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Chapter 109: Bath (18+)

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Author: TypeAxiom Original Source: Scribble Hub

Soft. So soft that Camilla was afraid to lean back so she sat rigidly straight, not making a single move. “K—Kagriss, what are you doing…”

“Making room for me to stretch my legs. You can also keep your chin above the water this way, so isn’t it the perfect solution?”

“It wouldn’t have hurt to tell me before you moved me,” Camilla protested. “Eep!”

As she spoke, Kagriss had reached around her, pulling her back. Camilla floundered as her balance slipped out of her control, splashing water out of the tub. Her heart jumped as she managed to catch the lips of the tub. “What now? Ah!”

Something brushed her hair side and nuzzled her neck. It blew cool air on her, making the spot sensitive.

She heard a voice next to her ear. “You’re so soft, it’d be a shame to not hug you when we’re so close together.”

“You’re the one that put us so close together…?!”

The pitch of her voice flew up as the something that was in the crook of her neck slowly moved up, taking Camilla’s earlobe gently in her mouth, nibbling on it lightly. The nibbling itself didn’t feel like much, but the cool breath made her shiver uncontrollably. However, she couldn’t break free with Kagriss holding her so tightly.

Camilla could do nothing but sit still, her whole body tensed with nervousness. How could she know what Kagriss was after? But all those nights of intimacy did nothing to help her prepare for what was going to happen.

For lack of a better word, those moments were her indulging in the pleasures of being close with Kagriss, not…this kind of sensual, carnal act.

The steam made her cheeks rosy red even if Kagriss could not see from behind her.

Despite herself, she began to anticipate what Kagriss would do. Any moment now, Kagriss would work her way up her ear, nibbling at the more sensitive parts of. Camilla squeezed her eyes shut, preparing to weather the mounting pleasure that will assault her mind…but Kagriss’s suddenly pulled away so that Camilla could no longer feel her teeth and tongue.

The wetness that Kagriss left on her ear felt cold against the air, but more conspicuously, it felt empty.

“Ah…” A gasp protesting the sudden neglect escaped from her mouth.

“What is it?” Kagriss asked, sounding much farther away now.

“…nothing…” Heat from Camilla’s face spread up to her ears and using the excuse of washing her ears, she covered her ears. They were definitely turning red. Why was Kagriss stopping now?

Normally, she had to be the one to stop Kagriss from going too far, so Kagriss’s sudden abstinence was strange. But she didn’t mind if it meant she could just shower without going through any more embarrassment.

Picking up a towel hanging from the side of the tub, Camilla began to wipe herself. The towel was adequately soft and was probably the best this place had to offer. She ran the towel, wet with the hot water from the bath, over her arm.

Warmth accompanied the passage of towel, leaving her feeling cleaner. As she focused on washing, she neglected to pay attention to Kagriss. Taking advantage of her lapse in attention, Kagriss reached around and grabbed hold of the towel.

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“Let me help.”

“Eh? Um…well, if it’s not too much trouble,” Camilla said, pointing at another spare towel. She leaned forward, tensing as she shifted and she realized that she was sitting on Kagriss’s lap. “It’s difficult for me to reach my back, so if you’d please…”

Without another word, Kagriss took the cloth and after soaking it, she began to rub the towel on Camilla’s back underwater. The tiny currents formed by Kagriss’s movements brushed up against Camilla’s exposed skin.

For a while, there was only the sound of splashing water.

Despite having been traveling for so long, Camilla wasn’t very dirty due to lacking the biological processes that trapped dirt on her skin. Still, it felt good to be cared for like this.

She had long finished with her arms and shoulders, but the way that Kagriss so diligently fussed over her was too luxurious to not focus on enjoying. After Kagriss finished with her back, she moved toward Camilla’s front.

All though alarm bells rang quietly in her mind, Camilla was too relaxed to care, up until the towel sank into the water and settled gently on her thigh, making her eyes fly open.

It was the towel on her thigh that made her eyes open, but what made them widen was the hands cupping her chest, a breast in each hand.

It was so out of nowhere that for a moment Camilla didn’t feel anything, but as those hands began to move, squeezing gentling, rubbing, her nipples began to harden. Soft hands brushed against her nipples, the gentle friction making her shake with each touch.

Kagriss didn’t stop there. While she continued what she was doing with one hand, she changed what she was doing with the other, focusing on Camilla’s nipples. The way her nail gently dragged over her sensitive part sent a jolt down Camilla’s spine and a quiet gasp escaped again.

Seemingly encouraged by her reaction, Kagriss did it again and yet again, Camilla had to hold back a moan with her eyes squeezed shut against the pleasure. Her legs rubbed together, toes scrunched. “Mmph…”

The touch was feather light, almost as if Kagriss was tickling her, but the part Kagriss touched was so sensitive that it felt good nonetheless.

Kagriss slowly went faster, the little flicks turning to light scratches all over while her other hand pinched Camilla’s nipples between two fingers even while massaging her while breasts.

Camilla felt the pleasure surge from her chest directly to her mind. Although Kagriss had played with her nipples before now, it was never this intense. She had always been gentle and calm, slowly kneading her breasts through her clothes. Back then, even when Kagriss stimulated her nipples, it was always as a side effect, unlike now with Kagriss seemingly focused on it, paying the rest of her breasts only a second thought. She was almost violent.

And it felt good.

The pleasure filled her mind, turning everything a blinding white filled with stars. When her head was filled, the pleasure flowed down, filling every nook and cranny of her body, especially between her legs.

She pressed her thighs together, rubbing them against each other as the pleasure became unbearable. Her nails left deep impressions in her palm as shudders racked her body. She writhed, trying to find release from all the sensations gathering in her like a dam.

The gasps and moans that she had initially tried to hold back began to leak out through her tightly shut lips.

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As it all mounted to a breaking point, just as Camilla thought she might finally break—it stopped.

Kagriss took away her hands, bringing all the pleasure to a slamming stop, yanking Camilla out of the white, starry trance and hurling back into the dimly lit room. It was a fall from heaven that left her gasping from the sheer loss she experienced.

Empty. So empty. The pent up desire in her rampaged, trying to find release. “What? Why…”

Before she managed to say anything else, those hands enveloped her breasts once more, startling her into a yelp of pleasure and surprise. She slammed her mouth shut to trap the sounds, closing her eyes once more to entrust herself to the pleasure.

She sank deeper, the brink coming closer until she could see the edge. So close. And she was yanked from the depths again to the surface, completely bewildered with her mind in a mess.

This time she didn’t wait. She reached up for her breasts, trying to bring herself up to that point again, but Kagriss caught her hands, pulling them over her head and binding them together with bands of magic.

Although Camilla tried to break free with her raw strength in her desperation, the magic was surprisingly powerful and, in contrast, all her limbs felt weak and limp with exhaustion.

“What are you trying to do?” Kagriss whispered in her ear, her voice low with warning. Camilla felt a finger under her chin, tilting her head up, exposing her neck.

“Wh—what I’m trying to do?” Camilla squeaked. “I…I…I…”

But the words just won’t come out. They were too embarrassing.

“You what? You have to say it.” Kagriss’s voice next to her ear was low and sultry, yet teasing at the same time. Just her voice was sending tingles down Camilla’s spine, but it wasn’t enough to stem the tide. The feeling was rapidly fading away, the feeling of release slipping further and further away. Although the feeling wasn’t as physically torturous as before, it strained her mind knowing what she desired was growing ever further away.

Tears that had already gathered in her throes of pleasure fell from her eyes. “But you already know what…”

“Really? How would I know what you’re thinking? The bond doesn’t tell me something so specific,” Kagriss said, and Camilla could practically hear the sly smile in her voice. However, she couldn’t do anything even if she wanted to.

“You have to tell me what you want clearly. You know what to say.”

Tell me…tell me…clearly…

The words echoed in Camilla’s mind; it was the key to that release. The desire overwhelmed all of her reasoning despite her face practically burning up. “I…I want to…c̲u̲m̲…” She turned slightly, although Kagriss’s fingers on her chin didn’t allow her to move much. “Please help me…”

As those shameful words came out of her mouth, Camilla felt a wave of pleasure surged through the bond she shared with Kagriss. Only a fraction of what Kagriss really felt leaked over, but in the state that Camilla was in, it was nearly enough to push her over the edge.

“Good girl,” Kagriss hissed, her voice strained.

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With Camilla’s hands still trapped over her head, she was completely at Kagriss’s mercy whether or not she kept her word. She bit her lips, her heartbeat quickening in anticipation.

Luckily, Kagriss didn’t betray her trust as her nimble fingers began to play with her breasts once much, no longer only on the nipples but paid attention to every part.

Although the other parts of her breasts weren’t as sensitive as her nipples, the sensations that Camilla felt from them were exotic and unfamiliar as opposed to the overwhelming pleasure she was used to from her nipples.

Bucking her hips upwards, alternating between stretching and scrunching her toes, she tried to push her chest further into Kagriss’s hands as she got closer.

“Mmm…more…!” she half cried in a whisper.

Currents of water pushed and pulled on her breasts and the rest of her body, caressing her gently. Her body was so hot that the bathwater only felt lukewarm in comparison.

Closer and closer, Kagriss’s movement pushed her toward the edge. Her apprehension grew, afraid that Kagriss might once again cruelly deny her release.

“Relax, Camilla. Just sit back, lean into me,” Kagriss said, her now-gentle voice cutting through her mistrust. Offering her entire being up to Kagriss, Camilla let go completely and allowed Kagriss bring her to release.

With a dam breaking, the pleasure broke free from her body, rushing to her breasts and between her legs, pouring out as her back arched. Her toes cramped up and her nails pierced through her skin. But she felt no pain, only pleasure. Her mouth opened in a soundless scream, just as she could see nothing in her mind but the myriad of colors of pleasure that was simultaneously pitch black.

The waves of pleasure rippled through her body, each as powerful as the last. She lost count of how many waves there were as they seemed to never end and blended together.

When they finally began to grow weaker, so did her shudders and writhes, and her voice finally became audible, though it was quickly muffled by Kagriss’s hand. But Kagriss’s hand on her mouth seemed to renew the waves of pleasure until she felt like she was going to faint if she took much more of it.

Whether it was just a few seconds or a lifetime, the pleasure finally stopped, leaving her completely drained. Her second time, just like that. Only, it wasn’t as she had expected, but it was just as exhausting as her first.

The magic keeping her hands frozen in the air disappeared, dropping her down. Completely out of strength, Camilla slumped listlessly down against Kagriss, her head lolling forward. She only managed to keep her head above the water thanks to Kagriss supporting her.

Despite her exhaustion, she still mustered her strength enough to look back at the woman behind her with a small smile. “Thank you…”

Hands help her turn around just enough. Lips that hid the teeth that had been biting on her ear from what seemed like an eternity ago pressed against hers in a deep kiss that seemed to drain the last of her strength.

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