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Chapter 16 – Hyozuhi The Slave

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3060 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1702 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Over the following days, Lily found it unbearable to think of Hyozuhi dying in such a desolate place. Understanding that Hyozuhi’s reluctance to engage in combat would only lead to her demise if left alone, Lily chose to stay and offer her protection. Unlike the other calculating and potentially dangerous women in Yomi, Hyozuhi was genuinely touched by Lily’s compassionate actions.

Throughout this period, Lily eliminated any demons that ventured too close. The prolonged exposure to this severe environment, characterized by the absence of spirit power and the presence of overwhelming gravity, proved to be unexpectedly beneficial in strengthening her physical capabilities.

For sustenance, Lily fished in the nearby river, and Hyozuhi collected wild vegetables. Their combined efforts were enough to meet their basic needs.

Upon Lily’s return to their makeshift shelter by the pillar one day, she was confronted with the sight of Hyozuhi holding a knife to her own neck, caught in a moment of indecision about ending her life.

Reacting swiftly, Lily moved forward and knocked the knife away from Hyozuhi’s hand.

“What are you thinking? I’ve paused my training and devoted these days to ensuring your safety, and now you wish to throw away your life? Why should I even bother?” Lily’s words were laced with both frustration and concern.

“Miss Lily…” Hyozuhi burst into tears once more, overwhelmed by emotion.

Abruptly, Hyozuhi turned, knelt before Lily, and bowed her head. “Miss Lily, if you truly wish to save me from death, then I beseech you to accept me as your slave! Under any other circumstance, I would choose death, but your beauty, strength, and genuine kindness have moved me. I willingly offer myself.”

“Huh? Why would you propose something so sudden?” Lily expressed her astonishment.

“Actually, I was too ashamed to admit before… A defeated woman’s only recourse is not merely submission to the victor. Should the victor forsake her without imposing any demands, while the vanquished may lose her status as an expert, she still retains the option to serve as another’s slave. Yet, she would be naught but a slave, permitted to continue her training under the strict condition of absolute obedience to her new master.”


“Miss Lily, my desire to live has faded. I feel I’ve become the most disgraced woman in Yomi. Given my state of mind, I doubt I’d pass the Rakshasa Dojo’s tests. I fear being sentenced to hard labor or worse, sold into a brothel, facing a fate worse than death. Please, show mercy and accept me.”

Hyozuhi looked up at Lily with eyes full of sincerity and tears. Moved by her plea, Lily found it hard to decline. “Miss Lily, I will fulfill any request you have. I pledge my obedience and service to you for as long as I live. Anything I own shall be yours. Given your kindness, please allow me… to become your servant.”

Upon her arrival in Yomi, numerous formidable demons sought to enslave Lily. However, now faced with someone earnestly requesting to serve as her slave, Lily found herself in a peculiar situation. Despite having no interest in owning a slave, she could not stand by and watch Hyozuhi give up on life.

“Alright. But I want to make one thing clear: I will not compel you into anything against your will. Yet, I am on a crucial mission. You must not hinder me in any way. Do you understand?” Lily stated firmly.

“Yes, Master! Should I ever become a nuisance, I’m willing to conceal myself within the cave and emerge only upon your call.” In a gesture of submission, Hyozuhi set aside her pride, approached Lily, and respectfully kissed her foot.

Clasping Lily’s leg, she pleaded, “Master… I implore you, do not cast me aside. Being acknowledged as your servant grants me a purpose, allowing me to endure and persevere in my training.”

“Please, don’t do this. Stand up,” Lily urged, discomforted by the gentle contact.

“Rise? Alas, I cannot,” Hyozuhi countered, unexpectedly reclining on a rock. “Master, as today marks the commencement of my service, I beseech you… In keeping with the customs of Yomi, bestow upon me some form of… Discipline.”

“Discipline? What kind of discipline are you seeking?”

“I ask for punishment to engrain in my memory the weight of your authority. Henceforth, I will adhere to your commands without question.” Hyozuhi’s cheeks flushed with a mix of embarrassment and expectation as she subtly shifted her posture, expressing her readiness.

“Huh? No, that’s not needed. You haven’t done anything wrong to warrant punishment.” Lily responded, her discomfort palpable in the face of such a request.

“Master, the completion of this rite through punishment is essential for me to truly embrace my role as your slave. This act would provide me a sense of belonging and rid me of my despair and suicidal thoughts. It would grant me the fortitude to endure this cruel world, enabling me to assert to all those who scorned me that I am indeed your servant. This acknowledgment, despite others’ contempt, would give me something to cling to for courage. I implore you, Master, to carry out this punishment, so I may find peace.” Hyozuhi’s plea was punctuated by her tears, underscoring the depth of her desperation.

Lily was left at a loss for words. It was clear that Hyozuhi was deeply traumatized and had forsaken any will to live independently. Without the requested punishment, she feared Hyozuhi might continue to harbor feelings of insecurity, potentially leading to suicidal attempts.

Having resolved to extend her kindness, Lily was committed to following through to the conclusion.

“Very well, Hyozuhi, if this is truly your wish.”

“Yes, Master.”

With a sense of purpose, Lily moved towards Hyozuhi, determined to reignite her will to live. She firmly grasped Hyozuhi’s waist with one hand, delivering a series of forceful spanks with the other.

Without resorting to whips and despite her naturally gentle hands, Lily’s spanks carried considerable strength, befitting her status as a Celestial Battle Maiden. Hyozuhi’s cries filled the air, yet Lily understood the necessity of continuing; ceasing now would fail to solidify Hyozuhi’s acceptance of her new status, potentially leading her back to thoughts of suicide.

“Henceforth, you are under my protection. Suicide, self-harm, or self-degradation will not be tolerated. You are to hold your life in high regard. Do you understand?” Lily’s admonition was stern, emphasizing the gravity of her commitment.

“Yes, I understand, Master. I understand! I belong to you, Master. If you wish for me to live, I’ll endure no matter the difficulty!”

Following the punishment, Hyozuhi found herself unable to rise. She remained on the boulder, weeping incessantly for nearly half a day.

“Are you able to walk now?”

“Yes…” Hyozuhi got to her feet and adjusted her dress.

“Do not merely sit here. Join me in training.”

“Yes, Master.” The reassurance Hyozuhi found in Lily’s seemingly casual command was profound. She would no longer dwell on her past humiliations. Obedience to Lily promised her a newfound sense of strength and dignity.

In the days that followed, Lily took Hyozuhi to scout the Empty Spirit Cave, hunting demons as a form of training.

Throughout this period, they encountered other female experts twice. Initially, a solitary expert quickly fled. Later, they met a duo. After a prolonged exchange of glances, neither party dared to engage, presumably deterred by Lily’s confident demeanor, and thus, they departed.

Seven days later, an overwhelming force enveloped Lily and Hyozuhi, whisking them away from the Empty Spirit Cave.

Despite the apparent impossibility of using spirit power in the Empty Spirit Cave, this limitation was not absolute. Abilities of true power could overcome this restriction. Lily acknowledged the superior strength of the Rakshasa Dojo, understanding that any attempt at resistance would surely lead to her defeat.

By the end of the seven days, the majority of the female experts and blade maidens bore the signs of their trials, with tattered garments and injuries evident among them.

On this occasion, Renka conducted the debriefing. Casting a dissatisfied glance at Lily, she remained silent before addressing the group, “During this training, two perished and three suffered defeat, forfeiting their status as experts to other contenders. Nonetheless, these losses are within anticipated margins. The rest of you have acquitted yourselves commendably.”

“Gather Tsunehide, Hyozuhi, and Yukako. They’re sentenced to a century of hard labor. The rest have successfully passed this trial.”

Instantly, Rakshasa Dojo members restrained the Blade Maiden and Onmyoji, leading them away, while two approached Hyozuhi.

Trembling, Hyozuhi endured the disdainful stares, seeking refuge behind Lily and clutching at her sleeve.

Please wait, not just yet,” Lily interjected.

“What?” Renka moved closer to Lily. “You were fortunate to pass this time. What more do you have to say?”

Despite being unjustly insulted, Lily held her tongue. Engaging with Renka was futile. Calming her breath, she stated, “Captain Renka, Hyozuhi has become my slave. Accordingly, she cannot be taken.”

“Is that so?” Renka turned her attention to Hyozuhi. “Confirm this.”

Hyozuhi, hearing Lily declare her status as a slave without reserve, felt not humiliation but a surge of confidence. She knelt before Lily, embracing her legs, “Yes, I am Master Lily’s slave, for life.”

“Well damn, Hyozuhi, known as a distinguished female expert of Carefree City, to degrade yourself as this woman’s slave—and with such dignity? The thought of Carefree City’s reaction is laughable! Hahahahahaha!” Masako, her conqueror, approached with laughter.

Lily gave her a stern look.

Renka intervened, pushing Masako aside. “Silence, it’s not your place to comment. Repeat that, and you’ll face a hundred lashes immediately!”

Following the warning, Masako fell silent and withdrew, yet her gaze lingered on Hyozuhi with arrogant delight.

Renka regarded Lily and Hyozuhi, reflecting briefly. “Seems you’ve grasped Yomi’s laws, have you? Outside, indeed, a vanquished woman may pledge fealty to another, retaining her training rights. Yet, defeat in the Night Parade spells forced labor or sale. Those are our ordinances. How do you propose to alter this?”

“Captain Renka, are the dojo’s regulations superior to Yomi’s inherent laws?” Lily countered.

“What was that? You dare challenge my authority? Perhaps you’d prefer to join them in a century of labor?” Renka lifted Lily’s chin assertively.


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