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[Prologue] Chapter 1 – Wanted

In the eyes of classmates, he’s a silent young man with a sluggish personality.

In the eyes of his boss, he’s an apathetic and submissive temporary worker.

In the eyes of the police, he’s a logical and savage wanted criminal.

Fang Lin



Parents deceased.

Was discovered to be missing on 25th February 2009 A.D., his aunt reported it to the police half a month later. Three heavily rotten corpses were discovered in his come, through DNA testing, they belong to Liu Gaifu, He Kai and Zhou Dingli, who share the same hometown. After a lot of investigations, they found out that eleven incidents that were assumed to be accidental deaths in the last two years in Yuhong Town is related to the suspect.

This is the only information that the police have about him, and most of the information was found in Fang Lin’s empty and run down home, the clues left for the police were far too little from this serial murdering. The valuables have already been sold, used by Fang Lin to repay the debts he borrowed after burying his parents. The ash pile of underworld money seemed like it symbolized the section of life of this young man: dark and bitter; it shatters even when the wind blows on it; of course, there is also death.

The motive was so clear that it seemed to be hung in the glass casing at the center of the room. There, Fang Lin’s parents who have died for three years were smiling from the photograph towards the three corpses that died with everlasting regret. The police has already confirmed that, during the last two years, there has been a total of six people that have died either directly or indirectly by Fang Lin’s hands.

Exactly five men and one woman, a total of six people.

Not one extra, not one less.

These six people all have relatives, wives (husband), children, friends, their relationship together was like a net, a net which pushed two normal people onto the path of no return! Perhaps, they didn’t want the two people to die, they only instinctually based their own happiness on others’ misery, or they wanted to create some sort of entertaining atmosphere, and overestimated others’ ability to withstand oppression

——— So, tragedy occurred.

These two people were Fang Lin’s parents, at the same time, they had another very secretive and close identity.

Older sister and younger brother.

So, after this shocking news was spread out, very quickly, a originally happy and great family became endangered due to others’ chats. What was most terrifying was that, Fang Lin’s mother was suddenly y those five men assaulted by those five men on the way home and… gang *****!

The reason that these people did all they could to spread out others’ privacy was that they have long been ******* after this beautiful young wife, with the evil thought of destroying what they could not obtain, these five people committed such an atrocious deed.

Thus, on a summer night that was so hot that people couldn’t breath, a couple that couldn’t withstand the pressure from the world swallowed rat poison that they bought with the feeling of getting released, when Fang Lin realized it, their pupils have already expanded, their heart beat and breathing have stopped for a long time. A family of originally three people, suddenly collapsed, and was destroyed.

He didn’t cry, nor throw a tantrum, with a pale face, he dumbly sat by his parents’ corpses for several says, only because he occasionally chased away mosquitos and flies did they notice that he was alive. In the end, when the neighbors couldn’t stand the rotten smell anymore, and angrily went up to knock, did Fang Lin calmly died the phone number of the funeral parlor.

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Only until now, did the spreading rumor finally extinguished, everyone had a slither of guilt, and was too embarrassed to mention this, the sins of the five people that night were not spread out either, only the topics surrounding Fang Lin gradually increased.

“I always felt that this kid was a bit dumb, so that’s way.”

“Yeah, the siblings did that, of course what they gave birth to is an idiot.”

“His academics have always been subpar, our family’s eldest daughter said that the one the teachers scolded most is this thing.”

“A kid of ten-odd years is already so lifeless, I fear he wouldn’t live long.”


These people all talked without knowing anything, as if they understood everything.

Every normal person might carry a few or even ten-odd recessive genetic disorders, incestual marriages would cause these genes to have more chance to meet, and thus producing abnormal inheritance. Half of the chromosomes of a human comes from the father, the other half from the mother, under the condition of incestual relationships, the chances of two problematic genes coming together is far greater than people that are not related, the death rate of their offspring I also higher, and would often have idiots, deform children or patients with genetic diseases.

However, with a high risk, comes naturally a high reward, incestual relationships have an extremely small chance to give birth to a genius in a certain area. In 1885, a man named Alois married his niece, the name of their first son was called:

———————— Adolf Hitler!

The founder of the evolution theory Darwin’s grandparents were cousins, this didn’t affect Darwin becoming a huge icon of science.

The rich and powerful American DuPont family has had incestuous marriages for a hundred years, yet there are tons of business geniuses in the family!

And the most classic, is a pair of Jewish cousins, they gave birth to a world recognized high intelligence genius

———————— Einstein!

Fang Lin is one of this small probability!

He could still clearly remember, the first person he killed, was the ****** hostess downstairs! She heard his parents accidentally revealing their secret on the phone, then did all she could to advertise it, if it wasn’t for her, his family would not be so lonely and isolated!

That night three years ago, he waited on the quiet street for 3 hours 42 minutes and 37 seconds, and finally waited until the fat woman having enough fun with cards, then stealthily raised the brick in his hand, used all his strength and smashed down on the back of her head!

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Blood spurted everywhere!

“Fang Lin, you *******, how are you doing! You’ve been a dunzi (the person in charge of cutting vegetables, meat and jardiniere in the kitchen) for half a year, yet you still can’t cop up the bones!”

The moment this voices sounded out, everyone in the “Miraculous Taste” kitchen knew Wan Qiang was taking his anger out on the new lad without listening to the contents. To be hoenst, it’s rather weird, half a year ago, when he came for the job interview, this lad called Fang Lin wasn’t familiar with his job, after telling him to show what he’s got, after a long time, the slices of meat he cut out could only be described as blocks of meat, and the meat shredded meat… Was at least as thick as a candle, in the end the head chef didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he told him to peel the carrot skin, he did peel it, but a carrot of one kilogram was left with 100 grams.

Yet, after the smart owner heard the waiters outside telling it as a joke, he hurried to the kitchen, looked at the calm and obtuse young man, then dragged him in front of the chopping board, threw a thick kitchen knife on it, and said impatiently,

“Can you endure hardships?”

Fang Lin silently took down an apron from the side, his frail body looked even more frail after getting wrapped by the large apron, only then did he reply simple,


The owner rolled up his sleeves, smoked his cigarette, then dragged out about a dozen pork ribs, totaling about fifty kilogram, then said,

“If you can chop up all these ribs today, then stay.”

Fang Lin didn’t say anything, and only silently grasped the thick knife handle on the chopping board.

Actually, perhaps it is because the gods are fair to humans, geniuses would have hints of an idiot, if some people is extremely well versed in one area, then they would often have a weakness in another, just like how Chen Jingren couldn’t do any housework, a certain piano genius can’t handle himself, how the result of Einstein going into the kitchen is a fire, Fang Lin is like this as well, since a young age, he didn’t really know how to sharpen a pencil, he wasn’t good at these detailed jobs. However, there was just a mad force in his bones, the less versed he’s in a certain area, the more he would train.

Just before entering the door, Fang Lin surveyed this “Miraculous Taste” hotpot shop for two areas, and noticed that the chef’s special here is ribs hotpot, thus he predicted that what this place lacked might very well be someone that could take up the responsibility of chopping ribs, thus he come in to apply. Before anyone noticed, before the owner said anything, this young man had already put on the thick apron, in order to prevent the blood from chopping ribs splashing onto his body.

Fang Lin, who endured the pain of his arm, successfully got this high workload, low salary job. More precisely, it’s a part-time job.

He currently has three identities, the first is the employee of Miraculous Taste, the second is the student of Nanchuan University’s Adult Junior College, the last is the wanted criminal that the police is looking for.

It’s just that no one would link the chubby, honest young man with a round face with the thin, obtuse, cold person with high cheekbones together, the truth is that even if Fang Lin’s parents came back to life, they might not recognize their son!

This was plastic surgery.

From the moment Fang Lin saw his parents’ corpses, he was determined to take revenge. Yet he didn’t plan to die with his enemies, thus the first thing he thought of was the way out!

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In order to quickly change his look to his current appearance, after kidding the last three people on his revenge list, Fang Lin started to take the special weight-losing medicine on the run, then continued to use a rock to break the canines on his upper jaw.

This is an extremely disgusting process filled with pain, through the weight-loss medicine and eating less, his weight drastically dropped, after the canines taken out, it caused the muscles on his cheek to shrink in a way. These two smart yet merciless methods caused fang Lin’s appearance to change exceptionally quickly! Adding onto the fact that the picture on the wanted order was one he deliberately left for the police in his old home… Fang Lin was sure that they would definitely not find any of his recent pictures! Thus, even though he didn’t change his name, no one would link him with that murder!


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