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Chapter 18 – Who Will Teach Lily

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3375 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1652 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Miss Lily, please come with us,” two female guards instructed.

Lily surmised that they wouldn’t disqualify her so hastily given the significant resources expended to bring her here. An individual of high status in Yomi had even personally ordered her capture. She presumed that they intended to teach her the way of pleasure, regardless of her reluctance. Deep down, she knew she must not lose the Night Parade of One Hundred Maidens.

She recognized the necessity to learn, despite her reservations, and knew she had to excel.

Resolved, Lily followed the guards.

Hyozuhi approached, tentatively asking, “May I accompany you? I wish to brush my master’s hair.”

The guards granted permission without objection.

They led Lily out of the courtyard along a dark, winding path through a dense forest adorned with unique glowing crystals. The repetitive turns soon disoriented even Lily.

Eventually, they arrived at another courtyard. Though secluded, it was markedly more opulent than Lily’s previous accommodations.

Several formidable Rakshasa Dojo guards stood at the entrance.

The guards escorted her into a shed behind the courtyard, where a giant wooden bathtub awaited, filled with water and strewn with Higanbana flower petals.

“Take off your clothes. We will clean you,” the two female guards instructed.
“No, thank you, I’ll wash myself,” Lily insisted.
“Very well. Take your time; we will wait outside.”
“Hyozuhi, please step outside as well.”
“Yes, Master,” Hyozuhi complied.

Still irked by the interruption of her previous bathing attempt, Lily relished the opportunity to bathe in peace. It was the most relaxed she had felt since her arrival in Yomi. She gently poured water over her smooth arms, played with the petals, and luxuriated in the serene moment, running her fingers through her long hair.

After a considerable time, a guard outside called out, “Miss Lily, once you’re finished, please put on the clothes provided.”

“Understood, I’ll be out shortly.”

Lily mused, ‘Do I even own any unflattering clothing?’

Yet, she acknowledged a burgeoning arrogance, perhaps spurred by the comforting warmth of the water.

Lily rose, dried herself off, dressed, and stepped outside.

Lily was clad in purple robes adorned with flower and bird embroideries in rose gold thread, complemented by cloud motifs in silver thread. The ensemble shimmered opulently under the night sky.

Uncharacteristically, she had her hair tied up, adorned with a blue Higanbana flower above her hair clip and interspersed with pink and magenta blossoms. Her beauty was captivating. A luxuriously embroidered collar on her kimono further highlighted her pale, slender neck.

Her appearance left even the guards taken aback.

“Master… So beautiful,” Hyozuhi gasped in awe, her resolve to serve Lily deepening. Her own self-regard had diminished; she felt pride solely in her beautiful owner.

“Take me there,” Lily commanded, bringing her sleeves together and moving with remarkable grace and gentleness, her movements tinged with an alluring quality.

“Please, follow me…” The guards responded, their demeanor shifting to one of instinctive respect.

They led Lily to a pond centered within the courtyard, with the main house looming behind it. It was the most impressive structure she had encountered within the Rakshasa Dojo, suggesting that her instructor would be someone extraordinary.

“Slaves are not permitted inside,” stated the guard.

Lily instructed Hyozuhi, “Wait here outside.”

“Understood,” Hyozuhi responded.

The door swung open. Lily entered, and it closed behind her, revealing another sliding door immediately beyond.

“Please come in,” was heard from within.

Two maids, clad in kimonos, knelt on either side of the interior, parting the sliding door from within.

Upon entering, Lily found the house dimly lit but exquisitely decorated. Though not as lavish as a Heian noblewoman’s quarters, the furnishings were ancient, likely millennia-old, and undoubtedly of greater value than those owned by Heian royalty.

Rakshasa-Onna was dressed in a white robe featuring a short skirt adorned with maple leaf decorations, seated beneath an exceptionally unique screen.

Lily was taken aback upon seeing Rakshasa-Onna. ‘Could it be…’

“Here you are,” she said, staring at Lily and speaking casually.

“Yes,” Lily replied.

“Miss Lily, I will personally instruct you in the way of pleasing. Are you satisfied with that?” Rakshasa-Onna asked, her gaze sharp.

“Well… I am incredibly grateful, Your Highness,” Lily replied. She had not anticipated personal instruction from Rakshasa-Onna, suspecting instead that Renka was sabotaging her. It appeared she had underestimated her significance to them.

It was only when Rakshasa-Onna stood that the disparity in height became apparent—her nose barely reached Lily’s shoulder.

She appeared both casual and stern; despite her youthful appearance, her actual age likely dwarfed Lily’s by centuries.

Rakshasa-Onna circled Lily, her eyes scanning thoroughly.

“Well, it seems I made the right choice in selecting you for preferential treatment. You possess great potential,” Rakshasa-Onna commented.

“I am unenlightened. Please guide me directly, Your Highness, or else I am at a loss even being here,” Lily said, lowering her head. Her lips sparkled under the candlelight and crystal illumination.

“Really? Unenlightened? I think you have great potential in pleasing others. Look how well you’ve dressed, yet you claim ignorance?”

“This is merely normal courtesy,” Lily explained.

“Humph, I knew you wouldn’t admit it. You’re obviously prepared to please someone, aren’t you?”

“I simply do not wish to lose in the Night Parade. I’m focused on nothing else.”

Rakshasa-Onna extended her slender fingers, wrapping them around Lily’s shoulders, then sliding across her collarbones to grasp her neck easily. Clasping her delicate and smooth neck, Rakshasa-Onna appeared slightly intoxicated and pleased.

“Miss Lily, you usually wear your hair loose. Why have you styled it up today?”

“I’m not sure… perhaps I just felt like a change today. If you dislike it, Your Highness, I can let it down,” Lily whispered, discomfort evident as her neck was grasped. “Could you please let go?”

However, Rakshasa-Onna seemingly ignored that. She stood on her toes and pinched the back of Lily’s neck. “No need, this looks fine too. The area you usually hide is now exposed to me. Hmph, did you do this intentionally? Were you trying to surprise me?”

“No, this… has nothing to do with it,” Lily said, frowning. Unable to bear it any longer, she pushed Rakshasa-Onna’s hand away.

Unbeknownst to her, Rakshasa-Onna was incredibly powerful. Her seemingly delicate hands, smaller than Lily’s, quickly grabbed Lily’s wrists and exerted force. Lily instinctively tried to resist with spirit power but realized she was overpowered.

“Ah!” Lily cried out as her arm was suddenly twisted in pain.

“It seems you really need to learn how to please a woman, particularly those stronger and of higher status than you!”

Rakshasa-Onna circulated charm energy and channeled it into Lily through her arms. Lily trembled, weakening under its influence, and covered her face with her hand to stifle any sounds.

Rakshasa-Onna’s power was evident. A simple gesture made Lily blush deeply and frown in discomfort.

“Kagami Lily, we are both women. Pleasing another woman is far more challenging than pleasing a man. Do you understand what’s essential when pleasing powerful women in Yomi?” Rakshasa-Onna inquired.

Lily’s arms ached as she spoke, her voice trembling. “Your Highness, isn’t the way of pleasing a method to practice charm intent? Why is there a specific focus on powerful women in Yomi?”

Rakshasa-Onna frowned. “It seems you truly know nothing!”

With a gentle push, Rakshasa-Onna shoved Lily to the side, causing her to nearly stumble and fall.

“I know you’ve been in the Rakshasa Dojo for some time now, but it appears you’re still unaware of the rules here. What have Renka and her people been doing? Are you questioning me?”

“No, I’m just…”

“Silence! Who gave you permission to ask questions? Since I am personally teaching you the way of pleasing, I will ensure you are taught properly and understand the rules first.”

Rakshasa-Onna returned to her seat behind the screen and gestured to Lily. “Go over there and stand facing the wall.”


“What are you hesitating for? Do you want to experience the punishment I give Renka and the others?”

Rakshasa-Onna, as formidable as Wakarai and akin to a deity, was beyond Lily’s ability to resist. Any resistance would lead to unnecessary punishment. Committed to learning the way of pleasing, Lily understood the need for obedience and reluctantly walked to the corner, facing the wall.

Rakshasa-Onna smiled. “This is better. The first rule of pleasing a powerful woman is obedience—absolute and unconditional. Who do you think you are to do otherwise? Know your place, what you should not ask, and avoid being nosy. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

“You do? Is this how you show gratitude for my guidance and patience? Say thank you.

“Thank you, Your Highness, Rakshasa-Onna.” Lily said, lowering her head with a blush.

“Hmm, good girl. Now, dance for me,” Rakshasa-Onna commanded.

Lily excelled in dancing. Adorned in a robe with long sleeves and skirts, her dance was naturally graceful and fluid.

Lily began to dance, her prismatic robes shimmering in the dimly lit room. Rakshasa-Onna, watching such extraordinary beauty dance before her, felt an indescribable satisfaction.

What was pleasure? Perhaps this was it.

While Lily’s dance was graceful and dignified, it was equally captivating. Aware that she was here to master the art of pleasing, she infused her movements with seductive grace—kneeling, arching her back, fluttering her sleeves to the floor, and occasionally swaying her hips, exuding the allure of a mature woman.

Rakshasa-Onna immensely enjoyed the performance.

After the dance concluded, Lily was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and the room filled with a delicate fragrance.

Rakshasa-Onna stood and approached Lily, gently playing with her slightly damp bangs. “Your dance is quite good.”

“Thank you. I welcome your guidance, Your Highness,” Lily said, bowing respectfully.

“Very well, I will instruct you.”

Suddenly, Rakshasa-Onna closed the distance, pressing herself against Lily’s tall frame and wrapping her arms around Lily’s neck. Standing on tiptoe, she pressed her youthful lips to Lily’s slightly damp ones.


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