only walk forward and place the cloth on one of Igarashi’s legs.

As Igarashi grasped the cloth, Lily could see the hand shaking and teardrops.

Afterall, Igarashi was much more mature and older than Lily, so for her to lose in such a humiliating fashion, the shame was imaginable.

Lily didn’t know what to say, so she simply turned and prepared to leave.

“Madam Igarashi?”

Igarashi didn’t look up, her expression hidden, “I…I can’t imagine how I could have lost to a woman like you, but a loss is a loss. You…as the winner must punish me.”

“Forget it, just take our previous grievances and write them all off.”

“No! How can the humiliation you gave me be written off so easily? I only agreed to put it on hold for this crusade! In the future, I will avenge myself! I won’t let you off! A loss is a loss, as a member of the Yamato Eight Legion, I am a woman of my word!” Igarashi’s words trembled despite the pride within.

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“Eh, then Madam Igarashi means to accept my punishment?” Lily asked with a leisurely gaze.

“Don’t be too proud! This is only for future fair and rightful victory! You won’t be able to protest!”

“……Then let us start, I still have things to do.” Lily lightly said.

“You, why are you so indifferent? Lily, you arrogant woman! You…first turn around.”

Lily turned around nonchalantly.

Standing up, Igarashi put on her loincloth again. “You can turn around.”

Igarashi’s cheeks flamed, she could only keep her head lowered, her long curly brown hair laying on one shoulder.

Waving a hand, three items floated in front of Lily’s eyes.

A whip, a long cane and a thick board.

“This is…” Lily looked on in confusion.

“Choose…choose one…” Igarashi stuttered.

She clearly wouldn’t look up, yet seemed very concerned about which Lily would choose.

In truth, Lily was satisfied with winning, she really didn’t want to add more insult to Igarashi so she chose the cane.

Igarashi trembled, “As expected, to use this…Lily, you’re really arrogant, no… shameless! Do you simply want to be higher than me in status?”

“Madam Igarashi, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“You don’t understand? Don’t pretend, a cane is used by a master to punish a student! You’re so much younger than me and want to assume an aloof attitude?”

Lily was also upset, despite winning she had to face accusations?

“Igarashi, weren’t you a woman of your word? Why so many words? Please kneel down and extend your hand.”
“You, what did you say!?”
“Didn’t you say this is a master punishing a student?”
“Kagami Lily, not only do you call me by name, you also want to pretend to be my master? Don’t you think this is too much?”

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“Is that so? Then forget it.” Lily turned and started leaving.

“Wa, wait! You, don’t you think about leaving! I won’t let you have an excuse to run in the future!”

Lily looked back, seeing Igarashi kneeling and extending her hand, Igarashi couldn’t meet her eyes and was looking down.

“Do it…”

Lily also thought this was too much, but Igarashi had humiliated Haihime and repeatedly pestered herself… and she had taken advantage of her not too long ago. To end up like this today was entirely her own doing.

Lily lifted the cane and very ritualistically and mercilessly swung down.

“Do not use spirit power to resist.”


The cane came down mercilessly on Igarashi’s palm, but for Igarashi, the pain was second. The shame and humiliation of kneeling and accepting the cane from such a young girl was overwhelming.

“There.” Lily stopped.

Igarashi let out a sigh of relief.

“Next…shall we proceed to the main event?”

“Naah!?” Igarashi’s body trembled.

“Madam Igarashi, you said it yourself, the lower has to accept the winner’s punishment, did you think it would be over just like that? If you want to go back on your word, I really won’t care.” Lily unemotionally said.

“Who, who’ll go back on their word? I won’t… I won’t give you any excuses! How do you want to punish? Just say it!”

“Get up and turn around.”

Igarashi got up and bit her lip, trembling, wondering why she was being so obedient to a woman several dozen years younger than her.

However her body obediently listened and turned around.

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“Put your hands against the wall, the rest, I think you understand right?” Lily ordered somewhat squeamishly.

‘Kagami Lily, you just wait…just punish, why humiliate, I…I hate you even more!’ Igarashi cursed in her heart.

But she lost, so she must listen to Lily’s orders. If she had won, she would definitely punish Lily even harsher, and more mercilessly, and of course, her hatred would be resolved.

But now… she could only accumulate hatred…

Igarashi placed both hands onto the wall and leaned, sticking out the snowy white globes out behind, trembling slightly, unwilling to experience this punishment.

Lily didn’t like punishing, but things had already come to this point, she had no choice but to punish2.

“Madam Igarashi.” Lily walked behind Igarashi, she felt that she could feel the heat emanating from her as she slid the cane over her finger. “You might be one of the most famous and well known female samurais of your generation, but why do you bully people so much? You harassed and persecuted me over and over, did you never imagine that would be today?”

“Don’t, don’t waste words…if you want to hit then hit…” Though Igarashi’s words were tough, her posture was very submissive.

Lily’s eyes darkened, this indescribable sensation of conquering a woman, she rarely experienced it, Lily discovered that though she didn’t desire this, she didn’t reject it.

For some reason, Lily’s slender tongue licked the cane and then lifted it up high and brought it down.

A swing at such a fast speed, the impact would not be small.


From the cave within the rain and fog came an ambiguous sound, but no one outside noticed.



  1. Robinxen: KAZUMA?!
  2. Robinxen: No I really think you went too far.
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