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Chapter 117 – Boys Talk

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1083 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

By the time they had done setting up the camp, the forest had become completely black, just as Svemir had said, and no one could even see the faces of those who were standing next to them.

“Phew. Thank god ya could use fire magic.”

After a simple dinner, the group gathered around the campfire and Svemir expressed his relief.

The most basic spell a magician could execute was producing fire, but as Merc had noted, Svemir was probably not very skilled at using his Mana.

Edin agreed with Svemir as he rubbed his sleepy eyes.

“Mr. Svemir’s right. All of you have way more experience and are way more skilled than I am. Especially you, Merc. Despite your age you’re doing a better job at adulting than me.”
“Fufu… Does it really seem that way?”

At Edin’s serious remark, Merc broke into giggles. That was because she couldn’t disclose she was much older than him. Merc wondered how Edin would react if he were to learn the truth.

“It does. I assume that Mr. Fol and you are both around 18 and 20, right?”
“Pff… Hahahaha!”

Merc couldn’t help but laugh when she noticed Edin’s innocent expression. Both Edin and Svemir were shocked by Merc’s actions. But that was only because they were unaware of how badly Edin had actually missed the mark.

He had misjudged both Merc’s physical and mental ages. Merc couldn’t help laughing since it was so amusing.

“Hihihi… Can you imagine it, Fol?! You! Twenty! Hahaha!”
“You’re no 18-year-old either. Come to think of it, how old were you?”

Foldia asked. Naturally, he was interested in learning Merc’s actual age following her reincarnation.

Although he had intended to bring up the subject during their initial encounter, he’d been so overcome with shock that he’d entirely forgotten. Merc shrugged her shoulders and spoke.

“I’m 14.”
“I see, 14… Wait what?” Edin exclaimed.
“14? Ya can’t be serious!” Svemir said, overcome with shock as well.
“The math adds up.”

Because he took into account the time of Estert’s passing, Foldia responded quite calmly.

On the other hand, Svemir and Edin were utterly shocked. They were both looking at Merc from the bottom up, their jaws hanging to the floor.

They probably didn’t see much because, unlike Merc, they couldn’t see during the night, but they weren’t able to control themselves.

“Is it that hard to believe?”
“Course it is! Dis means that ya just recently passed the Adventurer Exam! I neva would’ve imagined this!”
“Mr. Svemir’s right. I figured you were young, but not this young. My daughter is close to your age…”

This time Edin and Svemir both spoke, however, this time a hint of admiration could be seen in their eyes. Svemir in particular was criticizing himself for fantasizing about a 14-year-old. Even for him, a 14-year-old was way too young.

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Foldia ended up talking to cheer them up after looking at them both.

“For the record, you don’t need to worry about me being 14.”
“What? Well, that’s obvious. So, Mr. Fol, how big is the gap between you and Miss Merc?”
“Hm. Let’s say that we’re about 10 years apart.”
“I see. That’s what I thought as well. I’m glad that I managed to at least get your age right, Mr. Fol.”

Foldia purposefully chuckled as she saw Edin’s happy demeanor. Merc, on the other hand, was gazing coldly.

He really does know how to fool people…

Foldia’s statement was true. He and Merc were indeed about 10 years apart. Nevertheless, he had neglected to mention that it was, in fact, Merc that was the older of the two.

However, Merc decided to leave it as it was.

“Huh? Then in this case, there’s no way you two are dating, right?” Edin followed up, thinking that it would be strange for two people to be dating with such a difference.
“Don’t be like that pal. Age doesn’t matter when one is in love. Ain’t that right?”

With a smug and self-assured look, Svemir remarked. He then turned to look at Merc and Foldia as though looking for validation, but Foldia only shrugged and spoke,

“I’m sorry, I should’ve made this clear right off the bat. We’re not dating. We’re simply companions that have known each other for a while. I have no such feelings towards her. I can assure you.”
“Haha. Same thing here. There’s no way I’d take him for my lover. I can assure you.”
“I see. So that’s how it is…” Unconvinced, Edin remarked.
“Really? Hmph. I think ya look good together though. Is it because of da age?”

Svemir also remarked, not willing to buy it. In response, Merc and Foldia could only chuckle and dismiss the questions.

The discussion went on for a little while longer before eventually coming to an end. Svemir then gave a quick, gentle clap.

“Kay then. It’s gotten quite dark, so how bout we hit the beds? The first watch will be Missy here, as we discussed earlier. Then it’s me, and finally, young man, Fol. That okay?”
“Yes.” Merc answered.
“No problems here as well. Let’s go hit the beds. Merc, you be careful, okay?” Foldia said.
“Of course.”

Merc said as she watched the three men leave the fire. Although Merc had no trouble seeing in the dark, she had mostly kept the fire alive for Svemir and Edin, who lacked the ability. Although the fire was a bit dazzling, everyone would be able to react swiftly if an emergency happened thanks to it.

The Magic Beast would still be aware of the group’s presence with or without the fire. Therefore, regardless of the fire, the Magic Beast would attack the group if they so desired. There was no point in worrying about that point as well.

The problem is those b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ spying on us…

Merc was fully aware of the entities who were covertly pursuing them because her Mana Scan could almost sweep the entire forest. She was also aware that there were more than just one or two people.

They’re still laying low. They’ll probably strike when I’m by myself.

By comparing their appearances, it was simple to determine who was the weakest member of the group. When the night became a little darker and everyone went to bed save from Merc, the other side would undoubtedly move.

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Come and try me then. You’ll regret underestimating me.

Cross-legged and leaning back against a tree trunk, Merc thought as she grinned cruelly.


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