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Chapter 54: Mushy (18+)

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Author: TypeAxiom Original Source: ScribbleHub

Kagriss pressed her into the floor, using her weight on all fours to pin her down. Dark hair fell all around her, hanging down from Kagriss’s head as the girl brought her face close to Carmen’s. Their nose almost touched.

“Mistress…can I…?” Kagriss whispered. Her breath became ragged and her face was flushed. Why did she become like that when she was an undead lich?

Carmen didn’t understand. Was she like that too, right now?

Out on the edges of her vision, she saw pink. Kagriss’s pale lips had become a soft pink color, and where they were almost invisible against her face because they were so pale and bloodless, they now stood out alluringly. They opened and closed slightly as Kagriss breathed.

“Can I?” Kagriss asked again. Her fingers tightened on Carmen’s hands.

Carmen’s limbs felt like jelly. Although with just a bit more strength, she could easily break free from Kagriss’s, she didn’t. She stared up into Kagriss’s violet eyes.

As the girl spoke, cool air blew against her own lips and without thinking, Carmen closed her eyes and leaned upwards, pressing her lips against the source of that breath. She tasted…nothing, smelled nothing from Kagriss’s mouth, yet the feel of her lips against Kagriss felt good. Her lips felt like they were melting, yet blissfully cold at the same time.

Or perhaps Kagriss’s lips were the ones melting, like ice in her mouth. The chill sent shivers down her spine.

Although their lips were closed at first, Carmen felt Kagriss move above her. The lich’s lips moved, sliding up and closed around her upper lip. There, the lich began to suck.

A strange sensation on Carmen’s lips flooded her senses and made her whole body as Kagriss began to lightly nibble. She felt teeth pressing against her lips, yet never hard enough to begin to hurt. Something soft flicked against her lips over and over as Kagriss bit her. It was the girl’s tongue, cold and wet.

Mana poured between them, filling their mouths with a delightful chill, and before Carmen knew it, Kagriss had broken away from the kiss.

The lich was looking down at her from above, breathing hard. “M—mistress, I want to know more. I want to try everything out.”

Carmen’s mind was slowing down—she could only think of how Kagriss felt when they kissed, and when Kagriss drew back, it left her feeling so empty that she didn’t want to think about anything else but experiencing that sensation again. “Go ahead! Do it! Hya—!”

Carmen gasped as something wet touched her nose. She had squeezed her eyes just as Kagriss drew closer to her, and the lich began to lightly bite her nose. Gently, softly, with cool air blowing against her, and that soft, wet tongue licking her over and over. Kagriss nibbled her way up her nose, even going so far as to gently press her teeth between her brows.

It tickled, but at the same time, it made her body feel hot and her heart beat faster. It didn’t feel bad, though—it felt strange, but good…too good. Carmen had never felt like this before in her life and her heart was about to burst as her whole body tingled. Her voice caught in her throat.


Was this sex as well? Carmen never heard anything about this when the Order taught her about safety all those years ago. Sex…was so much more.

The stimulation was a bit too much and she pulled in her legs, only to find that she couldn’t move them as much as she liked with Kagriss on top of her. She tried to push Kagriss away from her face, but Kagriss kept a tight grip on her arms. “…ah…what are you doing?”

Kagriss pulled back with her tongue still out. A thin trail of liquid stretched from above Carmen’s eyes to the tip of her tongue, trembling in the breeze. She licked her mouth with a small smile on her face. “You didn’t like it, Mistress?”

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“N—no, I did…it’s just—mmph!”

As soon as Carmen admitted that what Kagriss had been doing felt good, Kagriss took it as a signal to keep going. Soft full lips stoppered her mouth, muffling her and preventing another word from coming out. It silenced her moans as well.

At the same time, pressure disappeared from her left arm, only for something to press up against her breast on the same side. At first, it was slightly painful—sudden enough for her to wince, but the pain disappeared quickly when Kagriss softened her touch. It was just the slightest bit of pressure—most of what she felt was simply the presence of a hand touching her through her clothes.

It didn’t feel like much by itself, but the pressure combined with the way that Kagriss had begun trying to push her tongue into her mouth made her mind numb. At the same time, something cold seeped through her clothes and began to brush against the skin of her breast directly, like icy butterfly kisses.

“Open your mouth, Mistress,” Kagriss murmured.

With her eyes still tightly shut, Carmen obediently opened her mouth. Almost immediately, something slipped in between her teeth and touched her tongue. The sensation was so strange and foreign that she bit down while pushing back against it.

Kagriss tensed, gasped, and pulled back away from her. Her sudden absence pulled Carmen out of her trance and her eyes flew open, freezing as she realized what she did. “Oh…I’m sorry…are you okay?” she asked, awkwardly. She had bitten Kagriss’s tongue…but in her defense, it had been unexpected. What kind of kissing involved sticking tongues into other people?

As she tried to talk her blush away, Kagriss shook her head. “I’m okay, Mistress. Just…surprised. Let’s continue, if you don’t mind?”

Kagriss’s blunt words caught Carmen off guard, but she quickly nodded. What Kagriss was doing felt good. Although she was a bit clumsy at first with every new thing she tried, Kagriss seemed to get better every second.

If it felt so good, so intimate now, then what could Kagriss do…

As Kagriss leaned in, trying for another kiss, Carmen pushed her back and sat up. “Wait…my dress…” she said. Then she was the one to jump forward, pressing her lips against Kagriss, trying to permanently imprint the sensation on her mind.

Just being touched through her clothes wasn’t enough anymore. She wanted Kagriss to touch her directly, feeling her fingers on her skin. As she tried to undo the buttons down the front of her shirt with one hand, the other was desperately trying to pull Kagriss closer to her. They fell back on the ground again, temporarily breaking apart, only to join back together right after.

Her breathing became ragged again as she tried to mimic what Kagriss had done for her, but she didn’t get far. Her movements were clumsy and even she knew that she bit too hard on Kagriss’s lips at times, but the girl didn’t complain or pull away.

Carmen knew that she wasn’t as good as the girl she was holding and guilt creeped up inside her. She couldn’t reciprocate the pleasure, she couldn’t pay Kagriss back. Her movements slowed, but as she ebbed, Kagriss seemed to gain new vigor and took the lead. It was almost as if she had been waiting for that moment.

Although Carmen tried to keep up at first, she eventually stopped trying so hard and settled on following what Kagriss did, brushing their lips against each other until they were ready to move on, opening their mouths and slowly letting the tips of their tongues touch.

It was a strange sensation that Carmen had never felt before, but she felt that it was something lewd and something distinctively sexual, more so than anything else that had happened so far. The way that Kagriss’s wet tongue pressed against hers made a strange feeling rise up in her that she didn’t really know how to deal with, but her fingers that had been trying to open her shirt worked faster.

Her shaking fingers lost grip of the buttons several times, but she managed to keep herself under control and not just tear them off.

She finally managed to get the front of her shirt completely unbuttoned. Almost immediately, Kagriss pulled her shirt open and snaked a hand in around her breasts over her brassiere, massaging it and gentling pressing them in circles. Then, she slipped a finger under the bra and lightly traced a line on the underside of her breast.

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Her body that was already almost shaking shuddered and her body bent in a slight arch, pressing against Kagriss. “More, haa…ha…it feels good, Kagriss…”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Kagriss blew on her lips, and then moved to the sides, kissing her on the cheeks before slowly continuing her wet path. She stopped for a moment where Carmen’s jawline met her ears, focusing there while her fingers on Carmen’s breasts never stopped fondling.

Her hand had slipped under Carmen’s bra already, the tip of her finger moving in circles on her nipple that had long turned painfully stiff and swollen. Carmen tried to lean closer, but Kagriss always lightened her touch so that Carmen was always a little bit away.

“Don’t tease me like this,” Carmen pleaded. She was shivering uncontrollably, yet Kagriss won’t give her what she wanted. She wanted more pleasure, more of Kagriss’s touch.

Kagriss propped herself up and began to nibble on her ear, her breath loud. Carmen didn’t know why, but the tip of her ear was extremely sensitive, and each time Kagriss licked her, it was equal parts ticklish and pleasure, especially when Kagriss lightly dragged a tooth along her skin.

Then she lightly blew on her ear and whispered. “I love you, Mistress.”

“I—I love you, too…” Carmen replied. Was it real love, or was it lust? At that moment, it didn’t matter, because only Kagriss could give her what she wanted.

Down on her chest, Kagriss had moved away from her nipple, but before she could complain, fingers tracing the curves on the side and underside of her breasts made her breath catch, choking out in a faint gasp as a new sensation entered her mind, making it blank out.

It was just her skin, so why did it feel like that? It wasn’t even her nipple. Carmen didn’t understand the things she was feeling, or why it felt so good. She squeezed her legs together, rubbing restlessly as the place below her stomach and between her legs grew hotter and began to itch. Her other breast, the one that Kagriss wasn’t touching, felt empty and neglected, and she decided that if Kagriss wasn’t going to touch her, she would do it herself.

She pulled her hand away from Kagriss’s head and grabbed her breast, squeezing slightly. However, it felt nowhere as good as it did when Kagriss touched her. Frustration welled up in her as no matter what she did, it always fell a little short.

Her own touch wasn’t enough.

Carmen’s other hand reached down between her legs, only to meet the fabric of her dress. She pulled on it, trying to lift it up far enough so that her hand could reach her private place. But it was too long. Her blood boiled from her frustration and pink claws grew from her nails, tearing through the cloth like paper with the sound of ripping fabric.

But before she could reach it, Kagriss grabbed her hand, stopping her from going any further. Her mind mushy, she could barely do anything other than pulling against Kagriss’s hand. She won easily, only to be pushed away.

“Stop it,” she mumbled.

But Kagriss didn’t stop, pushing away her hand every time, as if she was a child trying to reach for something she wasn’t supposed to touch. Carmen didn’t keep track of how many times she did it, but the need grew.

The whole time, Kagriss was kissing down her neck, reaching her collarbones and began to lightly bite and suck on them. Her fingers continued to dance on her breasts, and every time Carmen thought that she was getting used to a sensation, Kagriss would change what she was doing to something else, surprising her each time.

Moan after gasping moan escaped from her lips, this time without Kagriss to silence them. Something was building up between her legs, the place Kagriss wouldn’t let her reach—a sensation that she had not felt for weeks by now. At the same time, she squeezed her breast until it throbbed in pain, trying to hold off something.

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“Kagriss,” she said, and began to repeat the girl’s name over and over. “Kagriss, Kagriss…” She gasped as something rolled over her in a small shockwave.

Her back arched and her legs curled toward herself as something warm trickled down the inside of her thighs. It was thick, slimy, and as she rubbed her legs together, an embarrassing sound leaked from under her dress. But even rubbing her thighs together couldn’t satisfy her.

She opened her eyes, looking down and the girl that was playing on her chest. “Kagriss…! I can’t stand it anymore…it feels weird!”

“Weird where?” the girl asked, a teasing smile on her face. It was so different from Kagriss’s usual smile, yet so similar.

“B—between my legs…”

The smile spread across the lich’s face and then she looked down, ignoring Carmen as she continued to kiss her way down, reaching her breasts. Her pace increased until her head had taken the place of Carmen’s own hands.

Kagriss’s breath was no longer cold. Instead, it was just slightly warm, and as it blew over Carmen’s nipple, it stiffened to an almost painful degree that begged to be touched. Carmen’s free hand clawed on the dirt, but it wasn’t enough. She finally found purchase on Kagriss’s hand, trying to push the girl’s head toward her breast so that she wasn’t tortured by that warm breath anymore.

But one hand wasn’t enough to force Kagriss toward her.

“A—ah, I can’t take it…” Her mind was turning blank, her back was arched and her toes curled in her shoes. Amidst that mess in her mind, she registered the feeling of something slipping past her hand that clung to the remains of her skirt.

A hand slid between her legs that were rubbing against each other.

“Hyaaah?!” she gasped, as yet another new sensation, stronger than any other before it assaulted her mind. “Wha—!”

A single finger began to touch her between her legs, but it skipped past her ****, instead rubbing down the center of her panties, making a light crease that held its shape thanks to how wet the fabric was. Each time the finger brushed against her, tremors racked her body.

“Ah…ahhh…what’s happeni—iiing? Hyaaah!”

Before she could react to anything else except bracing herself against the waves of pleasure, that finger finally touched upon her ****, joined by a second. Together, the two fingers lightly pinched it..

It was like everything that had happened to her before when Kagriss kissed her, caressed her, teased her, fondled her, all of it was concentrated into a single point on her body. Something rose up from unknown depths within her, a completely new sensation unlike anything else.

The feeling swelled like something massive breaking through the surface of a body of water.

Her whole body shuddered again and again as her mind turned white, and she felt like she was about to float away. In panic, she grabbed onto Kagriss, forcibly pulling the girl tightly onto her, hanging onto her as an anchor. Even as she tried to squeeze her body into as small a ball as possible, her body bent back as she pushed her lower body into Kagriss.

“Something is—something is…”

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She clenched her teeth, and the rest of her words were lost. She couldn’t even tell if her eyes were open or closed anymore, because everything was just white. No sounds either, and all she could feel was that strange feeling that threatened to explode inside her and the anchor to the world that she clung onto.

That feeling exploded like a dam breaking, pouring from below her abdomen to her entire body, rippling like the tremors of an earthquake. Her body shuddered uncontrollably, and her toes alternated between pointing and curling almost painfully. But at the same time, she felt blissfully happy as the sensations flooded her again and again without end, and all she could think about was how happy she was right now, and Kagriss in her arms.

As the sensation began to fade like the ripples in water after a dropped stone, she felt the strength drain out of her body, leaving her weakened and powerless. She laid there on the ground, her mind a fuzzy mess, incapable of thinking of anything else. Yet somehow, she found the strength to pull Kagriss closer to her. Wrapping her arms around Kagriss’s neck and feeling Kagriss’s warm skin against her own, she felt darkness creep up on her.

Yet, the darkness seemed to stop instead of washing over her. Impatient, she clawed at it, yet the darkness slipped past her grasp like mist. But as Kagriss squeezed her back, the darkness finally didn’t escape her anymore.

For the first time since her evolution, and her first time willingly since she became an undead, Carmen fell into a deep sleep in Kagriss’s arms.


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