Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 1082

New Chapter!
I spent another 10 hours playing Star Rail today…
I managed to unlock Harmony Trailblazer! That’s like the big event of this story update isn’t it I think?
Well the problem is the boss fight that follows… it has a fire and lightning weakness so it’s great for people that have the last few released characters…

The problem is I don’t… the only real damage dealers I have in those fields are Serval and Hook…
Hm… I don’t think they will quite cut it honestly? I could throw myself at it and see what happens I suppose. Has worked for me so far at least…

Well, no other way but to try!
I also spent several hours today doing the merchant sidequest event because my friend said the shop you unlock at the end has good consumables.
Honestly I always forget consumables exist in this game…
Can you believe I’ve made it this far in the story doing a no-healer and no-consumable run? Anyone would think I’m doing some kind of self-inflicted torture challenge!!!

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