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[Prologue] Chapter 3 – Exposed

While we’re on it, chopping ribs is actually a very demanding and painful task, and the salary is pitifully low, in fact, the reason Fang Lin could do this job with the feelings of enjoyment is to feel that moment of surpassing himself.

Owner He looked at Fang Lin’s slow actions, and finally couldn’t stand it anymore, he walked over with a furious expression to scold this arrogant brat, but who would have thought that just after he took a few steps, the chopping found rang out, and several piles of minced meat few our with a “pa” sound, scaring him back, fearing that his Saint Angelo clothes would be dirtied. Just as he mustered up his courage to scold Fang Lin when he (Fang Lin) had put down his knife, he saw this young man look up at him calmly, the reached over with the hand that held the knife, and slowly unraveled the blood soaked cloth. Seeing his owners, Owner He didn’t know why, but he immediately calmed down, retreated a step, swallowed, then said forcefully with the aura he had before,

“What… What do you want to do, not working?”

Fang Lin said sincerely,

“My abilities are limited, it looks like it can’t satisfy your request, do I’ll resign myself, I won’t ask for this month’s salary either.”

With that, he wrapped up the apron on his body and prepared to leave, Owner He’s heart felt like it was dealt a huge blow, if this brat leaves, then where’s he supposed to find such cheap labor? It’s rare that he’s rather hardworking, and could be half a cleaner, although he was a bit slow, bit his hands didn’t stop, most importantly! If he goes to find a dunzi right now, he must give a thousand five hundred and have to include meals and accommodation, and the personality is not even guaranteed!

People often say that only when you’re about to lose something would you understand it’s value. This Owner He was the same, only now did he think of the greatness of Fang Lin, and thus said with a bit of stutter.

“No such thing, I’m just coming in and see, and just hurry you guys up on the way, you are doing good. Continue, everyone work hard, I’ll pay for additional food at night.”

He walked out awkwardly as he said it, the corner of Fang Lin’s mouth raised slightly, it seems like the furious Owner He was also afraid of a temporary worker like him that worked like him, while costing two hundred kuai per month, it really is a miracle.

If course Fang Lin was unable to handle the entire night, in the end the owner took it into his hands, and chopped up ribs with him, although two large blisters appeared on his hand, but this is a typical happiness in pain, when he closed off two o’clock at night, Owner He’s smile caused him to be unable to keep his mouth shut, he really earned tons, two hundred and fifty kilograms of ribs was made into hotpot and were all sold, thus the iron rooster plucked off feathers for once in a life time, and gave fifty kuai of bonus per person, as for dinner ---------- More precisely speaking, it’s a midnight snack, was hotpot in name, but it was actually a mix of what the customers left behind! However, after working hard the entire day, everyone were starving, and couldn’t care so much, they just gobbled everything down, and wanted to leave everything to after they were full.

Fang Lin was also really tired tonight, although his endurance was amazing, and he could suppress the pain from his body, the energy wasted could not have come from thin air, even when he ate, he only used his left hand. He had a huge appetite, and ate slowly, so when he finished, most of the people have been gone already, even the most diligent Zhou-sange had started snoring beside the chair. When Fang Lin had half-washed his lunch box his pupils suddenly contracted!

———————— He didn’t know when that Wan Qiang had silently arrived behind his back!

The reason Fang Lin found out was not because he had some sense of danger, nor was it because he noticed a sound Wan Qiang made, it was because the aluminum tap had coincidentally reflected the scene behind him!

“What is it?” Fang Lin suddenly said calmly. He was very interested in the blinking tattoo on Wan Qiang’s body, however, he knows that the more you care about something, the less care you have to show for it, only then can you use the smallest cost to receive the greatest benefits.

This caused Wan Qiang to be shocked instead, he said with a cold shudder,

“How-how did you know I came?”

The corner of Fang Lin’s mouth raised slightly, but he didn’t reply the question, he said once again,

“What is it?”

Wan Qiang was very dissatisfied by being in the passive side of the question and answer, he got slightly angry, but still restrained himself and said,

“Nothing really, since you are an university student, I want to ask you to help me take a look since my chest has been feeling uncomfortable lately.”

Fang Lin’s heart moved , he did want to carefully examine that tattoo on Wan Qiang’s chest, it’s just that he has always been trying to think of a plan to do this without raising suspicion, who would have thought that this person would ask for it! An uncanny feeling flash across in heart for a moment-------- You have to know, everything between the heavens and earth have both pros and cons, normally, everything that goes too smoothly usually have some sort of unusual danger linked with it.

If it was with Fang Lin’s careful personality, he would have very quickly noticed this, however, right now, the man suddenly ripped open the shirt in front of his chest! The buttons all fell onto the floor with “palapala” sounds!

That tattoo!

That blood red sneering tattoo appeared in front of Fang Lin’s eyes once more!

This time, he noticed more carefully that, the muscles lines of Wan Qiang, who’s shirt has been removed, were unusually clear, each muscle bulged out, from the looks of it, he had spent a long time training them!

However, to be honest, in the entire kitchen, he’s the laziest one, he either sits there doing nothing, or walks around like an invigilator, the reason why the hrash owner could accept it is because Wan Qiang’s meimei is also at the store, and had a rather affable relationship with Iron Rooster He.

That tattoo… was very strange.

Fang Lin could only describe it with the word strange.

Ever since he first saw this tattoo, he had done a lot of research, there are two ways of getting a tattoo, one is to use shark fins and other animal bones and tie them onto wooden sticks, then dip them in ink and hammer into the skin with little hammers. The second is to use uhi passed down from the Maori people, and piece them into the skin manually. No matter which method was used, it’s impossible to create such a lively, realistic image!

All of a sudden, that ferocious and evil tattoo suddenly smiled at him with it’s mouth open!

Despite how good Fang Lin’s mental state is, and could sleep well even after murdering someone, he was still freaked out by this, everywhere was silent, the light dimmed down and became stark white, the tap water flowed with dripping sounds, there was a weird atmosphere in the air. Wan Qiang’s expression changed many times, then finally said expressionlessly,

“Does it look good?”

Fang Lin took a deep breath, he noticed that although Wan Qiang looked calm, his thumb and forefinger continuously rubbed against each other, his eyeballs were also bulging out, even the hair on his arms were sticking up, this means that he was in an unusually worked up state. Countless ideas flashed across his mind, but when his eyes matched up with that pair of deep ghost eyes, he actually answered uncontrollable,

“It… looks very weird.”

Wan Qiang immediately leaped over, and grabbed Fang Lin’s arms, the red capillaries could be seen in his eyes, he shouted with a suddenly worked up voice,

“You-You really can see this Nightmare Brand!”

Fang Lin’s self-control was extremely strong, the moment he said it, he knew that there was a mistake, just as he wanted to call for help, he felt a coldness on his waist, where a slightly piercing pain was felt, as if something penetrated his skin, and shook within the waist muscles on the surface. Wan Qiang’s voice became darker, as he said a one word sentence,


Fang Lin could already be sure that he was stabbed by a knife on his waist, and said calmly,

“To where? Be careful not to harm me. Someone could come here at any moment.”

Wan Qiang didn’t say anything, and only moved his hand slightly in reply, and gave the directions using the pain that the knife tip that was pierced half an inch into Fang Lin’s body caused him.

That was the stars.

Fang Lin had originally thought that Wan Qiang wanted to take him hostage at the rooftop, where very few people go, but the direction the two went was downwards, he didn’t understand at all, did this guy plan to bring him downstairs to the main hall? Isn’t he scared of someone calling the police? Even if he isn’t scared, he (Fang Lin), a wanted criminal, is scared!

However, Fang Lin didn’t have a choice, and could only follow him down the stairs. He could faintly see that Wan Qiang’s eyes were half closed, the oni head tattoo emitted a blurry light, when it shown onto the stars, it was actually reflected rather unrealistically! It was as if waves appeared on the hard floor, like there was a barrier, blocking off another world!

The two people passed through it so easily!

Then after walking down half a floor of stars, Fang Lin immediately noticed that something was wrong! He walked in and out of this place every day, in order to prevent his brain from taking a break, he could always find data to memorize. Under normal circumstances, this half a floor of stairs had eleven steps, each step was fourteen centimeters tall, yet he noticed that the initial half a floor was still normal, but after turning the corner, the stairs underneath had thirteen steps, and the height of each step was slightly less as well!

Wan Qiang was breathing hard because he was getting worked up as he hurried Fang Lin to go down quickly, If it was normally, they would have been at the hall downstairs of the hotpot palace already, yet what appeared before Fang Lin’s eyes was a dim turn, the unending spiraling staircase seemed to go straight underground!

This could not be described through modern science anymore. It was silent all quiet all around, with the occasional sound of water droplets and excited heavy breathing mixing together, Fang Lin felt like a metal chain was stuck on his arm, he was completely dragged forward by this Wan Qiang effortlessly.

Five floors, six floors, seven floors… Fang Lin counted silently in his heart, keeping count of the number of floors he went down, although normal people are able to survey their surroundings, Fang Lin is able to notice a large amount of details, then store them in his mind, he can even use these to make logical predictions to predict some things that might happen.

When they arrived at eleven floors, they could faintly hear the sound of people, Fang Lin had the mental preparation already, but he still couldn’t help but feel a bit of joy, slowly advancing in this sullen environment really caused an intense pressure onto people, causing them to be unable to breathe properly. When they reached thirteen floors, there was no stairs to go down on anymore, the feeling underneath his feet were still quite soft, as if he was stepping on… intestines.

At this moment, the sinister tattoo on Wan Qiang’s chest let out a ghostly green light, the ghastly light spread around, but it was only limit to several meters around them, it was as if a pale green ball of light surrounded the two of them. After that, a sharp white light flickered from afar, then Fang Lin saw that, he instinctively closed his eyes, he felt a sudden pain in his eyes, although he was just shone by this light for half a second, he had a feeling of his entire body being pierced!

On the other hand, Wan Qiang let out a terrible scream, his eyes bulged out by nearly a centimeter, the veins on his neck also popped out, it looked like the blood in his entire body was boiling, as if he would explode any second! His hand furiously grabbed at the air, as he said in gasping pain,

“Wait… Wait!”

A cold voice with a hint of a metal’s hardness, passed out from the darkness,

“You broke the rules, so you should be punished!”

The moment the voice passed out, Wan Qiang roared with all his might,

“I didn’t! This person can see the Nightmare Brand!”

His roar passed through the mysterious space, and echoed through the air. The white light from afar suddenly brightened, then dampened, however, at this moment, the feeling it gave Fang Lin was more gentile. Gradually, that light spread around like mercury spilling on eh ground, like a shimmering white path, and like a carpet, it directly extended in front of the two’s eyes.

Feeling excited, Wan Qiang quickly dragged Fang Lin along towards the white light, as they got closer, Fang Lin noticed that a giant outline gradually appeared in front, when they got even closer, he noticed that it was a copper color. Above it was a huge arched door at least over a hundred meters tall, on which many sorts of fangs grew. Just looking at the arc standing indomitably there would cause a person’s heart to feel some sort of great respect, and even an impulsion to kneel down.

Underneath the door, sat a person.

That person wore a mask on his face, which was exactly the same as the oni tattoo on Wan Qiang’s chest. Although he was just sitting there, Fang Lin would feel the arm Wan Qiang was clenching him with shaking, he didn’t know it was due to fear or excitement.

“Is it him? The one that can see your Nightmare Brand?” That oni-masked person spoke.

Wan Qiang quickly replied,

“For sure!”

The oni-masked person turned towards Fang Lin, his gaze swept over him, Fang Lin immediately felt all of the hair of his skin stand up, as if some sort of electric pulse passed through him. However, he still stood calmly in place, silently watching the other person.

“En,” The oni-masked man said slowly, “You didn’t lie, No. 13778. He can certainly see your Nightmare Brand. According to the laws of the world, you can raise a request suitable for your identity.”

Wan Qiang swallowed, then said dryly,

“I-I request to leave this place! And resume a normal life!”

The oni-masked person paused for a moment, clearly a bit surprised, then said with a cold tone,

“Do you know the price?

Wan Qiang’s face tense, a crazy look appeared in his eyes, Fang Lin have seen this sort of gaze on gamblers madden with lost many times!

“I… know!” As long as I can successfully pass through that door behind you, I can be completely separated from this damn place!” Wan Qiang clenched his teeth and said. “Since other people can walk out, why can’t I?”

Hearing this, Fang Lin sighed in his heart. There are a lot of things in this world that others can do, but you can’t do.

The oni-masked person’s voice said calmly without any intonations,

“Enter the door!”

Behind him, a broken down wooden door that was beyond normal appeared all of a sudden, if you must point out something irregular, it was that on the handle of the door was a faint red light that caused people’s heart to waver!

Wan Qiang’s face twisted, then he suddenly roared, grasped the handle and entered into the door, the door open and closed extremely quick, but Fang Lin could still see the hint of blood right light from within, the room was suddenly filled with weird noises, as if a sinister beast was munching on bones, or like seventeen or eighteen people forcefully pulling a saw to cut wood. Yet after a minute… More precisely, when Fang Lin counted to fifty-five, a terrible scream suddenly sounded out!

“Kill me! Kill me quickly!”

As the sound ended, that very loud meat cutting sound passed, black ooze splashed out from the edges around the door, hurting Fang Lin’s face, then slowly flowed down. Fang Lin didn’t wipe it off, instead he thought back to the voice that sounded at in the end in the room with interest, then couldn’t help but say,

“So, the sound of human bones being crushed is exactly the same as the pig bones getting crushed.”

The oni-masked person looked quietly at him for quite a while, then said emotionlessly,

“Come over.”

Fang Lin thought about it and said,

“Since I came here, and saw so much unbelievable things, then if I don’t join, I think the consequences must be severe.”

“The consequences are the same as him,” The oni-masked person said calmly. When he spoke, his eyes were fixated on the stream of blood on Fang Lin’s face.

“Then, what benefits are there for joining?” Fang Lin smiled, at this moment he could actually still smile! “It’s like a very petty owner wanting to employ someone, you have to at least show the benefits first right.”

The oni-masked person didn’t think that the young man would actually be so calm, he momentarily blanked and said,

“If… You can successfully pass ten golden main missions, then you can make a request.”

Fang Lin suddenly took a deep breath, he dipped his head, people on the side couldn’t see the expression on his face clearly, they could only feel that the young man was having an intense mental battle, after quite a while, he spoke using very cautious language,

“Then… Can this request fulfill something that modern science cannot… Or even imagine? Such as… Letting someone who has died and already been cremated come back to life?”

“Yes,” The oni-masked person only replied with a word. It was clearly that it’s not the first time he encountered someone asking this question.

Fang Lin clenched his fist, this wasn’t the sign of attacking someone, it was due to the muscles in his entire body tensing up in excitement, his lips were also bit through uinconsciously, there was a very salty taste that spiraled in his mouth.

———————— That is the taste of blood.

“I’m in,” Fang Lin regain his calmness very quickly, “What do I need to do?”

“You’ve kill someone?” The oni-masked person suddenly asked a completely irrelevant question. Yet Fang Lin knew, he saw this from his (Fang Lin’s) calmness after seeing someone died, thus answered very tactfully,

“It’s a thing of the past, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

The oni-masked person look at him meaningfully, then suddenly flicked his fingers.

All of a sudden, the huge eerie and majestic copper door that connected the heavens and earth let out a faint light, the color of that light was very terrifying, it was as if blood was splashed onto that giant door. The oni-masked person ordered,

“Walk over.”

Fang Lin took a deep breath, then slowly walked over, when he was a meter away from the giant door, the noticed that there was actually countless tiny holes and weird patterns on the door, just as he was about to examine it more carefully, a sudden suction force appeared at the front of his body, a searing pain appeared on his chest, then he fainted!


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[Prologue] Chapter 2 – Tattoo

After chopping nearly a hundred kilograms of ribs into pieces of difference sizes, Fang Lin finally finished his work for the day, he walked towards the inner room expressionlessly with his painful arms, took up the broken plastic box he picked up from the rubbish pile, then filled it up with rice, and started devouring it down with the pickle on the side, he could also scoop out some leftover soup by the customers for his rice.

Dinner plus a salary of two hundred kuai a month. This is the deal for Fang Lin’s job, at the same time, it is also the main reason for the smart owner allowing this clumsy employee to stay. This price was only a third of the price of a dish washer, but the intense workload is three times that of a dishwater.

Therefore, no matter how silent Fang Lin normally is, how apathetic, how clumsy he is, as long as he didn’t make any huge mistake, even the most powerful head chef cannot tell him to **** off. Of course, the prerequisite is that a replacement that wants even less than him appears.

After Fang Lin finished three boxes of rice, and four servings of pickles, he silently stood up, and walked to the sink to wash his box. Wan Qiang, who was in charge of him intentionally knocked him to the side, causing ten bowls and plates to fall into the washing basin filled with greasy dirt, then glared at him and swore,

“You don’t have eyes? **** off to the side!”

Fang Lin calmly put away his broken lunch box, then couldn’t help but look at him. Actually Fang Lin is very calm in these litter matters, in the past he pretty much endured the mocking, scorn and coldness of the entire society, in comparison, this Wan Qiang’s intentional provocation is nothing at all!

What made Fang Lin to have an extra glance was that:

Through Wan Qiang’s oil-soaked white kitchen uniform’s collar, a weird pale green tattoo actually emerged! That tattoo was in the shape of a hideous roaring oni, and when Fang Lin looked towards it, the terrifying eyes of the oni actually creepily blinked towards him.

Both of them were shocked at the same time! Wan Qiang’s endless insults were suddenly cut seemingly by a scissor, causing him to become silent, and front Fang Lin’s youthful, cold and heard heart, a shuddering cold also leaked out, spreading through his body!

Yet, both of them walked away at the same time, and went back to what they were doing, as if nothing had happened.

After dealing with everything in the shop, it was already ten something at night, Fang Lin troublesomely passed through the crowded hall, when he arrived at the entrance, he had already calculated the profit that the consumers in the shop could provide for the owner, it was a total of six thousand seven hundred and fourteen kuai five mao and six fen. He had already calculated all of the paying customers from his first glance, then he just used basic mental maths with the cost of the ingredients, and arrived at this data in a short two seconds. This was only the conditioned reflex traiing he had for himself, when he got to the streets, he started silently remembering the car plate numbers of passing cars. In truth, he was forcing his mind to continuously work, or else it would be hard to stop himself from thinking about his parents eyes when they had consumed poisoned to commit suicide.

———————— That two pairs of despairing, helpless and depressing eyes!

After his parents died, Fang Lin didn’t cry, his heart felt like it was being mixed with tens of thousands of knives, causing it to bleed warm and painful blood. That wound never healed and the blood kept on flowing, he hated himself for not noticing the wish for his parents to die, he originally could do this. This snowball like remorse caused Fang Lin to crazily killed the six people who directly or indirectly forced his parents’ death, however after taking revenge, there was still a large void, which he found hard to endure. There was even a crazy thought that kept on screaming:

“Either destroy me, or destroy this world!”

Two rows of street lights silently stretched forward, forming two parallel lighted bands, the cars drove past the street both quickly and slowly, Fang Lin, who walked on the sidewalk suddenly grunted, then painfully held his head.

This is the side-effects of over-using his brain.

He, who was a master in inference, clearly understood what his end in the near future will be, he will suffer a mental breakdown and be forced to be isolated, or he will choose a grand destruction.

As waves of mental pain assault him, Fang Lin felt as if he was on a lone boat on the ocean of suffer, as if the boat was going to flip around and cause his death anytime. The only thing he could do, is to tightly grab hold of the branch beside him, even his fingernails have been folded, the pain did lessen, but his tired brain still furiously turned, all sorts of complicated memories appeared in his brain without control, then at the moment that Fang Lin was about to break down, a pair of eyes suddenly flashed across in his mind!

A terrifying pair of eyes!

That tattoo!

All of a sudden, the pain subsided like the tide, Fang Lin almost made the judgement within half a second that, with the current scientific knowledge, they cannot explain why the tattoo on the skin of a person’s chest would automatically blink. His almost broken down mentality was made to consider this problem half-forcefully and half-willingly.

Until he walked back to where he lived, Fang Lin did not manage to find a logical scientific explanation for this, yet he felt very fortunate, each day that the question of the tattoo is not solved, it means that it’s a day he doesn’t have to endure that endless suffering.

Where Fang Lin lived was the student dorm of Nanchuang University, after planning the murder in his hometown, he had already prepared a place to hide for a month, and after his looks were changed through the weight-loss medicine and the removal of his teeth, he openly boarded a train, and started studying in this third-rate university. Of course he didn’t come here to study, he just wanted somewhere to hide, because in a chaotic university with tons of people on the same age, cheap housing and loads of free time, Fang Lin really couldn’t think of anywhere safer than here.

As he expected, the only thing the administration department cared about was whether the students paid their school fees or not. As for the other stuff, it’s just for show. As for the teachers in charge of registering new students, they only care about whether the money was fake or not, they had put his money through the currency detector three times, yet when Fang Lin handed in his fake ID, they didn’t even glance at it, even his name on his student ID was written as Fang Ling.

He naturally wouldn’t stand up to correct this great mistake.

“You’re back? Laosan?” Mao Wei, from the same room, walked out from the public toilet, and greeted him with a face full of foam and a toothbrush in his mouth.

Fang Lin lifted the corner of his mouth, and nodded Mao Wei was clearly used to his personality, after a chuckle, he continued to brush his teeth. Although Fang Lin doesn’t have much to say, he was very capable in dealing with people, the relationship of his roommates with him were all very good, although some people call him an idiotic goose behind is back, in front of him, they would intimately called him Laosan.

Like most male university rooms, it was unavoidable for it to be messy, since the school increased enrollment, their dormitory space wasn’t enough, thus eight boys were stuffed in this little room. However, since Fang Lin likes cleanliness, this room was considered clean and shiny compared to other places. He entered the room, and sat on the bedside to watch other people to play cards, then climbed onto his bed to sleep. Yet what appeared most in his dream, is still that pair of evil and sinister eyes!

After finishing his lessons the next day, Fang Lin silently packed up his books, and calmly walked out, the goal that he set for himself right now was keeping a low profile, and try his best to look normal, just like how a droplet of water could fuse with the ocean, only then could he successfully hide.

He arrived at the shop of Miraculous Taste very early, at this time, lunch hour had already passed, the floor, tables and chairs were already cleaned, it was all silent there, even the two reception ladies at the front door were sleeping on the rice-yellowed sofa in the staff room. Fang Lin walked to the kitchen, opened the freezer and looked, but noticed that the purchasers didn’t buy today’s job yet, so he stood dumbly at his original place for a moment, then he found out the whetstone to sharping the bone chopping knife. After that, he sprinkled water onto it to wash it clean.

When Owner He saw it, he praised him a bit, but it was only praise, he (Fang Lin) didn’t need to think about any physical rewards.

Perhaps because the business these few days were good, the purchasers had to bring stuff into the shop twice. The old electrical tricycle could really not handle anymore load, and even made terrible squeaking sounds when it moved, making people wonder if it would completely fall apart the next second. For Fang Lin, his workload was increased by more than half, with half a year of training, he had already learned to wrap a layer of cloth on his hands when holding the knife, the blister he had before had already popped, under this high workload environment, his hand was already a bloody mess from all the friction.

Despite this, he still started chopping the ribs without stopping, eventually the business consumption outside started to speed up to a point that his chopping speed could not keep up. Causing the pissed off owner to finally run into the kitchen to invigilate him after quite a few groups of customers left in disappointment.

However, the reason Fang Lin was willing to do this job was firstly to burn his time through these tiresome chores, so he wouldn’t think too much, the second is to train what he lacked. He hoped that he could live as close to a normal person as possible. That’s why he completely ignored the roars and hurries of the owner, and continued to slowly chop the ribs at his own pace. Trying his hardest to make the pieces he chops to be smaller and more equal in size. Seeing that his arrival did not have any effect, Owner He finally got angry, and threw the cigarette he was smoking onto the floor! Then he scolded:

“Laozi is here, and you still dare to be lazy? Hurry up!”

Fang Lin closed his eyes as he if didn’t hear anything, and continued to chop slowly, until his eyes brightened, causing him to furiously chop, turning that rib in hands into ten-odd sections, only then did he nod with satisfaction. If you carefully weighed them with a balance, you would notice that although the sizes of these ten-odd pieces of ribs are different, the weight of each one would be surprisingly similar! This is the results Fang Lin gained chopping ribs for five hours per day for six months.

He was originally an extremely smart person from the start, although genetic reasons caused him to have a shortcoming in detailed things, but practice makes perfect, every day, there would be a few times where he would have a flash like this, and use his own ability to chop the ribs into sections of the same weight. This was like when those professional basketball players in NBA would occasionally have a hundred percent score rate. You could say that, finding this sort of feeling and enjoying became one of the few enjoyments that Fang Lin, who had lost his goal of life, had.


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[Prologue] Chapter 1 – Wanted

In the eyes of classmates, he’s a silent young man with a sluggish personality.

In the eyes of his boss, he’s an apathetic and submissive temporary worker.

In the eyes of the police, he’s a logical and savage wanted criminal.

Fang Lin



Parents deceased.

Was discovered to be missing on 25th February 2009 A.D., his aunt reported it to the police half a month later. Three heavily rotten corpses were discovered in his come, through DNA testing, they belong to Liu Gaifu, He Kai and Zhou Dingli, who share the same hometown. After a lot of investigations, they found out that eleven incidents that were assumed to be accidental deaths in the last two years in Yuhong Town is related to the suspect.

This is the only information that the police have about him, and most of the information was found in Fang Lin’s empty and run down home, the clues left for the police were far too little from this serial murdering. The valuables have already been sold, used by Fang Lin to repay the debts he borrowed after burying his parents. The ash pile of underworld money seemed like it symbolized the section of life of this young man: dark and bitter; it shatters even when the wind blows on it; of course, there is also death.

The motive was so clear that it seemed to be hung in the glass casing at the center of the room. There, Fang Lin’s parents who have died for three years were smiling from the photograph towards the three corpses that died with everlasting regret. The police has already confirmed that, during the last two years, there has been a total of six people that have died either directly or indirectly by Fang Lin’s hands.

Exactly five men and one woman, a total of six people.

Not one extra, not one less.

These six people all have relatives, wives (husband), children, friends, their relationship together was like a net, a net which pushed two normal people onto the path of no return! Perhaps, they didn’t want the two people to die, they only instinctually based their own happiness on others’ misery, or they wanted to create some sort of entertaining atmosphere, and overestimated others’ ability to withstand oppression

——— So, tragedy occurred.

These two people were Fang Lin’s parents, at the same time, they had another very secretive and close identity.

Older sister and younger brother.

So, after this shocking news was spread out, very quickly, a originally happy and great family became endangered due to others’ chats. What was most terrifying was that, Fang Lin’s mother was suddenly y those five men assaulted by those five men on the way home and… gang *****!

The reason that these people did all they could to spread out others’ privacy was that they have long been ******* after this beautiful young wife, with the evil thought of destroying what they could not obtain, these five people committed such an atrocious deed.

Thus, on a summer night that was so hot that people couldn’t breath, a couple that couldn’t withstand the pressure from the world swallowed rat poison that they bought with the feeling of getting released, when Fang Lin realized it, their pupils have already expanded, their heart beat and breathing have stopped for a long time. A family of originally three people, suddenly collapsed, and was destroyed.

He didn’t cry, nor throw a tantrum, with a pale face, he dumbly sat by his parents’ corpses for several says, only because he occasionally chased away mosquitos and flies did they notice that he was alive. In the end, when the neighbors couldn’t stand the rotten smell anymore, and angrily went up to knock, did Fang Lin calmly died the phone number of the funeral parlor.

Only until now, did the spreading rumor finally extinguished, everyone had a slither of guilt, and was too embarrassed to mention this, the sins of the five people that night were not spread out either, only the topics surrounding Fang Lin gradually increased.

“I always felt that this kid was a bit dumb, so that’s way.”

“Yeah, the siblings did that, of course what they gave birth to is an idiot.”

“His academics have always been subpar, our family’s eldest daughter said that the one the teachers scolded most is this thing.”

“A kid of ten-odd years is already so lifeless, I fear he wouldn’t live long.”


These people all talked without knowing anything, as if they understood everything.

Every normal person might carry a few or even ten-odd recessive genetic disorders, incestual marriages would cause these genes to have more chance to meet, and thus producing abnormal inheritance. Half of the chromosomes of a human comes from the father, the other half from the mother, under the condition of incestual relationships, the chances of two problematic genes coming together is far greater than people that are not related, the death rate of their offspring I also higher, and would often have idiots, deform children or patients with genetic diseases.

However, with a high risk, comes naturally a high reward, incestual relationships have an extremely small chance to give birth to a genius in a certain area. In 1885, a man named Alois married his niece, the name of their first son was called:

———————— Adolf Hitler!

The founder of the evolution theory Darwin’s grandparents were cousins, this didn’t affect Darwin becoming a huge icon of science.

The rich and powerful American DuPont family has had incestuous marriages for a hundred years, yet there are tons of business geniuses in the family!

And the most classic, is a pair of Jewish cousins, they gave birth to a world recognized high intelligence genius

———————— Einstein!

Fang Lin is one of this small probability!

He could still clearly remember, the first person he killed, was the ****** hostess downstairs! She heard his parents accidentally revealing their secret on the phone, then did all she could to advertise it, if it wasn’t for her, his family would not be so lonely and isolated!

That night three years ago, he waited on the quiet street for 3 hours 42 minutes and 37 seconds, and finally waited until the fat woman having enough fun with cards, then stealthily raised the brick in his hand, used all his strength and smashed down on the back of her head!


Blood spurted everywhere!

“Fang Lin, you *******, how are you doing! You’ve been a dunzi (the person in charge of cutting vegetables, meat and jardiniere in the kitchen) for half a year, yet you still can’t cop up the bones!”

The moment this voices sounded out, everyone in the “Miraculous Taste” kitchen knew Wan Qiang was taking his anger out on the new lad without listening to the contents. To be hoenst, it’s rather weird, half a year ago, when he came for the job interview, this lad called Fang Lin wasn’t familiar with his job, after telling him to show what he’s got, after a long time, the slices of meat he cut out could only be described as blocks of meat, and the meat shredded meat… Was at least as thick as a candle, in the end the head chef didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he told him to peel the carrot skin, he did peel it, but a carrot of one kilogram was left with 100 grams.

Yet, after the smart owner heard the waiters outside telling it as a joke, he hurried to the kitchen, looked at the calm and obtuse young man, then dragged him in front of the chopping board, threw a thick kitchen knife on it, and said impatiently,

“Can you endure hardships?”

Fang Lin silently took down an apron from the side, his frail body looked even more frail after getting wrapped by the large apron, only then did he reply simple,


The owner rolled up his sleeves, smoked his cigarette, then dragged out about a dozen pork ribs, totaling about fifty kilogram, then said,

“If you can chop up all these ribs today, then stay.”

Fang Lin didn’t say anything, and only silently grasped the thick knife handle on the chopping board.

Actually, perhaps it is because the gods are fair to humans, geniuses would have hints of an idiot, if some people is extremely well versed in one area, then they would often have a weakness in another, just like how Chen Jingren couldn’t do any housework, a certain piano genius can’t handle himself, how the result of Einstein going into the kitchen is a fire, Fang Lin is like this as well, since a young age, he didn’t really know how to sharpen a pencil, he wasn’t good at these detailed jobs. However, there was just a mad force in his bones, the less versed he’s in a certain area, the more he would train.

Just before entering the door, Fang Lin surveyed this “Miraculous Taste” hotpot shop for two areas, and noticed that the chef’s special here is ribs hotpot, thus he predicted that what this place lacked might very well be someone that could take up the responsibility of chopping ribs, thus he come in to apply. Before anyone noticed, before the owner said anything, this young man had already put on the thick apron, in order to prevent the blood from chopping ribs splashing onto his body.

Fang Lin, who endured the pain of his arm, successfully got this high workload, low salary job. More precisely, it’s a part-time job.

He currently has three identities, the first is the employee of Miraculous Taste, the second is the student of Nanchuan University’s Adult Junior College, the last is the wanted criminal that the police is looking for.

It’s just that no one would link the chubby, honest young man with a round face with the thin, obtuse, cold person with high cheekbones together, the truth is that even if Fang Lin’s parents came back to life, they might not recognize their son!

This was plastic surgery.

From the moment Fang Lin saw his parents’ corpses, he was determined to take revenge. Yet he didn’t plan to die with his enemies, thus the first thing he thought of was the way out!

In order to quickly change his look to his current appearance, after kidding the last three people on his revenge list, Fang Lin started to take the special weight-losing medicine on the run, then continued to use a rock to break the canines on his upper jaw.

This is an extremely disgusting process filled with pain, through the weight-loss medicine and eating less, his weight drastically dropped, after the canines taken out, it caused the muscles on his cheek to shrink in a way. These two smart yet merciless methods caused fang Lin’s appearance to change exceptionally quickly! Adding onto the fact that the picture on the wanted order was one he deliberately left for the police in his old home… Fang Lin was sure that they would definitely not find any of his recent pictures! Thus, even though he didn’t change his name, no one would link him with that murder!


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