Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 173

New Chapter!
So I started playing “Wuwa” because of the pleading of a friend and I have to say…
It’s not very subtle is it?
Pointlessly technical terminology for ‘immersion’. Badly explained game systems.

And then the game itself…
Look, Genshin wasn’t subtle about it’s Breath of the Wild influence but at least it also did some original things too…
Wuwa is just a “copy your homework” level of Genshin clone…
Absolutely insane, its only unique selling point is the combo system! (Which I hate by the way)
Combo this, rotation that, skill this, swap that… I honestly don’t enjoy gameplay that’s all sweaty like that.

I just want to have fun ungabungaing enemies with fun character compositions like Genshin and Star Rail…

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