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Chapter 19 – Rakshasa Dance

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3118 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1497 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

After the gentle kiss, the cool, damp sensation made Lily blush. She instinctively stepped back and covered her lips, turning away.

“Your Highness… What are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be teaching me the way of pleasing? Why would you suddenly do that?” Lily was both embarrassed and upset. Feeling entirely outmatched by Rakshasa-Onna, she was acutely aware of her lack of control over the situation, which frightened her.

“Just as you mentioned, I am teaching you the way of pleasing. It’s only natural you learn to please me. What’s wrong with that?” Rakshasa-Onna caressed her lips with her fingers, speaking thoughtfully.

“Then… Shouldn’t I be the one to please you, Your Highness?” Lily didn’t actually want to please her but posed the question to suggest she should be given the initiative, maintaining some control.

“Indeed, you’re correct. What just occurred was a reward for your obedience. Follow me.”

Rakshasa led Lily to a dojo located deep in the backyard, a dim and expansive area.

“Pleasing powerful women in Yomi is no easy task. I’ll teach you the Rakshasa Dance, which differs from your usual routines but is highly favored by Yomi’s powerhouses. Learning it will benefit you, and indeed, this dance embodies profound charm intent, which you must experience for yourself.”

“Please teach me, Your Highness,” Lily said, bowing respectfully.

Rakshasa-Onna observed her and said, “While your attire is beautiful, it’s unsuitable for the Rakshasa Dance, which requires both gentleness and aggression. I’ve prepared appropriate clothing for you; put it on.”

As she spoke, Rakshasa-Onna waved her hand, and a set of neatly folded female attire appeared in the dojo. “Change here; it’s easier.”

“Huh? Well…”

“What? Did you forget the obedience lesson already?”

“But… could I perhaps change elsewhere?” Lily asked anxiously.

“We are all women here; there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Change here and no more discussion!” Rakshasa-Onna’s tone sharpened, her voice becoming harsh and stern.

Initially, changing here was acceptable, but today, Lily had a significant reason for concern. To ensure the kimono sat perfectly, Lily adhered to tradition and wore nothing underneath.

“Your Highness, it is inconvenient for me today. Could you please make an exception?” Lily implored.

“Enough! It seems you don’t want to follow the rules. Who do you think I am? Despite my repeated orders, you resist. Then, who else in the Rakshasa Dojo could command you? It appears you won’t respect my authority until I discipline you, you insolent girl!”

“Huh?” Lily perceived a surge of anger.

“Come here!” Rakshasa-Onna commanded, seated in the dojo, patting her knees. “Lie across my lap!”

“Uh… Why?”

“Why? Must I force you? If so, the punishment will be tenfold! Come now, or would you prefer to experience one of the countless torments Yomi reserves for disobedient women?” Rakshasa-Onna’s tone was oppressively dark. Lily, unsteady and flustered, sensed real anger.

Powerless against Rakshasa-Onna’s strength, Lily had no choice but to submit despite her deep reluctance.

What Lily found most troubling was Rakshasa-Onna’s youthful appearance; despite looking far younger, she was the one meting out punishment—a deeply humiliating realization.

Yet, upon reflection, she recognized that Rakshasa-Onna was a deity who had trained for millennia, merely possessing the appearance of a young girl.

“Why are you still daydreaming? Come here now!”

Lily pursed her lips, knelt before Rakshasa-Onna, sighed helplessly, and then lay down across her slight knees.

Rakshasa-Onna moved swiftly, likely accustomed to disciplining her subordinates in this manner. She seized Lily’s arm, pulling it behind her, and with her other hand, she yanked Lily’s long skirt up to her waist.

It revealed Lily’s pale, taut skin. The skirt’s curves only served to accentuate her striking figure.

A heavy black ruler materialized in Rakshasa-Onna’s hand. “This is what I use to discipline captains like Renka. It’s the highest tier of punishment. Feel honored? You should thank me.”

Despite the humiliation and pain, Lily was compelled to express gratitude. Only she understood the depth of her suffering.

“Since this is your first offense, I’ll halve your punishment compared to the captains. Fifty strikes for you! Learn this lesson well. We’ll see if you ever dare defy my orders again, you insolent girl!”

With a sharp crack, the ruler slammed into Lily’s rear before Rakshasa-Onna even finished speaking.

This ruler, designed for disciplining captains, clearly inflicted significant pain on Lily.

“Alright, change your clothes. You brought this upon yourself. I need to change mine too. It’s not a big deal. Despite both of us being women, your embarrassment is quite troublesome!”

At this point, Lily had nothing more to add. Having already endured such punishment, further words felt pointless.

Lily readjusted her skirt, picked up the clothes, and resigned herself to changing by the side of the dojo.

The outfit was a set of female ninja attire consistent with Rakshasa Dojo’s style. Once she put it on, Lily realized it was a size too small. The ensemble included a blue tank top secured by a heavy cloth belt and a skirt fashioned from two pieces of blue cloth. It lacked upper underwear, and the undergarments were black lace panties accented with golden threads. Lily secured her hair into a single ponytail using a purple clip.

There were also two large paper fans; one black, the other white, each adorned with demon paintings on one side and a blue Moonflower on the other.

Rakshasa-Onna donned a simple white ninja attire complemented by a purple belt, a short skirt, and black stockings.

She approached Lily, scanning her intently before nodding instinctively. “These clothes really suit your tall, voluptuous figure. Given your dance skills, I expect you’ll satisfy me, right? Fail, and you’ll be punished.”

“Please teach me, Your Highness. I’ll try my best. If I fall short, I’m prepared to face punishment,” Lily stated confidently, secure in her dancing skills.

“Good. Watch closely as I demonstrate the Rakshasa Dance.”

Rakshasa-Onna gestured, and golden projections emerged in the dim dojo—twelve in total, each wielding two paper fans and dressed like Lily, dancing in unison.

Lily observed attentively, captivated by the synchronized dancing.

Each projection performed a unique dance sequence, executing it just once.

“The demonstration is complete. Now, let’s see your skill. Dance for me,” Rakshasa-Onna declared, having shown Lily twelve projections simultaneously as a test. Failure would lead to further punishment.

This time, Rakshasa-Onna was surprised. Being a warrior, Lily combined grace with lethality. She flawlessly memorized and sequenced the twelve distinct segments of the Rakshasa Dance after a single viewing.

After witnessing the attempt, a mildly surprised Rakshasa-Onna remarked, “You’re quite skilled, aren’t you? Or should I credit my teaching?”

Lily was tempted to argue, aware of Rakshasa-Onna’s volatile nature and her penchant for finding excuses for punishment. Prudence dictated obedience.

Lily responded, “Please continue to guide me, Your Highness.”

“Your dancing talent ranks among the best in Rakshasa Dojo. You’ve mastered the movements at a glance, impressive indeed. Yet, you haven’t embodied the essence of the Rakshasa Dance. It should exude allure and seduction, balancing feminine charm with concealed lethality. You’re overemphasizing allure; despite some aggression, it lacks sharpness. It’s merely an imitation. Dance three more times and truly grasp its essence,” Rakshasa-Onna critiqued sharply.

“Yes.” This time, Lily agreed with Rakshasa-Onna. To truly grasp the spirit of the dance, she needed to envision herself as a beautiful, seductive, yet dangerous Rakshasa.

Lily danced vigorously, infusing her movements with greater aloofness, charm, and provocation.

“Yes, that’s quite good. Stop! Freeze in that position!” Rakshasa-Onna commanded.

At that moment, Lily stood on one leg, body slightly bent forward, with her other leg extended backward and both hands outstretched holding paper fans. Her strength made it easy to maintain this pose, even when stopping abruptly.

Rakshasa-Onna approached and instructed, “Stay still.”

She circled to Lily’s side and gently lifted her chin. “Here, you must elevate your head, never meet your target’s gaze directly. Tilt your chin up and look down slightly, assertively. This posture incites a powerful woman’s desire to dominate. Do you understand?”

Lily nodded subtly and followed the instruction.

Rakshasa-Onna moved behind Lily, supporting her waist with one hand and lifting her leg with the other. “Lift your back leg higher, as high as you can.”

“But won’t this expose me too much?”

“Quiet, just do as I instruct. Raise it higher; that’s what makes it beautiful. Understand? This dance is meant to please others; there’s no room for reservation.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Having rehearsed the dance multiple times, Lily was now covered in a light sheen of sweat, emitting a noticeable, fragrant scent.

Meanwhile, Rakshasa-Onna kept correcting Lily’s posture. Despite the unavoidable physical contact, Lily endured.

Nevertheless, Rakshasa-Onna proved to be an effective teacher. Strict yet instructive, she imparted crucial and practical knowledge, which Lily acknowledged.

This understanding helped Lily tolerate the discomfort.

By the end of the day, Lily was performing the dance with alluring grace and a subtle hint of lethality, capturing the essence of a true Rakshasa.


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