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Chapter 111: Sleepwear (18+)

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Author: TypeAxiom Original Source: Scribble Hub

“What did you find?” Kagriss crawled forward until her face was right up next to Camilla’s.

“N—nothing!” Her face fiercely red, Camilla turned away, holding the moonstone away from her as if it was something dangerous. “There’s nothing in there!”

Just by looking at Camilla’s reaction, Kagriss could guess that Camilla was lying. She had found something. The guilty and shame that Kagriss felt through her bond with Camilla only confirmed her guess.

Since the bond was forged from her side first, it was ever so slightly stronger so she could sense Camilla’s emotions and thoughts a bit more clearly.

Camilla wasn’t being honest.

Lying wasn’t good, especially when they rarely lied to each other. Other than their past, there was nothing they kept from one another. Rather than feeling offended, however, Kagriss could only think about just how cute the defensive Camilla was.

She looked at moonstone being held out in front of her, and then at Camilla. Camilla wasn’t looking at her. Her golden eyes wandered around the room, avoiding only Kagriss.

Kagriss laughed. “Just tell me please. Is it something bad?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Kagriss’s mouth twitched. Her plan to bait Camilla into admitting that she found something failed. Even like this, Camilla still retained most of her intellect.

Changing gears, Kagriss reached forward as if to take the moonstone. Camilla’s eyes lit up, but instead of taking the stone, Kagriss closed Camilla’s fingers around it. She covered the little fist enclosing the stone with her own larger hand. She leaned in close, blowing softly.

With the wind from Kagriss’s lips splashing against her face, Camilla felt her eyelashes tremble slightly and she had to resist the urge to rub her eyes.

Her heart thumped. It was so loud that Kagriss could hear it for sure.

But she couldn’t help it, since the so-called sleepwear that she found in the moonstone was just too suggestive. There was no way that she could wear something like that…

For some reason, Kagriss seemed to know her thoughts. She grabbed onto the topic of the sleepwear and refused to let go. Camilla wanted to cry from how persistent Kagriss was, but at the same time she didn’t want to refuse her.

So she just stayed silent.

If she just stayed silent and gave no indication that there was anything in the moonstone, Kagriss will give up eventually, right? After all, Kagriss was just guessing, right?

Camilla desperately wanted her wishes to be true, but in truth, her thoughts were practically laid bare on her face and through the bond. In a way, watching her reactions was a form of entertainment for Kagriss already.

To Kagriss, it would naturally be ideal if Camilla really took out those clothes and wore them, since she really wanted to see. But if Camilla didn’t, it was no big loss.

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But in order to reach that ideal situation, Kagriss worked hard by “asking” Camilla in all sorts of ways. She whispered in Camilla’s ears, chewed on them a little. She tapped on Camilla’s breasts through her clothes, feeling Camilla tremble and writhe.

She inflicted all sorts of torturing through pleasure on Camilla, enjoying every moment of it. As for Camilla, her breathing had become ragged and her reactions dulled.

Slowly, she wore away Camilla’s resistance.

“Show me, show me.” Kagriss made her voice a bit higher than usually, carrying in it a hint of a begging whine. “It’s just clothes, right? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Then whine in her voice disappeared, replaced by a luscious richness that came from deep in her chest. “It’s not like I haven’t already seen everything, right?”

Kagriss found that Camilla had a really nice reaction whenever she alternated tones like that. It seemed to catch Camilla off guard now that her thoughts had become so sluggish.

Camilla stirred a little at her words, her mouth opening and closing as if saying something. But whatever it was, Kagriss couldn’t hear it. Camilla’s eyes were half closed and if it wasn’t for how Camilla’s golden eyes so brightly reflected the meager candlelight, Kagriss might not have been able to tell that they were open at all in this kind of darkness.

An undead’s darksight wasn’t almighty.

Aside from the color of Camilla’s eyes, another reason that they were so bright was because of how misty Camilla’s eyes were. They were filmed over with unshed tears, and given how listless they were, they might as well have been closed.

Kagriss’s heart trembled at the sight. Camilla was so vulnerable right now and a fierce desire to protect Camilla, to not let any of this weakness show to anyone but her, rose within her.

She wanted Camilla to only show this side to her. She wanted Camilla to show her more. She continued to coax the girl in her arms. “Come on, Camilla…”

Camilla blinked, struggling to keep control of her thoughts. Her body was still sensitive from being played with in the bath, and she almost couldn’t take what Kagriss was doing to her now.

Although she could shut off her biological senses to avoid all this, she chose to give herself in and lay herself bare to Kagriss.

As the waves of pleasure both big and small washed over her again and again, her mind became slightly numb and her thoughts became blurry. The most she could do now was to cover her mouth with both of her hands to prevent any sounds from leaking out.

Kagriss’s voice by her ear was almost hypnotizing. It constantly changed, begging pitifully one moment before becoming so dominating and authoritative the next. She couldn’t keep up. Which was the real Kagriss? Camilla couldn’t tell.

Regardless of how Kagriss said it, the message in her words was always the same. It repeated, reinforcing itself in Camilla’s mind until it became almost a command.

At first, Camilla’s shame and fear of embarrassment helped her resist it, but as she trembled, she began to give in. She was beginning to cramp from tensing and relaxing so much.

The inside of her dress was drenched despite Kagriss’s hands never going near her legs.

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As an especially large wave of pleasure washed over her, making her mind turn white and blank for a brief moment, the last of her resistance crumbled. Her hands that had been muffling her cries left her face, falling limply by her sides.

“I’ll do it…I’ll show you, so please…!”

The nimble hands that played with her, reduced her to this state paused. “Show me what?”

As Camilla spoke something intelligible at long last, Kagriss knew that she had reached her goal. The girl in her arms didn’t answer her. She began to wiggle and Kagriss let go, allowing Camilla to pull away from her.

Camilla slid off the bed, her feet landing softly on the ground. Then she turned to face the bed, to face Kagriss.

The candle was still burning behind her, but even though most of Camilla’s face was hidden in shadow, Kagriss could still see how alluringly red it was.

Camilla swayed, unsteady. Her eyes were as blank and misty as ever.

Her voice was quiet and hesitant. “Then…I’ll change now.”

She closed her eyes. The black and white dress disappeared. For a moment, Camilla was naked. Kagriss thought that the sleepwear that Camilla had been hiding for so long will appear any moment now, but after a long wait, Camilla’s pale body was still as bare as ever.

“It’s embarrassing, so could you please turn around…?”

Kagriss smiled and turned around without complaint. However, she kept her senses out, watching for that now-familiar pulse of blood magic that marked when Camilla used her blood bonding.

When that pulse she waited for came, Kagriss’s heart skipped a beat, becoming filled with anticipation. She almost turned around, but she forced herself to stay still. She had to wait for Camilla’s words…

“Y—you can turn around now.”

When the words came, it was so quiet that Kagriss almost didn’t hear it.

Trying to not show how excited she was, Kagriss turned, keeping her moments slow and steady. She even kept her eyes closed, wanting to keep the sight that Camilla had been trying to hide this whole time a surprise for herself. When Kagriss finally opened her eyes, she couldn’t help but stare.

At the same time, she felt herself blushing. No wonder Camilla had been so reluctant to show her.

When she imagined sleepwear, Kagriss imagined some kind of loose, fluffy robe that could be worn to bed. She had her suspicions when Camilla refused to show her the sleepwear, but she had never imagined that it would be what Camilla was wearing.

It was a…gown? Kagriss didn’t know what to call it, but it was only held up by two thin straps on Camilla’s shoulders. The straps extended to the top of the brassiere-like part on the dress. Beneath that part, loose fabric draped down to her upper thighs, split down the center to flutter freely, revealing Camilla’s smooth, flat belly.

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There was a matching set of underwear as well, but rather than the ruffled bloomers that Camilla usually wore beneath her dress, it was something so outrageously scant on fabric that Kagriss couldn’t believe her eyes. It was triangular, secured with the same thin string that held the top part of the two-piece “sleepwear” up.

If the mere form of the clothes on Camilla wasn’t impactful enough, the clothes were also sheer. The set of sleepwear was of silk, thinly woven enough that Kagriss could clearly see everything behind it. Woven into the fabric like curling flowers and vines reaching in from the edges were darker lace patterns, partially obscuring the most important bits on Camilla’s body.

But not completely.

If Kagriss looked closely enough, she could still make out the little spots of pink behind the black patterns.

Kagriss’s gaze was hot on Camilla’s skin. With how cool the room was and how much skin Camilla showed, Camilla couldn’t help but feel self conscious. Her eyes cleared a little, finally showing a little light, but right now she wished she was still as confused as before. At least then, she wouldn’t be as embarrassed as she was now!

Camilla blushed, covering her chest and between the legs. “Don’t look… it’s embarrassing.” As the words left her mouth, she looked away herself, unable to meet Kagriss’s eyes. However, she couldn’t help but keep looking back to see Kagriss’s reaction.

There was a blush on Kagriss’s face, something she almost never saw. Even when the tall girl pleasured her at night, Kagriss rarely blushed, unlike herself. Now, the sight seemed to make up for it.

Her voice woke Kagriss from her trance, but instead of looking away, the gaze merely grew hotter. It was as if Kagriss wanted to burn a hole into her with her gaze alone.

“You really can’t…”

Before Camilla could finish her weak protest, a change in Kagriss’s eyes made the words die in her mouth and she fell silent.

Kagriss stood up and began to undress as Camilla watched.

Slowly, more and more skin became uncovered, yet Camilla felt that even being completely naked was less shameful than wearing what she was wearing. It was less sleepwear and more lingerie, designed to seduce.

But despite how hot her face felt and how much she wanted to hide, she wasn’t uncomfortable having Kagriss be the one to see her in such a state.

When Kagriss finally finished undressing, she sat back down on the bed. She placed a hand down beside her. Camilla blinked and nodded. Licking her lips, she walked toward the bed, each step slow and shy.

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