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[Prologue] Chapter 2 – Tattoo

After chopping nearly a hundred kilograms of ribs into pieces of difference sizes, Fang Lin finally finished his work for the day, he walked towards the inner room expressionlessly with his painful arms, took up the broken plastic box he picked up from the rubbish pile, then filled it up with rice, and started devouring it down with the pickle on the side, he could also scoop out some leftover soup by the customers for his rice.

Dinner plus a salary of two hundred kuai a month. This is the deal for Fang Lin’s job, at the same time, it is also the main reason for the smart owner allowing this clumsy employee to stay. This price was only a third of the price of a dish washer, but the intense workload is three times that of a dishwater.

Therefore, no matter how silent Fang Lin normally is, how apathetic, how clumsy he is, as long as he didn’t make any huge mistake, even the most powerful head chef cannot tell him to **** off. Of course, the prerequisite is that a replacement that wants even less than him appears.

After Fang Lin finished three boxes of rice, and four servings of pickles, he silently stood up, and walked to the sink to wash his box. Wan Qiang, who was in charge of him intentionally knocked him to the side, causing ten bowls and plates to fall into the washing basin filled with greasy dirt, then glared at him and swore,

“You don’t have eyes? **** off to the side!”

Fang Lin calmly put away his broken lunch box, then couldn’t help but look at him. Actually Fang Lin is very calm in these litter matters, in the past he pretty much endured the mocking, scorn and coldness of the entire society, in comparison, this Wan Qiang’s intentional provocation is nothing at all!

What made Fang Lin to have an extra glance was that:

Through Wan Qiang’s oil-soaked white kitchen uniform’s collar, a weird pale green tattoo actually emerged! That tattoo was in the shape of a hideous roaring oni, and when Fang Lin looked towards it, the terrifying eyes of the oni actually creepily blinked towards him.

Both of them were shocked at the same time! Wan Qiang’s endless insults were suddenly cut seemingly by a scissor, causing him to become silent, and front Fang Lin’s youthful, cold and heard heart, a shuddering cold also leaked out, spreading through his body!

Yet, both of them walked away at the same time, and went back to what they were doing, as if nothing had happened.

After dealing with everything in the shop, it was already ten something at night, Fang Lin troublesomely passed through the crowded hall, when he arrived at the entrance, he had already calculated the profit that the consumers in the shop could provide for the owner, it was a total of six thousand seven hundred and fourteen kuai five mao and six fen. He had already calculated all of the paying customers from his first glance, then he just used basic mental maths with the cost of the ingredients, and arrived at this data in a short two seconds. This was only the conditioned reflex traiing he had for himself, when he got to the streets, he started silently remembering the car plate numbers of passing cars. In truth, he was forcing his mind to continuously work, or else it would be hard to stop himself from thinking about his parents eyes when they had consumed poisoned to commit suicide.

———————— That two pairs of despairing, helpless and depressing eyes!

After his parents died, Fang Lin didn’t cry, his heart felt like it was being mixed with tens of thousands of knives, causing it to bleed warm and painful blood. That wound never healed and the blood kept on flowing, he hated himself for not noticing the wish for his parents to die, he originally could do this. This snowball like remorse caused Fang Lin to crazily killed the six people who directly or indirectly forced his parents’ death, however after taking revenge, there was still a large void, which he found hard to endure. There was even a crazy thought that kept on screaming:

“Either destroy me, or destroy this world!”

Two rows of street lights silently stretched forward, forming two parallel lighted bands, the cars drove past the street both quickly and slowly, Fang Lin, who walked on the sidewalk suddenly grunted, then painfully held his head.

This is the side-effects of over-using his brain.

He, who was a master in inference, clearly understood what his end in the near future will be, he will suffer a mental breakdown and be forced to be isolated, or he will choose a grand destruction.

As waves of mental pain assault him, Fang Lin felt as if he was on a lone boat on the ocean of suffer, as if the boat was going to flip around and cause his death anytime. The only thing he could do, is to tightly grab hold of the branch beside him, even his fingernails have been folded, the pain did lessen, but his tired brain still furiously turned, all sorts of complicated memories appeared in his brain without control, then at the moment that Fang Lin was about to break down, a pair of eyes suddenly flashed across in his mind!

A terrifying pair of eyes!

That tattoo!

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All of a sudden, the pain subsided like the tide, Fang Lin almost made the judgement within half a second that, with the current scientific knowledge, they cannot explain why the tattoo on the skin of a person’s chest would automatically blink. His almost broken down mentality was made to consider this problem half-forcefully and half-willingly.

Until he walked back to where he lived, Fang Lin did not manage to find a logical scientific explanation for this, yet he felt very fortunate, each day that the question of the tattoo is not solved, it means that it’s a day he doesn’t have to endure that endless suffering.

Where Fang Lin lived was the student dorm of Nanchuang University, after planning the murder in his hometown, he had already prepared a place to hide for a month, and after his looks were changed through the weight-loss medicine and the removal of his teeth, he openly boarded a train, and started studying in this third-rate university. Of course he didn’t come here to study, he just wanted somewhere to hide, because in a chaotic university with tons of people on the same age, cheap housing and loads of free time, Fang Lin really couldn’t think of anywhere safer than here.

As he expected, the only thing the administration department cared about was whether the students paid their school fees or not. As for the other stuff, it’s just for show. As for the teachers in charge of registering new students, they only care about whether the money was fake or not, they had put his money through the currency detector three times, yet when Fang Lin handed in his fake ID, they didn’t even glance at it, even his name on his student ID was written as Fang Ling.

He naturally wouldn’t stand up to correct this great mistake.

“You’re back? Laosan?” Mao Wei, from the same room, walked out from the public toilet, and greeted him with a face full of foam and a toothbrush in his mouth.

Fang Lin lifted the corner of his mouth, and nodded Mao Wei was clearly used to his personality, after a chuckle, he continued to brush his teeth. Although Fang Lin doesn’t have much to say, he was very capable in dealing with people, the relationship of his roommates with him were all very good, although some people call him an idiotic goose behind is back, in front of him, they would intimately called him Laosan.

Like most male university rooms, it was unavoidable for it to be messy, since the school increased enrollment, their dormitory space wasn’t enough, thus eight boys were stuffed in this little room. However, since Fang Lin likes cleanliness, this room was considered clean and shiny compared to other places. He entered the room, and sat on the bedside to watch other people to play cards, then climbed onto his bed to sleep. Yet what appeared most in his dream, is still that pair of evil and sinister eyes!

After finishing his lessons the next day, Fang Lin silently packed up his books, and calmly walked out, the goal that he set for himself right now was keeping a low profile, and try his best to look normal, just like how a droplet of water could fuse with the ocean, only then could he successfully hide.

He arrived at the shop of Miraculous Taste very early, at this time, lunch hour had already passed, the floor, tables and chairs were already cleaned, it was all silent there, even the two reception ladies at the front door were sleeping on the rice-yellowed sofa in the staff room. Fang Lin walked to the kitchen, opened the freezer and looked, but noticed that the purchasers didn’t buy today’s job yet, so he stood dumbly at his original place for a moment, then he found out the whetstone to sharping the bone chopping knife. After that, he sprinkled water onto it to wash it clean.

When Owner He saw it, he praised him a bit, but it was only praise, he (Fang Lin) didn’t need to think about any physical rewards.

Perhaps because the business these few days were good, the purchasers had to bring stuff into the shop twice. The old electrical tricycle could really not handle anymore load, and even made terrible squeaking sounds when it moved, making people wonder if it would completely fall apart the next second. For Fang Lin, his workload was increased by more than half, with half a year of training, he had already learned to wrap a layer of cloth on his hands when holding the knife, the blister he had before had already popped, under this high workload environment, his hand was already a bloody mess from all the friction.

Despite this, he still started chopping the ribs without stopping, eventually the business consumption outside started to speed up to a point that his chopping speed could not keep up. Causing the pissed off owner to finally run into the kitchen to invigilate him after quite a few groups of customers left in disappointment.

However, the reason Fang Lin was willing to do this job was firstly to burn his time through these tiresome chores, so he wouldn’t think too much, the second is to train what he lacked. He hoped that he could live as close to a normal person as possible. That’s why he completely ignored the roars and hurries of the owner, and continued to slowly chop the ribs at his own pace. Trying his hardest to make the pieces he chops to be smaller and more equal in size. Seeing that his arrival did not have any effect, Owner He finally got angry, and threw the cigarette he was smoking onto the floor! Then he scolded:

“Laozi is here, and you still dare to be lazy? Hurry up!”

Fang Lin closed his eyes as he if didn’t hear anything, and continued to chop slowly, until his eyes brightened, causing him to furiously chop, turning that rib in hands into ten-odd sections, only then did he nod with satisfaction. If you carefully weighed them with a balance, you would notice that although the sizes of these ten-odd pieces of ribs are different, the weight of each one would be surprisingly similar! This is the results Fang Lin gained chopping ribs for five hours per day for six months.

He was originally an extremely smart person from the start, although genetic reasons caused him to have a shortcoming in detailed things, but practice makes perfect, every day, there would be a few times where he would have a flash like this, and use his own ability to chop the ribs into sections of the same weight. This was like when those professional basketball players in NBA would occasionally have a hundred percent score rate. You could say that, finding this sort of feeling and enjoying became one of the few enjoyments that Fang Lin, who had lost his goal of life, had.

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