Chapter 114 – Apex

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 994 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

On the seventh day after leaving Logholt, Merc and the group arrived at a tiny forest after following the restaurant owner’s instructions. The woodland in front of the group was undeniably the path that the owner had preferred not to propose.

The overgrown forest in front of the group included a variety of trees that exuded a spooky aura. Additionally, it appeared to be pretty big. Even if they approached this optimistically, there was no way they could traverse the forest in a single day at Edin’s pace.

They would most likely have to spend a night in the forest.

“I don’t want to spend the night in such a place…”

After witnessing the forest, Edin stated with a dissatisfied tone. It was the same for everyone else. They were all reluctant to spend the night in this eerie forest.

“Edin. I know ya don’t like it, but it’s impossible to pass this forest in a day. And if ya don’ move ya butt we might have to spend two to three nights inside.”
“You can’t be serious! E-Everyone! Let’s go!”
“Hehe! That’s da spirit.”

In response to Svemir’s advice, Edin hurriedly picked up his luggage and began to make his way into the forest. While keeping an eye on the surroundings, Svemir followed after him. Merc and Foldia also followed suit, so as to not be separated.

“Fol, did you notice?” Merc called out to Foldia, who was calmly strolling with both hands on the back of his head.

Even though Merc had spoken so that only Foldia could hear her, she had still called him Fol. Because she had been using that name for a week now, she was already quite accustomed to it.

“Do you mean the gazes that are coming from the forest?”

Foldia followed with a question, demonstrating that he knew what Merc meant. This caught Merc by surprise.

“So how are you able to be so relaxed? Would you please be warier?”
“Why should I?”

Foldia, perplexed by Merc’s remark, asked while dropping his hands. Merc couldn’t tell from his behavior how much he genuinely understood what was happening.

“The presence differs from that of a Magic Beast. Most likely, it’s humans. And from the looks of it, they’re 100% not down for a chat. It’s fine if they attack us, but it’s another story if they target Edin. They may prove to be even more troublesome than Magic Beasts, depending on how things play out.”
“Yea, I know.”
“You know… Why do you act as if this doesn’t concern you?”
“Because it doesn’t.”

Merc, startled to the core, asked. Foldia, on the other hand, was grinning.

“Look here. You and that old codger Svemir accepted Edin’s request for an escort. I’m just tagging along.” Foldia said with a smug face.

Even though Merc was angry with Foldia, she recognized that what he had said was correct.

Only she and Svemir had accepted the request. Since Foldia wouldn’t receive any compensation in the end, he had no obligation to protect Edin. He therefore acted that it didn’t affect him at all.

“Only a portion of the reason I’m not acting is due to it not being my concern. The remaining portion is right next to Edin. That geezer is quite strong.”
“What? Given that he caught your eye, he must be pretty competent.”

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Thanks to her previous life, Merc had learned how to approximately estimate a person’s strength. Additionally, she could now examine a person’s mana, which enhanced her ability to evaluate a person’s power.

Despite this, her deductions were nowhere near as accurate as Foldia’s inherent intuition. Even with the Mana Concealing Magic Stone in her possession, Foldia would have noticed something was off about the Empire’s spy.

Merc was confident that despite the girl’s youthful appearance and the Magic Stone, Foldia would have seen right through her strength.

Svemir, a lowly Grade 3 Adventurer in Merc’s eyes, was undoubtedly strong if someone like Foldia was praising him.

“Hmph, I wonder. I don’t seem to feel much Mana from him. I doubt he can even use Mana Manipulation.”

Merc said after giving Svemir’s Mana another glance but finding nothing noteworthy. Svemir’s mana was comparable to, or just a little bit more, than what Merc had possessed as Estert. Regardless, with just that much Svemir wouldn’t be able to feel his own Mana.

“As a swordsman, you should understand better than anybody that Mana is not everything in a fight. You’ve gotten way too drunk on Mana and spells now that you reincarnated as an elf.”

Foldia said. Merc, on the other hand, gave him a stern stare in return that briefly caused Foldia to shudder.

“Ahem… That geezer can most likely use Apex.”
“Apex? Are you for real?”

Surprised by a term she hadn’t heard in a long, Merc exclaimed. She then turned to look at Edin and Svemir as they conversed joyfully, a smile on her face. Merc could tell they were probably discussing something lewd by the bothered expression on Edin’s face.

I somehow don’t like the fact that the geezer can use Apex…

Merc had grown tired of Svemir’s constant, obscene looks toward her during the last week.

Merc was partially immune to them since she had lived as a man, but if she had been born a girl from the beginning, she would have most certainly ignored him much earlier. Svemir personified the term “perverted geezer” with his sexual looks and actions.

Ironically, Merc was unaware that the way she looked at women with large breasts gave off the same feeling.

“What’s wrong? You don’t seem to like the fact that the geezer can use Apex.” Foldia teased.
“Yea… It’s a little off-putting.”

Merc replied with a sour expression on her face.

She found it difficult to accept that Svemir, whom she considered to be immature and unremarkable, could use Apex, the skill that had helped Estert become the strongest swordsman.


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